Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ICC speaker preview: Flávio Amaral on pseudo-science vs science

Watch a brief conversation with ICC speaker Flávio Amaral, MS (Brazil) about his upcoming talk:

Preliminary Study of Evidences of Pseudoscience in Conscientiology


This presentation will analyze conscientiology as a cognitive community, through the lenses of Mario Bunge’s perspective in his essay “What is pseudoscience?” (1984). Preliminary characteristics about the conscientiological cognitive production are raised within the 12 items proposed by Bunge to distinguish science from pseudoscience. The goal is to encourage the epistemological and sociological discussion about conscientiology, and to draw attention to problems in its theoretical construction and social dynamics. I highlight the need for greater attention regarding the scientific approach on this community, which should avoid its isolation from interdisciplinary and interinstitutional dialogue.

Flavio Amaral 1

Flávio Amaral has a degree in Economics, a Master’s in Business Administration, and is a professional in the financial sector. He was a volunteer, instructor, founder and administrator of conscientiological institutions from 1999 to 2012. Co-author of Inversão Existencial (Editares, 2011) and author of Teáticas da Invexologia (personal edition, 2012), he is currently an instructor of parapsychology, conscientiology and projectiology at the Namaskar Institute, and studies parapsychology at the Institute of Parapsychology and Mental Sciences in Joinville-SC, Brazil.


  1. interesting interview, thank you.

    a google search for links for both the namaskar institute and also the institute of parapsychology and mental sciences bring zero results. can you please share links to both of these institutes?

    thank you!!

    patrice r

    1. Dear Patrice, you may contact Mr. Amaral to inquire via email:

    2. Dear Patrice, you may contact Mr. Amaral to inquire via email:

  2. great, thank you so much!!