Sunday, June 14, 2015

"Vibrational State" by Nanci Trivellato: be one of the first to read by sponsoring its translation to English!

Special Sponsorship Opportunity! 
Help fund the English publication of 
Vibrational State: Research, Techniques and Applications By Nanci Trivellato

IAC is proud to have launched Vibrational State: Research, Techniques and Applications, by former IAC Research and Scientific Communications Director, Nanci Trivellato, MSc. 

The Vibrational State phenomenon—considered essential to achieve bioenergetic balance, self-defense and multidimensional lucidity—is deeply studied in this original work. Trivellato brings surprising revelations and previously unreleased information essential to all those interested in understanding the functioning of the energetic body and to those who seek to empower themselves to the application of energy production. 

Written in her native language of Portuguese, this groundbreaking book offers exclusive new research on energy sensitivity along with practical techniques for the individual to expand their sensitivity and control of energy. 
We would love to share this knowledge with a wider audience by having the text translated into English for publishing. 

Please assist us in our goal by supporting this translation project at the Sponsorship Level of your choice with the associated thank you gifts

Basic Sponsorship Opportunities:
Level 1 Sponsor: US $25

Pre-order a copy of the book in English and
be among the first to read this valuable work in English

Level 2 Sponsor: US $100

Pre-order a copy of the book in English
Your name will be listed on the book's acknowledgment page
(unless you wish to remain anonymous)

Level 3 Sponsor: US $300 (Limited to 10 individuals)

All benefits of Level 2 Sponsorship, plus...
One 45-minute online Q&A Session with the author
Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities: (Limited to a total of 10 individuals)
Level 4 Sponsor: US $600

All benefits of Level 2 Sponsorship, plus...

One 90-minute live personal Energy Assessment Session with the author (may be substituted for one 90-minute live or online Q&A Session or two 45-minute Q&A Sessions)

One IAC Campus Laboratory Session at the lab of your choice
(must be reserved in advance)

Level 5 Sponsor: US $1,000

All benefits of Level 4 Sponsorship, plus…
A one-year Sponsorship Membership to the IAC center of your choice




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