Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Speakers of the upcoming ICC consciousness conference announced

The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) is pleased to announce the first International Congress of Conscientiology (Consciousness Science) to be held at the IAC Research Campus in the beautiful country area of Alentejo, Portugal, from  22nd to 24th of May 2015, the  weekend preceding the North American SSE Meeting. This congress shall serve as a global forum for an open exchange and debate on study and research centered upon the consciousness. Confirmed speakers will represent diverse countries, disciplines, and perspectives:

Analaura Trivellato (UK/Brazil) – Causality or Acausality? A Multidimensional Analysis of Synchronicities and allegedly Karmic Occurrences

Brenda Dunne & Robert G. Jahn (USA) – Consciousness and the Life Force

Carlos Bernal (Mexico) – Induction of Out-of-body Experiences with Neurofeedback

Chantal Toporow (USA) – The role of scientific societies in the development  of scientific principles

Federico Faggin (USA/Italy) – Consciousness as part of a new Theoretical Framework for Physics

Flávio Amaral (Brazil) – Preliminary data of evidences of pseudoscience in Conscientiology

Hugo González (Spain) – Designing Psi Experiments with the aid of Technology

Jim Beichler (USA) – The Evolutionary Imperative of Consciousness

Luis Minero (USA/El Salvador) – Neutrals: A Category of Extraphysical Consciousness

Maria Ana Leboeuf (Brazil) – Avoidable Desomas: a Conscientiological view of Premature Death

Massimiliano Sassoli di Bianchi (Switzerland) – Taking Quantum Physics and Consciousness Seriously: What does it mean?

Mendo Henriques & Nazaré Barros (Portugal) – Philosophy of Consciousness: Pedagogical strategy and relevance to the current crisis

Nanci Trivellato (Portugal/Brazil) – Scale of Effect of the Vibrational State: a Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Nassim Haramein, William Brown & Amira Val Baker (USA/
Switzerland) – A Unifier Spacetime Network: From Cosmogenesis To Consciousness

Nélson Abreu and Thomas Anderson (USA/Portugal/India) – Acoustic Vibrostasiogenic Systems: VELO Training and Vibrational State Induction Technology

Olaf Blanke (Switzerland) – Neurological Correlates of Out-of-Body Experiences

Olav Drageset (Norway) – Consciousness and Cosmos: Proposal for a New Paradigm based on Physics and Introspection

Thomas Campbell (USA) – An Information-based Model for Consciousness, Bioenergy, and Out-of-body Experience

Ulisse di Corpo & Antonella Vannini (Italy) – Syntropy, Consciousness and the Invisible

Verónica Serrano (Brazil/Ecuador)  – Social Sciences and Conscientiology: Parallels between their Objects, Methods, Paths and Difficulties for Scientific Consolidation

Wagner Alegretti (Portugal/Brazil) – Preliminary results of Bioenergy and Vibrational State Detection via fMRI

Monday, December 29, 2014

New IAC Course & Book: Conscientiometry - Evaluating one's level of maturity or spiritual evolution

Measurement of the Consciousness

You and Evolution!

Self-knowledge is one of the most fundamental keys for evolution and this course will help you understand yourself better. Not just the aspects of yourself that may be holding you back (weak traits), but also your developed ones (strong traits).

In many instances, we may know several of our strong traits well; yet evolutionarily speaking, we can find more efficient ways of using them, and find other strong traits within ourselves we didn't know existed, and which upon implementing, may become essential towards the accomplishment of our existential program.

The pace of our evolution and the depth of our self-knowledge can be processes we develop more and more over time. Thus, individuals who are seriously interested in their growth are able to recognize the benefits of refining more every time their self-understanding.

When a person thinks they already know everything there is to know about themselves, they may be creating a self-illusory trap which won't help them to further their growth more efficiently.

Thus, we invite you to come and find out more about yourself so as to improve the quality of your life as a consciousness; all in a in a very constructive and positive environment.

