Thursday, October 2, 2014

Manifesto for a Post-Reductionist Science

Larry Dossey, Mario Beauregard, Gary Schwartz, Lisa Miller, Marilyn Schlitz, Rupert Sheldrake are among the co-authors of "Manifesto for a Post-Materialistic Science" published in the journal Explore and lauded in HuffPost. We highly recommend you read the two-page essay written by highly qualified scholars, scientists, and physicians who do not subscribe to the notion that all of reality can be reduced to materialistic laws of nature that ignore the inner world of consciousness, for instance.  The HuffPost commentary will provide some insightful historical context as well.  A similar "manifesto" was signed by 100 academics from around the world and published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience in January.

The curriculum of educational activities and the research programs at International Academy of Consciousness are based on a paradigm that recognizes consciousness as more than an ephemeral result of biological evolution, which is itself widely considered to be an accidental outcome of matter-energy.  The Consciential Paradigm gives central stage to consciousness - after all, all we observe and experience is through and in consciousness.  It does not dismiss the material reality and the biological systems.  Rather, it contextualizes it in a more holistic, integrative, multi-level "outer" cosmos that extends from physical reality into other subtle aspects of reality experienced through chi, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, cosmic consciousness and more.  The "outer" appears more an more like an extension of the "inner," each giving meaning to the other. 

Without the observing, participating consciousness, "outer" reality loses any meaning as reality outside of observation is not something we can ascertain. Without the "inner" reality, our microcosm and our shared experiences, a reductionist, mechanistic account of reality is clearly limited: and while great technological progress has been achieved through it, it's usefulness has deteriorated with the rise of quantum physics a century ago. The current planetary crisis is further demonstrative of the inadequacy of the materialistic worldview as a paradigm upon which to build civilizations. 

We leave you with an invitation to attend a meeting poised to shape the future of post-materialistic science: the 1st International Congress of Conscientiology (Consciousness Science) to be held at the IAC Campus in Portugal in May. Join luminaries of post-materialistic consciousness science such as Thomas Campbell (out-of-body experiencer and author My Big T.o.E. - Theory of Everything), Brenda Dunne, former manager of the historic Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory (co-author of classics like Margins of Reality), and quantum physicist and and consciousness scholar-experiencer Massimiliano Sassolli de Bianchi (author of numerous insightful papers and the book Observer Effect: The Quantum Mystery Demystified). The physicist suggests that reductionism may be outdated as even physics may be pointing to a "multi-material" physical world.  Perhaps, non-reductionist science is a more accurate expression, in this case.  In any case, the conference will count with the representatives from multiple organizations and viewpoints, including the presence of researchers identified with the prevailing or more conventional paradigm as well, such as internationally-renowned neuroscientist Olaf Blanke.

"The stuff of the universe is spirit-matter. No other substance but this could have produced the human molecule."
- Teilhard de Chardin

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