Monday, May 18, 2015

ICC speaker Hugo González (Spain) on psi research tech

Watch a brief interview on YouTube:

Hugo González


Hugo González is a Mathematician with specialization in Computer Science. Since 2002, he works as C++ analyst-programmer in software architecture design, automation and quality control. Mr. González is an IAC volunteer since 2003.

Designing Psi Experiments with the aid of Technology


Based on his personal experiences, obtained during Projectiology practices, he establishes simple hypotheses that can be experimentally confirmed or refuted in an objective manner. In order to test these hypotheses, specific bioenergetic and clairvoyance experiments were designed and small auxiliary devices were invented and manufactured. The small devices were able to adjust the emission of ultrasonic waves, infrared light and small magnetic fields and, together with some controls, were used to provide objectivity to subjective perceptions from individuals during the experiment. The set of apparatus for objective consciential experiment, the so called OCE-Kit, is presented. Made with 3D printing technologies and Arduino electronics’, this first prototype will be donated to the IAC’s Research Campus.

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