Saturday, April 25, 2015

IAC to develop a North American Campus


Dear friends

It’s with great pleasure that we want to announce the official beginning of our USA Campus project. Because of several positive synchronicities, including our congress in Portugal in a month, this is an excellent time to begin this project. As well as now, with the recent expansion activities of IAC, the institution has reached a point of maturity where this is possible.

In all, the IAC will grow even more with this, adding students, volunteers, and more fundraising. This is a project that will materialize with the coming months and years.

Congratulations to the IAC team for this milestone, for all the good intentions and actions all over the world, and let’s keep expanding and advancing the development of the consciousness.

- Luis Minero, IAC president

P.S.: Learn more about our European campus, which will host the ICC conference in May.

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