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IAC New York - Cosmoethics

Cosmoethics, or ethics of the cosmos which go beyond the physical world, define one's evolutionary level, and are the cornerstone of consciential (spiritual) growth. They consist of principles that reflect an elevated intentionality and multidimensional wisdom, being the "moral code" followed by our helpers (spirit guides)and other highly evolved consciousnesses (i.e. those who are on their final series of physical lives).

Many students of conscious evolution seek out methods or practices that will bring about peace, inner harmony, well-being and a better life. Beyond any technique or practice, cosmoethics - living out of one's deepest sense of integrity and self-knowledge - is truly the key to a more harmonious existence. When we improve our cosmoethics we improve all of our relationships, with others, with our reality, and ultimately ourselves.

Examples and case studies will be presented to help the study and understanding of cosmoethics. As a natural consequence, the course also examines individual and collective moral corruption. Students will have the opportunity to explore life's ambiguities (not everything is black and white) and be guided to come into terms with their way of seeing and interpreting reality and with their way of manifesting.

Note: This is the first time this specific course will be offered in New York, and it may not be offered again for up to 5 years. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn more about one of the most crucial aspects of consciential evolution.

On Sunday, December 5th, 2010
from 11am to 6:30pm (includes break)
at IAC New York Office

For More Information & registration please call (212) 867-0807 or (800) 778-3778 or by email

You can also visit our office 151 West 46th Street Suite 1202 (between 6th & 7th Avenue)Mon - Fri, 3 - 8pm

*Get 10% off when you sign up for this class & Mastering the Vibrational State class together.

About the Instructor: Wagner Alegretti has presented on the subject of cosmoethics at several universities and congresses around the world, including the International Earth Summit - 1992 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). In response to an increasing demand for information on the topic, Mr. Alegretti developed this course to provide more insight into these “laws” of our multidimensional reality. The course is the result of both extensive research and firsthand experience of the extraphysical dimension (through out-of-body experiences).

IAC New York - The Vibrational State

MASTERING THE VIBRATIONAL STATE: An in-depth study and guided training workshop.

The vibrational state (VS) is the most fundamental instrument that has been identified to date for enabling individuals to take greater control over their energetic bodies. Given this fact, this provides students with tools to gain lucid bioenergetic and parapsychic self-control, as it explains the modus operandi and effects of the VS, dissecting each bioenergetic component that must be mastered in order to reach control over this important and remarkable personal phenomenon.

The course focus on the elements of the VS (i.e., its attributes or properties). Providing knowledge of those attributes will grant students resources for a biofeedback process, which will favor their mastering the willful installation of the VS.

The course also has a large practical component, during which participants are trained to identify, sense and take control over each of the VS technique attributes by practicing the technique of the Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation (VELO), also know as the Closed Circuit of Energies. Each attribute is trained separately, based on applied strategic tips, to help students results.

After each of the 21 attributes have been run through, one by one, they are gradually applied in specific combinations and in a specific sequence, until the student performs a technique session that involves all the aspects to be controlled. This approach aims to help the participant to understand the vibrational state better and a higher success rate in installing it.

Dissecting the VS into its attributes is a brand-new concept that can also improve understanding of the VS. The information presented derives from over 5 years of research performed directly by the instructor during the private energetic evaluations of the Goal: Intrusionlessness course.

On Saturday, December 4th, 2010

from 10am to 7:30pm (includes break)

at IAC New York Office

Pre-requisite: CDP Module 2

For More Information & registration please call (212) 867-0807 or (800) 778-3778 or by email

You can also visit our office 151 West 46th Street Suite 1202 (between 6th & 7th Avenue) Mon - Fri, 3 - 8pm

*Get 10% off when you sign up for this class & Cosmoethics class together.

