Monday, April 20, 2015

EARTH DAY: Empowering the world's women

The overarching theme of human history has been one of male domination over women, over other nations, and over nature. The documentary "Mother" points to issues underlying the Planet's population crisis such as overconsumption, poor energy efficiency, cultural anachronisms, economic fallacy of infinite growth, the oppression of girls and women - who, when they have access to education and liberties, tend to have fewer children, have them later in life, and tend to improve the standard of living of their entire communities.

Once, in our pre-history, the male aggressive energy ensured survival. Later, it became a tool to enslave others. Today, not only is this still the case in many ways, it risks to lead to the extinction of humanity - it already leads to the extinction of many species every day. The nurturing and cooperative female energies developed over millennia are precisely what the Earth needs more of. 

Rather than hold back half of the population, communities that empower girls are prospering more and more. Thousands of years of repressive culture can be reversed with education and support from the world's people of conscience. Let us all do what we can, as he very survival of our species is at stake. 

Besides supporting worthy causes like the ones featured in the thought-provoking documentary "Mother," we can also promote more post-materialist education in developed nations. 

Despite the ongoing ethically-confused religious dogma efforts to reverse the trend, contraception has slowed down the population explosion and its humanitarian and environmental ramifications. Still, the population could surpass 8 billion by 2050, if the rate does not reduce. One of the academics interviewed exclaimed that "there is no consumption condom!" One could say that environmental and post-materialist education is that "paradigmatic contraceptive." 

Through transformative experiences like out-of-body experiences, people realize that they are more than the body and that happiness is not obtained by accumulation and competition on a material basis. Rather, more lasting satisfaction derives from awe-inspiring experiences in nature and the arts; from altruism, cooperation, learning and innovation. 

We need powerful new stories for the Earth. Consciousness explorers, ecological stewards, the new economists, and proponents of the "girl effect" are just some of those storytellers.
This Earth Day, we renew our commitment to promote a more cooperative, just and verdant World. 

The ICC conference next month is part of this effort: a cooperation of multiple disciplines, approaches, and organizations shining light on the scientific mysteries of consciousness toward a post-reductionist science and promoting the transformative experiences. 

The ICC will take place at IAC Campus in Portugal, May 22-24. You can learn more about our Campus and its sustainability projects here:


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