Thursday, December 18, 2014

Scientists to Discuss a Suitable Post-Materialistic Science of Consciousness in 2015 (Press Release)

International Academy of Consciousness invites you to conference for scientists to meet and discuss a suitable post-materialistic science of consciousness in Portugal. Numerous areas of study will be represented from intuition and near-death experiences, to studies on the brain and measurable effects of the mind on physical systems.

(PRWEB) December 18, 2014
Modern day’s foremost researchers of post-materialistic consciousness science will convene at the International Academy of Consciousness’ (IAC) research campus, located near Évora, in the Alentejo region in Portugal, for the 1st International Congress of Conscientiology (consciousness science).
For over a century, maverick scientists have been venturing where only religion and philosophy dared; applying the principles of science along with new methodologies to the internal, subjective world of consciousness.
Consciousness is widely considered as one of the most remarkable and persistent mysteries of science. Why are we aware? Where does that awareness come from? Is it created by biology or is it more than biology, surviving physical death? The prevailing paradigm worldwide is a materialistic one that reduces life to an ephemeral result of the brain, which itself is an accident of genetic mutation. However, over a century of scientific advances like parapsychology, quantum physics and the public interest in near-death experience research (popularized in the 70’s by Raymond Moody, MD, author of Life after Life and recently rekindled by Eben Alexander, MD, author of Proof of Heaven), have demonstrated the inadequacies of this reductionist paradigm. Conscientiology, a non-reductionist science of consciousness, sees each of us as a conscious, evolving, intelligent life principle whose ‘internal world’ is as worthy of study as the ‘outer world’ focus of science to date.
Confirmed speakers include Brenda Dunne, former manager of the historic Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory and president of International Consciousness Research Laboratories (USA, co-author of Margins of Reality); NASA’s Tom Campbell, nuclear physicist (USA, author of My Big TOE); Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi, PhD (Switzerland, author of The Observer Effect: The Quantum Mystery Demystified), Ulisse di Copo, PhD and Antonella Vannini, PhD (Italy, authors of Syntropy: The Energy of Life), Chantal Toporow, PhD (USA, representative of the Society for Scientific Exploration), and Wagner Alegretti, Electrical Engineer (Brazil, senior researcher with the International Academy of Consciousness). The Swiss neuroscientist Olaf Blanke will represent the more conventional view, thus enriching the debate. Additional multidisciplinary speakers, who will be selected from over 50 entries from researchers worldwide, will represent a number of institutions and areas of study, from intuition and near-death experiences, to studies on the brain and measurable effects of the mind on physical systems.
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