Friday, April 10, 2015

Consciousness Tech Installation in San Fran - Vibrational State ChiTraining Tech

A new generation of consciousness scholars are turning the discoveries of their pioneering predecessors into experiences and applications that can make the science tangibly relevant to a wider audience.

In San Francisco, enterpreneur-scholar Adam Curry, a former Princeton PEAR Lab intern who spoke to us last year about his exciting "app," created a public art application you can experience through Sunday. 

Also announced this week, in Los Angeles: an audio and vibroacoustics bed which stimulates altered states like out-of-body experiences for relaxation, creativity and consciousness exploration. A specific application was developed jointly by two other former PEAR lab interns and ICRL consortium members physicist-musician Thomas Orr Anderson and engineer-educator Nelson Abreu (who is also assistanf director for research at International Academy of Consciousness). The application mimics the Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation (VELO) technique, which may culminate in the so-called Vibrational State. 

More info:

Adam Curry interview for IAC Podcast on Collective Consciousness App:

VELO Application Announcement

More on Vibrational State:

Related talks and book launches in May at the ICC in Portugal with PEAR pioneer Brenda Dunne and several ICRL members, including Anderson and Abreu:

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