Using the Conscientiogram as the basis of our self-analysis, we will study ourselves in an objective manner; similarly how we might analyze ourselves when we are in our 'in-between life period' (intermissive period). The conclusions of this analysis at that moment become the basis for the evolutionary conclusions (goals, projects, lessons, experiences, and others) for planning our next life.

The Conscientiometry (measure of the consciousness) course will cover, among several other ideas, the following main topics:
  • Consciential guinea-pig technique
  • Proper and efficient use of the conscientiogram
  • Recognizing our strong and weak traits
  • Graphically identifying our main-weak trait and our main-strong trait
  • Techniques for us to understand ourselves at a deeper level, on an ongoing basis
  • Evaluating the performance of each one of our somas: physical, energetic, emotional and mental; and much more

The book Conscientiogram by Vieira, MD
is available on our online store

Analyze. Identify. Understand. Implement. Evolve!

When? Saturday and Sunday, January 10 and 11, from 11AM to 5:30PM
Where? IAC California center in Culver City

Prices (11-hr course):
Members (Basic and above):
$115 in advance, $125 same-day registration (regular price)

Non-members (regular price):
$125 in advance, $135 same-day registration (regular price)

Pre-requisite: CDP4 (Module 4 of the CDP)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Scientists to Discuss a Suitable Post-Materialistic Science of Consciousness in 2015 (Press Release)

International Academy of Consciousness invites you to conference for scientists to meet and discuss a suitable post-materialistic science of consciousness in Portugal. Numerous areas of study will be represented from intuition and near-death experiences, to studies on the brain and measurable effects of the mind on physical systems.

(PRWEB) December 18, 2014
Modern day’s foremost researchers of post-materialistic consciousness science will convene at the International Academy of Consciousness’ (IAC) research campus, located near Évora, in the Alentejo region in Portugal, for the 1st International Congress of Conscientiology (consciousness science).
For over a century, maverick scientists have been venturing where only religion and philosophy dared; applying the principles of science along with new methodologies to the internal, subjective world of consciousness.
Consciousness is widely considered as one of the most remarkable and persistent mysteries of science. Why are we aware? Where does that awareness come from? Is it created by biology or is it more than biology, surviving physical death? The prevailing paradigm worldwide is a materialistic one that reduces life to an ephemeral result of the brain, which itself is an accident of genetic mutation. However, over a century of scientific advances like parapsychology, quantum physics and the public interest in near-death experience research (popularized in the 70’s by Raymond Moody, MD, author of Life after Life and recently rekindled by Eben Alexander, MD, author of Proof of Heaven), have demonstrated the inadequacies of this reductionist paradigm. Conscientiology, a non-reductionist science of consciousness, sees each of us as a conscious, evolving, intelligent life principle whose ‘internal world’ is as worthy of study as the ‘outer world’ focus of science to date.
Confirmed speakers include Brenda Dunne, former manager of the historic Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory and president of International Consciousness Research Laboratories (USA, co-author of Margins of Reality); NASA’s Tom Campbell, nuclear physicist (USA, author of My Big TOE); Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi, PhD (Switzerland, author of The Observer Effect: The Quantum Mystery Demystified), Ulisse di Copo, PhD and Antonella Vannini, PhD (Italy, authors of Syntropy: The Energy of Life), Chantal Toporow, PhD (USA, representative of the Society for Scientific Exploration), and Wagner Alegretti, Electrical Engineer (Brazil, senior researcher with the International Academy of Consciousness). The Swiss neuroscientist Olaf Blanke will represent the more conventional view, thus enriching the debate. Additional multidisciplinary speakers, who will be selected from over 50 entries from researchers worldwide, will represent a number of institutions and areas of study, from intuition and near-death experiences, to studies on the brain and measurable effects of the mind on physical systems.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

IAC interview on Enlightened Life – Out of Body Experience: Commanding Consciousness Beyond the Physical Plane

Stream or download this Enlightened Life podcast interview by Chava Aima with IAC's Luis Minero on the OBE (astral projection, astral travel, out-of-body experience, projection of the consciousness). Minero is the current president of IAC and author of Demystifying the OBE.