Thursday, May 14, 2015

IONS invitation to collaborate on precognition research

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is conducting a replication of an experiment, originally conducted by Daryl Bem, which tests for a potential precognition effect (does a future event influence the experience of a prior stimulus) and the role of experimenter expectation on study outcome. Dr. Marilyn Schlitz is the principal investigator and will be working in collaboration with Dr. Daryl Bem and Dr. Arnaud Delorme to complete the project. The experiment is very simple to complete. The experimenter tests 20 participants on a computer-based task that lasts about 20 minutes.

In order to complete the study the team is collaborating with dozens of colleagues across the United States and abroad. 

Ways to participate:

a) If you are a scientist and/or university professor you can run the experiment yourself.

b) If you are a university professor you can recruit students to run the experiment.

c) If you know a scientist and/or university professor who may be interested, you can forward this information to them.

d) If you have your own outreach lists, you can publish/share this information with your audience.

Any one of these options represents valuable support to the field of consciousness science and our colleagues at IONS.

Next Steps:

For more details and if you are interested in participating in this global collaboration, please send an email to their Research Assistant, Alan Pierce,

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