About the Instructor: Nanci Trivellato M.A., is presently the Scientific Director of the IAC, and has been a researcher and instructor within Consciousness studies since 1992. A respected independent researcher, Trivellato began having lucid projections and other psychic experiences at age 7, and has expertise in the areas of non-physical perception, synchronicity, chakras, and human energetic fields. Trivellato has been interviewed by magazines, newspapers, and periodicals of global distribution, such as People (South Africa); Chicago Tribune (USA); The Sun (USA); The Miami Herald (USA) and numerous other periodicals in many different states of both Brazil and the USA. In collaboration with partner and research colleague Wagner Alegretti, she is currently developing the Energogram, a systematized way in which a person can evaluate personal bioenergetic development. She is also the editor of the Journal of Conscientiology, and is authoring a book on the development of chakras, which will include original research.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

IAC Miami - The Vibrational State Project & Other October Activites

We have put together an exciting new project for our Sponsor / Major membership meeting of IAC, Florida Educational Center: The Vibrational State Project. And we have decided to open the doors to everyone so they can join this project as well. Pre-requisite to take part in this project is to have completed CDP Module 2.

Basic Membership and up qualifies for re-taking CDP Modules! CDP Module 3 is going on next weekend as well. Classes 1 and 3 are 1 to 3:30 PM (Discussion with Bioenergy Practical at the end) and Classes 2 and 4 (OBE Session) are 4 to 6:30 PM.

We also have Bioenergy Workout on Tuesday at 7 PM (English) and Sunday at 9:30 AM (Spanish).

The Vibrational State Project:

The Vibrational State project aims to continue the work we started in Nanci Trivellato's "Mastering the Vibrational State" Course we had in March. When you sign up for this project, you can attend the membership meeting on Saturday, 23rd of October at 7pm. These are the benefits you will receive:
  • A booklet with instructions to track your VELO attempts throughout the day. This booklet will help you monitor, analyze and help you get into the habit of doing energy work throughout the day.
  • Daily reminders to attempt installing Vibrational States, via email or as a text message reminder to your cellphone for 20 days
  • $5 discount on a Vibrational State Laboratory session at the IAC Florida Center
  • An opportunity to meet with an instructor after the 20th day, to discuss about the progress
If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please sign up for this project by emailing us at or calling (305) 668-4668. If you call to sign up, please make sure to mention "Vibrational State project in May". Advance registration is absolutely required to take part in this project. The deadline to register is Wednesday, 20th of October at 8 PM.

Major Members & Sponsor Members - Free !* click here to register for membership

Basic Member - Special Offer: participate in this project and get an automatic upgrade to Major Membership $ 25 - Click here to register online

Associate Members & Non-members - $ 55 - Click here to register online

*Note - Please note Major Members & Sponsor members will be able to take part in this project for free however, we would like to request you to make a donation of $ 7 to cover the cost of the booklet.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity and take part in this project.

Best Energies,
IAC Florida Volunteer team

Interview on Out-of-Body Experience research

One of IAC's instructors, Nelson Abreu, gave an interview to Swedish parapsychologist Dr. JJ Lumsden for his Paranormal and Parapsychology Blog. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Interview with Nelson Abreu: Researching Out of Body Experiences

Nelson Abreu is a Power Systems Engineer based in Florida, USA. Nelson was an intern at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory, is a contributing author on “Filters and Reflections: Perspectives on Reality” from International Consciousness Research Laboratories, and is a volunteer lecturer and researcher with the International Academy of Consciousness. Nelson’s research speciality is Out of Body Experiences.

Q : Nelson, let’s start with you. I understand you were an intern at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory. What can you tell us about your time there?

A: I was fortunate enough to have Brenda Dunne and Robert Jahn as mentors. They were very supportive of my student club at the University of Florida, where they lectured on a couple of occasions. I got to experience the PEAR Laboratory — the random mechanical cascade, the water fountain, the robot, the pendulum, and other stochastic devices that were similarly affected by the users intention, despite their divergent properties — before it closed its doors after 3 decades of ground-breaking research on anomalous consciousness-machine interactions and remote perception. Bob and Brenda are so well read, articulate, and possess a rare balance of objectivity and desire to understand and explore the subjective.

The statistical anomalies that draw your attention at first were already great achievements of science. However, what makes these researchers so exceptional is that they are really trying to understand consciousness itself not just the phenomena. And they have been brave enough to go beyond the conventional paradigm in such an institution as Princeton, but also beyond the essentially materialistic epistemology that defines much of parapsychology. They have now moved the work to a new phase as International Consciousness Research Laboratories and have just finished a sequel to Margins of Reality. I was also honoured to contribute to a recent ICRL anthology entitled Filters and Reflections: Perspectives on Reality, where I was able to weave my research on out-of-body experience and with PEAR’s.

