Friday, February 6, 2015

Quantum Physics & Consciousness: Is the measurement problem necessarily a consciousness "observer effect"?

Quantum physics is often evoked by non-physicists to try to explain consciousness phenomena, sometimes irking some specialists who recognize poorly founded claims or misunderstood concepts - not to mention those who think psi phenomena are non-sense. On the other hand, some of the pioneers of the field became convinced that consciousness was a fundamental part of physical reality. Who better than a quantum physicist who is also a self-researcher who has experienced energy, OBE's and more to address the issue: what does it mean to take both consciousness and physics seriously? 

We are looking forward to the talk by the always-insightful and rigorous Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi, PhD. The physicist and "paraphysicist" is one of the keynote speakers of the International Congress of Conscientiology.

You can listen to a conversation with the author of The Observer Effect in an IAC podcast
To learn more, a new video showing how quantia physics' central problem, the so-called measurement problem (aka "the observer effect"), may be solved is now available on the physicist's Youtube channel.

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