Friday, April 10, 2015

IAC discusses OBE in two new books

An OBE experiential anthology edited by IAC UK's Rodrigo Montenegro is one of the books to be launched at the ICC conference next month:

In Out-of-the Body Experiences: An Experiential Anthology, forty-nine out-of-body accounts are reported, illustrating numerous types of OBE’s and approaches in dealing with the experience. The reader may find similarities between their own experiences and those of fellow projectors, thus gathering valuable information which can help improve their own skills. Intentional OBE’s, as well as spontaneous ones, are candidly reported. The book includes eleven accounts, in which the projectors describe gathering enough information while outside the body to confirm their perceptions with relevant and compelling evidence upon their return.

Rodrigo Montenegro is an instructor and volunteer with the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC). Montenegro has had a keen interest in altered states of consciousness since a young age. His first lucid, self-induced OBE, at the age of 19, triggered his interest in the scientific study of OBEs. He is currently seeking a Master’s in Psychology at Roehampton University and conducting research on the Neurophysiological Correlates of Out-of-the Body Experiences.

A new look at OBEs for the 21st Century with 10 acclaimed authors including IAC president Luis Minero, author of Demystifying the OBE, and Nelson Abreu (IAC Los Angeles)

A "forthcoming research book, Consciousness Beyond the Body (CBB): Evidence and Reflections, is a project involving 10 of the most prolific writers and researchers into OBEs and altered consciousness states. Although you can quite easily find a host of OBE literature in any New Age book shop or in a scientific parapsychological journal, this is the first volume of its kind to offer a balanced, collaborative, exploration of the topic."

The book will be edited by Alexander De Foe of The Melbourne Centre for Exceptional Human Potential. The MCEHP was founded in 2014 for the purposes of exploring the frontiers of the human mind, including, but not limited to: expanded consciousness states, cosmic consciousness experiences, and accounts of self-transcendence.

Alexander De Foe is a Monash University researcher who has had over five years of experience exploring OBEs and other perceptual illusions of body self-ownership. Alexander has published a number of scientific articles about the topic, and also facilitates courses and workshops on OBEs.

The following authors are involved in the CBB project: Nelson Abreu (IAC instructor), Preston Dennett, Ryan Hurd, Clare Johnson, Ed Kellogg, Luis Minero (President of IAC), Graham Nicholls, Robert Peterson, Robert Waggoner, and Jurgen Ziewe. "Each of these authors are well-known experts in their respective fields and have written at length on OBEs and expanded consciousness states."

"CBB will offer a fresh look at OBEs for the 21st century. The book will canvass new theories, present the strongest evidence we have available for veridical OBEs (accounts that can be verified), and also offer lots of techniques and creative practices for readers, incorporating both a scientific and practical approach in one volume."

"To maximise the impact of the book, the entire volume will be released as a free download across the web at the end of 2015. There will be no price-tag to facilitate open sharing of information and access, and we will be using the ISSUU platform for distribution, which provides a comfortable reading experience across multiple devices (including access via Kindle and other readers)."

Look out for another update on the book at MCEHP around June 2015, or join its FaceBook page for the latest updates.

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