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Oasis project - IAC Campus

A place where one day you can feel the subtle Mediterranean breeze only to feel the strong Atlantic winds the next. A place where the golden tones from the hay hills can dazzle your eyes until you are immersed in a deep reflective state and you find yourself contemplating the future of this planet; there is much history here. This vast History works in our favor.......

The IAC research campus is located on National Highway 18, Km 236. It is nestled between Queen Isabel of Aragon’s Castle in Estremoz, whom with great moral authority prevented the Battle of Alvalade and years later a war which was settled with an important Peace Treaty between Seville and Evoramonte. It was here where a Peace Treaty titled “Evoramonte’s Agreement” put an end to the civil war between absolutists and liberals.

Besides this historic background, other elements also make this place special. The people who inhabited these regions were people who dedicated their lives to pacifism. These groups left very positive energetic traces which many say can be felt to this day.

It is at this eastern point in Portugal, where the tone of the people is one of hospitality which carries a slight accent from neighboring Spain; a fusion of fraternal cultures can be heard every time they greet a visitor:
"Welcome to Alentejo!"

A land with many legends to be shared, like the one where the spirit of a nun, who once lived in this area, emerges everyday at dusk to protect the town of Evoramonte and to watch over her lover’s sleep. Or the legend of Queen Isabel the Saint, who would hand out roses and they would become pieces of bread as they were placed in the hands of the starving poor.

The area of the Iberian Peninsula, is encrusted in the confluence of two bioclimatic regions with a heterogeneous weather and isolation caused by the proximity to the Pyrenees. The result is an exclusive and vast diversity of unique habitats and animals found nowhere else in the world.

Between 2071 and 2100, the Peninsula’s temperature is projected to increase from two to six degrees Centigrade during the summer and two to three degrees in the winter. These results have been recorded in the Regional Evaluation Account of Climatic Alterations "Clima en España: pasado, presente y futuro", researched by the Red Temática CLIVAR- Spain.

The Iberian Peninsula continues to be one of the most affected areas by the ongoing global warming. As a result, the local temperature will increase three times more than the rest of the world and up to fifty percent more than the rest of the northern hemisphere.

Due to this delicate and complex edafological situation, the IAC campus occupies an area measuring 9.8 hectares, 20% of which have been designated as an Ecological Reserve. Many excellent results from biological investments have been obtained due to the responsible and restorative relationship established with the biodiversity of the region, for instance:
  • Reforestation of native, fruit-bearing, exotic and fully adapted species.
  • Using ecological products to systematically correct the land’s pH levels.
  • Exclusive cultivation with vegetable substrates taking advantage of the herbal residues found in the area.
  • Organized planning for a drop by drop watering system to economize water.
  • Vegetative coverings using leguminous plants to increase the soil’s Nitrogen levels.
  • Recycling of organic waste by composting, recycling materials made of plastic, metal, paper and glass. The land previously deplorable is now becoming an OASIS.

The ground is basically made up of sedimentary rocks with variable proportions in terms of impurities (some are quite hard making it difficult for any root to penetrate them) and lack water. Besides these already difficult conditions, there are rigorous winters, with much rain and strong winds, alternating with very dry summers reaching average temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius.

Our objective is to become an ecological reference throughout the region. We want locals, as well as travelers and visitors, to stop and admire this immense green spot with exuberant flora and fauna sitting in the middle of this beautiful, yet arid, golden region of Alentejo.

Ever since the Environmental Project Oasis began in 2005, the biodiversity of the Campus has visibly increased. This fact confirms that our actions are coherent and consistent with some of the principles pertinent to a Profound Ecology, and it encourages us to continue working in that same direction.

The Environmental Project Oasis counts entirely on the manual labor of volunteers and must generate and administer its own financial resources. In order to continue with the next phases of this project of biodiversity restoration, we require financial contributions from people and/or organizations concerned with the future of life in a more harmonious planet.

The funds collected will make the next priorities of the Environmental Project a truly viable enterprise:
  • Purchase of a deposit to gather rain water (6,000 Euros including installation)
  • Finish the natural acoustic barrier with more than 700 individual species of Cupressocyparis leilandii (21, 0000. Euros including a watering system)
  • Replace the watering system controllers and existing droppers for professional ones (1,435.00 Euros)
  • Increase the number of trees for more than 100 individual ones within the next 2 years (21,000.00 including a watering system)
  • Build gardens around the current buildings (approx. 8,000.00 Euros)
  • Hire manual labor for general maintenance (4,500.00 Euros per year)
  • Cultivation of organic products, plague control, correction of the soil’s pH levels and the removal of harmful weeds (3,000.00 Euros per year)
  • Construction of an ecological pond to provide water to wild animals (1,000.00 Euros)

IAC Campus & the Oasis Project - Images by Rosalba Teodora (c) 2010 IAC

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If you would like to contribute to this endeavor, please contact us via email:

Rosalba Teodora – Oasis Project Coordinator.
Campus IAC
Phone: + 351 26 895 9148
Fax: + 351 26 895 0053

Saturday, July 24, 2010

News from IAC Campus - The Main Rest Area Project


The Main Rest Area project is aiming to create new outdoor areas where nature can interact with appropriate infrastructures, resulting in spatial diversity within the IAC Campus. The idea is to take advantage of the natural environment’s exceptional beauty in order to facilitate a greater social and bioenergetic exchange.


