Friday, October 31, 2014

(Part 3) Awe: Transpersonal Experience as Catalyst to Post-Reductionism. Toward Consciousness- or Life-Centered Civilization

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When confronted with these facts and "para-facts" from their own experiences, individuals often develop a significantly different "story" or worldview than the one that prevails in societies throughout the world. Even though many believe in an afterlife, their behavior does not reflect that. Once we understand that birth and death are transitions akin to awakening and sleeping, part of a continual development, each presenting important opportunities for growth and assistance of fellow beings who are not as separate or different as they may seem.

We are lead more and more to a life of continual positive self-improvement, including ethics, inner balance and self-mastery; a life of increasingly  selflessness and wide-reaching service, with a "long view" of all aspects of life.  Death, then, does not provoke fear, anymore than sleep. We need not seek immortality: we are already immortal.  However, our biological corpus and the current circumstances remain ephemeral and can be seized for furthering maturity and well-being of self and others: ever more complex, ordered and in tune with the laws of the cosmos. We discover there is no heaven or hell, only choices to make and repercussions to learn from in consciential evolution. 

Fear is easy to manipulate and people that are afraid can be targets for malicious manipulation and influence. Free of this mother-of-all-fears, we are able to make better and more rational decisions. Attempting and having access to out of body experiences and other psi abilities can set us on a journey of trying to understand this life. We have this glimpse into something considered unusual, a different world that most people are not aware of, we will come back with questions and a new perspective on life. We will be more curious and the insights obtained can enrich all areas of human activity.

In other dimensions, just like in ours, thoughts and intentions have consequence, they attract things and people. This is sometimes called the law of attraction, and in the astral dimensions we are able to see this much easier and in a more immediate fashion. Soon, we realize how vital it is to promote the quality of and monitor changes in our thoughts, intentions, ethics, emotions, mood, the state of our body and chi.  As we become more aware of our influence on others and ethical principles, we become more virtuous. We can become less an less vulnerable to undue external influence, as well, advancing toward a total, permanent imperturbability (intrusionlessness).

So, while not feared, death remains a sort of looming deadline, providing some positive incentive to examine the current opportunities this type of existence provides. It also invites us to think about what kind of intermissive period (between physical lives) and next physical life we might like to have and what we can do in this life before we reach that "finish line," perhaps with tremendous satisfaction for the inner growth, relationship, intellectual and altruistic achievements and challenges overcome, for the artifacts or systems of knowledge and assistance left behind, and the depth and number of lives touched in and out-of-body.

Such a worldview may take a long time to become widespread. However, more daring and lucid individuals can develop a more multidimensional self-awareness, which can turn them into the life-affirming, visionary, ethical, universalistic, courageous leaders we need today to overcome the crises underpinned by the outdated paradigms. Awakening to psi abilities is only the beginning. How might you apply your multi-level awareness?  Which issues could you tackle? which area of knowledge will you advance? Have you planned something before you were even born? Your existential program can be as unique as you are.  Here's to getting started, discovering it or taking it to the next level. Enjoy the challenge of Multidimensional Life and its gift of choice, of love, of beauty, of surprise, of challenge, of strangeness, of awe.

Jason Silva on Awe

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