Monday, September 27, 2010

Projectarium: Out-of-Body Experience Lab


The projectarium is one of the most important constructions of IAC Research Campus and it’s situated in Alentejo, Portugal.

The Projectarium project consists on creating an environment specifically optimized for the productions of the projections of the consciousness ( out-of-body experiences ) and other parapsychic phenomena.

The projectarium was designed in such a way as to maximize reduction of sensorial stimuli, promoting deeper relaxation and disconnection from the physical environment. Such conditions favour concentration and the attainment of physical transcendence, supporting parapsychic experience.

Tne planning of such an environment takes into consideration multidisciplinary concepts concerning both physical and energetic elements.

The laboratory for these psychic experiments will be composed of a completely spherical structure of 10 metres diameter, connected to a semi-spherical building by a translucent corridor.

The self-experimenter will lie prone in the centre of the building. As the ‘ gravitational hinge’ of the environment , the self-experimenter will be able to fell him or herself as the epicentre of the parapsychic process he or she is about to induce.

The dimensions of the sphere are based on Vieria’s theory of the extraphysical sphere of energy. According to this theory, the energetic field of the individual who is conscious outside of the body has an average 4-metes radius. Another important factor regarding the dimensions of the Projectarium is that an environment with substantial proportions such as this (compared to the normal ambiences we are used to) helps reduce tension due to unjustified concerns of possible collision with physical objects during take-off produced by psychological conditioning.

A space with the appropriate shape and dimensions will thus be created to promote two simultaneous and contradictory perceptions in the self-experimenter: the feeling of being the focus or center and at the same time the expansion of his or her perceptions to the limit of the sphere and beyond it.

An anti-acoustic material will be used in the interior of the building, ensuring maximum reduction of auditory stimulation, allowing improved relaxation and ease of focus of the attention.

A diffused light will illuminate the interior, preventing perception of its source and eliminating shadows.

These measures will also prevent the individual from having perception of distance or defining a point on which to fix his or her vision.

The platform supporting the bed will feature an anti-vibrational constructions of glass allowing the individual to experience a sense of “floating” in the environment. The self-experimenter will lie prone with his or her head (location of the pineal gland) and will coincide with the center of the sphere –shaped laboratory.

The mattress and set of pillows will be of a material that adjusts automatically to the weight of the experimenter’s body allowing maximum physical comfort and optimizing relaxation and maintenance of mental concentration.

The laboratory is provided with the following equipment: air conditioning, ionizer, thermometer, barometer, intercom, hygrometer, night vision camera, infrared and ultraviolets detectors.

The environment will also be equipped with control instruments and a sound and image system so that an assistant located in an isolated room nearby can monitor the experiment.

This semi-spherical construction will serve as a support area and will hold a reception area, a laboratory support room, and a chamber where the targets objects can be placed along with toilets and an individual preparation chamber.

The Individual Preparation Chamber will act as a dressing room for the experimenter and will also be used by the individual to takes notes or complete a ‘report’ regarding his or her experiences.

The Experimental Target Room will have an element (object or image) for the experimenter to perceive through their OBE. In the case of this research project, a computer will be used to randomly select an image to be perceived by the experimenter in the laboratory.

The accumulation of thosenic pattern will give rise to an increasingly well-established and strengthening the energetic field in the laboratory as more and more experiments are conducted within it.

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This article was originally published in IACelera tu evolucion. Copyrights IAC Madrid office 2005.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Astral Projection / Out-of-Body Experience

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection is the separation of the consciousness from the vehicles of manifestation (or bodies), produced by changes in the frequencies of vibration or energy of these vehicles. As we are able to project every night, astral projection is a natural process inherent to all human beings.

How does it occur?

Our bodies have different structures and densities. During the day (when we are awake) these bodies remain embedded, one within another, like Russian dolls. However, when we fall asleep, there is a natural energetic ease that predisposes the Psychosoma (or Astral Body, which is a duplicate of the physical body but more subtle) to break free and move away.

Why does it occur?

The physical body needs to revitalize every night, and the Psychosoma is its energetic battery; the farther away it is from the physical body, the better it recharges the energy. When the Psychosoma returns, it revitalizes the physical body.

You might ask yourself, “What is the source of energy?”

Where is the energy?

The energy of the universe – also called the “Immanent Energy” – is the source of the energy of the Psychosoma. It is a neutral, unprocessed energy that is absorbed and transferred to the physical body by the Psychosoma.

This article is a translation of the original article published in IACelera tu evolucion in May 2004. Copyrights IAC Madrid office 2004.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Frequently asked questions about OBEs - An interview

IAC Florida Instructor Nelson Abreu gave an interview to Vlad Moskovski's blog "Meditation secrets revealed" in October 2009. Below is an excerpt from it:

Q: What is an out of body experience?

A: An out of body experience (obe) is when the consciousness, meaning the individual himself, makes a transition from operating with his – her physical body to operating with the astral. Another way to put it is that person transitions from the physical, everyday reality into a parallel but different dimension. This dimension is more subtle than ours, but always there. It remains invisible to many of us because we lack the psychical perception to see into it.

Projecting into this parallel dimension is temporary, it can last from a few seconds to a couple of hours in rare cases, but inevitably we must return to the physical body. The process of moving into the astral dimension is dependant on the energetic connection between the physical and the astral body. This connection, sometimes called the silver cord, allows us to travel into the astral dimension and keeps our two bodies connected and safe. It also allows energy and information to flow between the two bodies.

Out of body experiences never causes the severing of the silver cord, but physical death is a process that involves the de-activation of the silver cord and could be called a “final projection.”

We tend to think of astral projection or out of body experiences as something supernatural and separate from the physical life. Something that only gifted or psychic people can do, but we all have this ability and go through this separation every night when we sleep and dream.

Q: What is the difference between dreaming and having an OBE?

A: The major difference is that dreams are illusory creations of the brain, whereas the obe is real, in the sense that it can be objectively shared with others like physical life. The average person goes through a partial disconnection while sleeping. When we dream, our astral body hovers just slightly above the physical body. What is missing is the awareness and intention to fully project out. Even in a lucid dream, there is still a range of lucidity and some people are able to use the lucid dream as a springboard to go into an obe. The realness of the obe experience, makes it self evident that it is different from a dream. Out of body experiences become as real as our daily lives.

Q: What are the benefits, why would somebody want to try this?

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