Friday, October 31, 2014

(Part 2) Awe: Transpersonal Experience as Catalyst to Post-Reductionism. Toward Consciousness- or Life-Centered Civilization


The Overview Effect is a related phenomenon that features a similar paradigm shift. Several astronauts describe their awe-inspiring, transformative exoplanetary experiences. As orbital tourism nears commercial feasibility, we can look forward to more and more people seeing the Earth as it is: a glistening blue, living space ship with a thin protective layer, without borders, but with more and more visible scars.  It is no wonder that, as science educator Neil deGrasse Tyson often posits, the ecological and humanitarian movements (and interest in science and engineering) got a huge boost after the first images of Earth from outer space entered the global consciousness, collective unconscious, planetary holothosene, zeitgeist, morphic field, or information field.

The impact afforded by lucid projections of the consciousness or out-of-body experiences is at least as impactful.  It is similar in the way that we see our "home" from the outside and have the chance to reconsider it.  It also broadens our sense of universalism and triggers serious questioning of reality and our place in it. Both experiences bridge theory and visceral experience, as beautifully described in the aforementioned film.  In other words, unlike the outdated view of the OBE as a dissociative or even narcissistic experience, it is quite the opposite. Both the "out of body" and "out of planet" experiences are profoundly integrative, expanding our sense of oneness with fellow beings, with the very fabric of multidimensional Reality.

The difference is that we tend to identify too much with this individual body and not enough with our life-sustaining planet.  The projection shows us that while the fragile, mortal, breathing, walking, sleeping, hungry, hormonal, instinctual body is a precious vessel for us to evolve in this realm, it is certainly not the totality of who or what we are.  In fact, we realize that we are much more vast and eternal than this useful scaffolding-meat suit: we are at least as cosmic as the physical cosmos that surrounds our Earth. 

The emerging life-affirming, consciousness-centric paradigm sees consciousness as central to Reality.  Consciousness, here, is used in its broadest sense, as a technical synonym for our essence, intelligence principle, Self, soul, or the bios in biology – the driving force of living beings itself; that which we are beyond the manifestations or vehicles of the consciousness like genetics, the brain, the body as a whole, or even the so-called chi, astral and mental/causal bodies that have been discussed for thousands of years: pre-historic shamans of animistic cultures, Vedic philosophers of ancient India, Judean mystics, Egyptian clerics, early Buddhist monks, all the way to contemporary leading-edge scientists starting in the 18th century with the likes of Emmanuel Swedenborg. 

Based on more than speculation, this multidimensional and multiexistential view arises from actual experiences like the projection of the consciousness (astral projection), near-death experience, past life recall, clairvoyance, telepathy and mediumship which reveal that the consciousness is not limited to the material reality and that we oscillate between "physical" and "extraphysical" states: lives in a body (intraphysical period) and without one (extraphysical period or intermissive period).

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