Saturday, May 9, 2015

Subway Book Review (NYC) and Synchronicity

Today, we wish you a good weekend and share a synchronicity and a book review, courtesy of a IAC New York volunteer and the creative minds at Subway Book Review:

"Last New Year's eve, I was in Manhattan, getting on the train heading into Brooklyn, making my way home to Queens.  However, I went to the end of the train that I don't normally go to as I had to get out someplace else.  I didn't realize that I was on the wrong side of the train until I got out later!  

While initially waiting for the train, I noticed a man reading Wagner Alegretti's Retrocognitions book.  Not believing my eyes, I approached him.  He said he was reading this book a 2nd time, finding the subject matter very interesting.  He had heard of the IAC but hadn't been to our center yet.  I invited him to stop by of course.  We talked about multidimensionality for a few stops until he got off.  

Anyway, he found it interesting that his book intrigued me, reflecting on the synchronicity.  Two days prior, he said he was approached by someone who talks to New Yorkers reading interesting looking books and interviews them for her website.  Although I checked to see if he was on her site perhaps a week later, he wasn't so I forgot about it."

But, I stumbled across this today:
(photo credit: Subway Book Review)


YouTube interview with Alegretti

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