This will be a rest area where people can benefit from nature in a pleasant and relaxing environment, a comfortable place where they can chat, read a book, ponder or even have a picnic. All while promoting the conservation of all natural assets, education in nature, biodiversity, etc.

The project will include the following structures:

  • Wooden Pergolas
  • Wooden Tables
  • Wooden Benches
  • Small water stream for water circulation
  • A water fall with a small pond
  • Water deposits
  • Construction of walk-ways
  • Signs


Initially this Main Rest Area will be equipped with 3 wooden pergolas designed with original curved shapes to create a more suitable space for its users. There will also be a wooden table and benches within each pergola.

The goal is to facilitate a greater integration between the person and the IAC Campus, nature and all its immanent energy.


A small water stream and waterfall will be constructed to help circulate the water. Overall, this will promote a more humid condition, favoring the growth of vegetation and improving the surrounding environment.

The installation of a water pumping system will allow for constant recirculation.


The deposits will collect and store rain water on one side of the events hall, this way we will also be contributing to the reusing of the hydraulic resources. Two deposits with an initial capacity of 13, 0000 L will be installed. An automatic pump will re-circulate the water through the streams and will be recollected back into the deposits.


Pergolas2.902,5038.707,50 €
Benches360,0031.080,00 €
Water deposits7.200,00214.400,00 €
Water cannals9.600,0019.600,00 €
Preparation of land and pathways2.400,0012.400,00 €
TOTAL36.187,50 €

If you would like to contribute to this project, please make your donation:

As a way of implementing certain elements of the project, the completion of it has been planned in three phases so as to shorten the time before the space can be used and enjoyed by visitors, students and researchers while at the IAC Campus.

  1. A Pergola with its table and benches, plus initial walkways (Approx. 4,000 euros)
  2. Water deposits and streams, finishing walkways (Approx. 24,000 euros)
  3. Two remaining Pergolas with tables and benches (Approx. 8,000 euros)


We at the IAC are very committed and looking forward to the completion of this project in order to offer everyone a space where they can enjoy the IAC Campus in a different way.

IAC Campus Development Department

Gerardo Teus

Monday, July 5, 2010


Welcome to our blog!

IAC – the International Academy of Consciousness is a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to investigating consciousness and helping, everyone who is willing, reach their human potential. This blog is for any inquiring individual, who has pondered on their existence, questioned the established human paradigms, is open minded on multiple levels or simply curious and interested in one or the total sum of the following subjects.

  • Paranormal phenomena
  • Psychic phenomena
  • Energy (chi, prana, subtle energy)
  • Out-of-body experiences (astral projection, astral traveling)
  • Retrocognitions (past-life memories)
  • Spirit Guides
  • Non-Physical Planes (other dimensions)
  • Karma
  • Self-awareness
  • Personal Evolution
  • Life after Death
  • Life’s Purpose (existential program)

At IAC, one of our main points of study is the development of psychic, energetic abilities especially lucid projections also known as; out-of-body experiences (OBE’s) astral traveling or astral projection. An OBE is very different from a regular dream. During a lucid out-of-body experience, we can visit loved ones who have moved on, communicate with spiritual guides, find out about our life mission, lose the fear of death and many other things to promote our spiritual growth. A lucid projection can be an extremely useful tool which can provide valuable information to help us further our self-understanding, our inner and outer realities both in the intraphysical and extraphysical dimensions.

One of the main objectives of the IAC is to catalyze the global evolution of human beings through promoting an ever-increasing understanding about the nature of the consciousness (individual essence). In the past 10 years we have been teaching self-awareness while outside the body to tens of thousands of students throughout the world. This year we are looking forward to celebrating our tenth year anniversary by setting goals like helping even more people reach their full evolutionary potential. With this blog we are launching one of the many initiatives to open up our lines of communication with the global-viral community.

Visit our blog regularly to read the latest :

  • Updates from all IAC offices around the world.
  • Articles on related topics
  • Research Studies
  • Social commentaries and much more

Join us and see for yourself how all the material in this blog originates from a different perspective of human reality. We are stepping outside the established paradigms and presenting information from a Consciential point of view.

We at the IAC certainly do not hold the absolute truth on any of the subjects we study. In fact, in every classroom of every city, in any event we take part in; you will always see the following sign posted very visibly:

“Don’t believe in anything you hear. Experiment, have your own experiences”.

Because of this principle, we look forward to use this blog as an open forum for exchange of ideas and interaction with our readers. We cordially invite you to share your comments, experiences and questions regarding these not so publicly discussed yet essential matters.

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