Thursday, October 15, 2015

Progress in Venture Science and Paradigm Shift

Last year, we celebrated three manifestos related to science beyond the reductionist paradigm: The Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science published in the journal Explore and discussed in the Huffington Post; a similar statement published by 100 academics published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience; and Set Science Free campaign's petition with a couple of hundred PhD and MD's censorship practices of TED. This year, a conference brought together emerging voices and established names from various fields to promote multidimensional science, in particular, in the field of consciousness studies - the 1st International Congress of Consciousness.

Set Science Free is currently working with any professor or student organization that has an interest in starting a Consciousness research program at their respective university. Their current effort is focused on the Center for Education and Research in Consciousness (CERC) — an exciting initiative at the University of Washington, Bothell (in the State of Washington in the Pacific Northwest of the US) which counts with the active support of the International Academy of Consciousness.

Also noteworthy is the creation of the Institute for Venture Science, curiously, also at University of Washington. Two Nobel laureates, the director of the National Science Board, and several university rectors and presidents serve on its advisory board. Author Charles Eisenstein published a valuable article in The Huffington Post on the subject in August.

The next International Congress of Consciousness will take place May 2017 in Miami. The Society for Scientific Exploration, the International Asssociation for Near Death Studies, the Institute of Noetic Sciences and others also hold annual conferences in the US, bringing together scientists to advance science at the bleeding edge, where true revolutions in human thinking and technology take place.  

Silicon Valley has also caught this positive "bug." Tech enterpreneur Micky Siegel (previously with NASA, MIT, Audi) has led a movement to bring consciousness to technology -- recognized by the likes of Steve Jobs as crucial to innovation -- and technology to the aid of consciousness development, as well. Articles in The HuffPost, The Guardian and The New Yorker have discussed the "consciousnes hacker" movement and its recent conference. 

This month, IAC's Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato recently offered TEDx talks in Brazil where they shared advances in consciousness technology and personal development (which they also presented at the 1st ICC). Also, at the ICC, Mexico's Dr. Carlos Bernal discussed the use of neurofeedback to promote OBEs and Switzerland's Dr. Olaf Blanke discussed virtual reality as an OBE-induction method.  IAC's vibrational state and OBE vibroacoustic bed is also now available for purchase through its partner

Outside of science and technology, there is also growing realization that the economic, social and environmental crises are rooted in a crisis of consciousness and that, hence, a significant change in our values, behaviors and attitudes is in order.  Activists and leaders in spirituality, religion, economics, government, business, entertainment, urban planning, and many other fields are calling for moving from a capital-centric paradigm to a life-centric one (human and ecological development). The message appears to be gaining traction and reaching critical mass. Significant progress has been made through the UN's Sustainable Development Goals or Millennium Goals and new targets are being set for the next 15 years. 

While the world is certainly facing existential crises, they present motivation and opportunity for reform, innovation and personal and social evolution. There are exciting developments ahead, so there are reasons to stay positive and play our role to improve ourselves and the world around us. The IAC will participate in upcoming conferences on paradigm shift in Brazil (Online Congress on Spirituality, Health and Science) and Australia (with the Global Peace Center and Club of Budapest). Stay tuned.

Nelson Abreu
Los Angeles