Sunday, March 22, 2015

Join us in observing UN World Water Day

Every year on March 22, World Water Day is observed, with the aim of raising public awareness through organizations and people about the opportunities that can be created for the strengthening of the cooperation and the challenges of water management:

A recent UN report warns that the planet may face a 40% shortage of drinking water by 2030. One of the major metropolitan areas in the world, Los Angeles, reportedly has only 1 year's supply of water at the moment. Another, low-lying Miami, faces losing its drinking water, as rising sea level could bring corrosive, salty water into its sweet water system in the near future and over its beach front properties. 

The IAC Campus rainwater harvesting and water saving plan has contributed to a more sustainable management on a long-term basis, preserving water resources in the beautiful but already arid region of Alentejo. Furthermore, IAC promotes a post-materialist paradigm for science and society at large, which includes greater ecological awareness through transformative consciousness experiences and research. 

Visit our Campus page to learn more about IAC sustainability projects, and browse some of our previous, related posts. 

Transpersonal Experience as Catalyst for Post-Materialism: Toward a Consciousness- or Life-Centric Civilization:

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