Monday, June 1, 2015

Observing International Children's Day

Sometimes it seems that the human race has trouble finding common ground, often gravitating toward the differences and overlooking the vast similarities. In previous posts, we discussed the more cosmic perspectives of Oneness that can emerge from transformative experiences like near-death experiences and space travel. However, there is one thing that, at least in principle, humans agree on: a child's well-being is his or her human right and depriving a child of basic rights is plainly wrong. 

On International Children's Day, we invite our readers to consider what they can do - individually and collectively - to promote children's health, safety and education. The more we realize our connection to the rest of our global human family, the more commited we become to defending human dignity and promoting human potential and wellness everywhere. 

The most recent UNICEF estimate of poverty-related deaths among children is 6.3 million each year. On the other hand, worldwide poverty has been drastically reduced in the developing world. In wealthy nations, however, since the recession, millions of children have sunk below the poverty level, putting their lives and future in serious jeopardy. 

Addressing this issue is not only an ethical imperative, if we are to stay true to the values of the International Declaration on Human Rights (no need to mention cosmoethics), it is also economically and socially intelligent. It is estimated that each dollar invested in education can yield a 15-fold return. 

IAC will continue its research and educational activities on consciousness, promoting a non-reductionist paradigm that is centered on continual discovery and realization of the potential of the consciousness, which is found where "me" meets "other."


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