Monday, May 4, 2015

Physicist Jim Beichler, PhD Previews ICC conference talk on consciousness

Continuing the themes of consciousness and biology and consciousness and physics that link several of the ICC talks, Dr Jim Beichler, gives us a sneak peak of his talk in this interview:

Dr Beitchler's bio and talk abstract:

Full ICC program:

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Professor Beichler taught Physics and other related subjects for over thirty-five years before retiring. He earned his PhD from the Union Institute in 1999 in Paraphysics, a new and highly controversial branch of theoretical physics. His is the only such degree from a fully accredited university in the world. He is presently conducting theoretical research in Cosmology in an attempt to explain Dark Matter and Dark Energy as well as Physics to explain the fundamental nature of life, mind, consciousness and matter, space and time. All of these advances are applications of a new fundamental theory of physical reality called ‘single field theory’, which is a unification of quantum theory and relativity based upon a five-dimensional Einstein-Kaluza space-time geometry. Explanations of many forms of paranormal phenomena have emerged naturally from his space-time structure and model of consciousness as does the simple fact that mind and consciousness survive death.

The Evolutionary Imperative of Consciousness


Every living organism is characterized by two different complex physical field patterns: the (1) ‘life force’ or biofield and (2) mind-consciousness complex. The biofield deals with the normal biological functions, which can be represented by a complex three-dimensional matter/energy field pattern within the quantized space-time continuum. This material structure is directly associated with a changing electrical field pattern that generates a more complex magnetic field variation pattern (constituting magnetic domains in various groupings). Together these complex field patterns of electric scalar and magnetic vector potential constitute the mind and consciousness that are characteristic of all living organisms. This model directly implies the survival of consciousness/mind beyond material death, a new form of top-down evolution emanating from consciousness and the necessity of a new higher senses that results from directly realizing and experiencing the higher embedding space-like dimension that is required by the physics of our commonly experienced four-dimensional space-time continuum.

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