Saturday, February 14, 2015

25 Years of the "Pale Blue Dot" Photo

In a previous post, we discussed the "overview effect" that astronauts often experience when seeing the Earth from orbit. Here, we celebrate the photo that Carl Sagan insisted on: one which has little scientific value, but that struck a chord, much like the first picture of the Earth from the Moon. Venturing into outer space has made us realize how important our spaceship Earth is and how petty our conflicts are. While we may feel small against the humbling expanse of the Cosmos, we also cherish our experience of life and a feeling of connection to that Cosmos. 

Piece from Gizmodo:

Carl Sagan's last interview with PBS's Charlie Rose:

Three Psi Studies that Captured Carl Sagan's Curiosity

Sagan: Science as a Way of Thinking

Giordano Bruno's Exoprojection

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