Q: These days your research interests centre upon Out of Body Experiences. Clearly, a scientific research program into such a phenomenon can prove challenging. What are the current approaches, protocols and difficulties that researchers face?

A: Few would question whether we dream. When it comes to OBEs, it isn’t so, since very few people have the experience with some frequency. One of the ways we address this is by training individuals to have experiences more often, rather than “waiting” for spontaneous ones. Until 16 years of age, I do not recall having a single ‘projection’ of consciousness or an OBE. Through training, I began having more and more experiences.

Now, suppose that we have a group of highly talented projectors. What does the researcher do? He or she can ask them about their experiences - and IAC’s survey (by Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato) is one of the most extensive ever. The researcher could ask them to observe a remote target as has been done in two IAC experiment programs, and ASPR’s classic “fly in” experiment. However, unless the researcher has his/her own repeated, fully-lucid, fully-recalled, validated experiences, one could always find a way to dismiss the information. And even if one is very open-minded, how will the researcher truly understand the phenomenon without experiencing it?

To read the full article click here >>>

To read more about IAC research click here

Thursday, October 14, 2010

IAC returns to Gainesville!

IAC began activities in Gainesville, Florida in 2003, with IAC Florida's presentation on Out-of-Body Experience in Colloquium on Consciousness Studies, organized by University of Florida student organization Science of Self Club, founded by Nelson Abreu who went on to become faculty at IAC. From 2003 to 2005, IAC Florida and New York instructors presented a number of lectures in and around the campus, including guest talks for the Psychology Department course "Non-Local Consciousness," co-created by Nelson Abreu with input from IAC, taught by Dr. Barbara Welsch and sponsored by the UF Center for Spirituality and Health.

More recently, we returned in the Fall 2009 to lecture at Dr. Welsch's course and this Fall for free seminars and energy courses at the public library, Sweetwater Park, and the Seraphim Center. We look forward to returning in the Spring of 2011 with leisure courses at University of Florida, more short courses throughout town, and the return of the award-winning Consciousness Development Program: IAC's flagship course on out-of-body experience, bioenergy, and spiritual development.

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If you are interested in receiving more information and updates regarding the upcoming activities in Gainesville, please email us at

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Projectiological Phenomena

In Projectiology and Conscientiology experiences are more valuable than a thousand theories. The experience itself gives us confidence and purges brain washings and conditionings of the environment, being capable of eliminating fears, mysticisms and romanticisms.

In this new paradigm, the consciential paradigm, personal experience is a greatly decisive and evidential tool for all parapsychic phenomena. Any person can develop perceptions, capabilities and self-control to lucidly experience these phenomena.

The projective phenomena are the parapsychic events subject of study of the Projectiology. The most important projective phenomenon is the out-of-body experience, it is the one that provides the greater personal development by allowing the direct contact with the multidimensionality, to obtain information about the existential program, to meet more evolved consciousnesses and even to access information about previous lives.

There is a fundamental classification common to all projectiologic phenomena: the ambivalent and the subjective. Every classification restrains, since in practice the consciousness is considered a whole and every actions related to it have deep interactions and influence themselves mutually, but, for the particular purpose of study and analisys of these phenomena, this classification is useful.

The subjective projective phenomenon takes place more frequently in the inner microuniverse of the consciousness and with the manifestation vehicles of the parcially or totally projected consciential projectors, relegating the influence of the environment to a secondary role.
Synonym: internal projective phenomenon.

There are 22 main subjective projective phenomena connected essentially with the psychosphere or the holothosene of the human projector or of the projected intraphysical consciousness. Among the most common are: consciential self-bilocation, extraphysical clairvoyance, projective déjá-vu, near-death experience, extraphysical retrocognitions and projective panoramic vision.

The ambivalent phenomenon takes place inside the consciousness of the projector, projected or not, but has important repercussions out of the consciential microuniverse of the consciouness.
Synonym: external projective phenomenon.

There are 32 main ambivalent projective phenomena connected with the human consciousness, wether projected or not, and with the participation of the intraphysical consciousness, wether in the waking physical state or projected, with an extraphysical environment. Some of them are: ectoplasmy, travelling clairvoyance, extraphysical telepathy, projective poltergeist, projective psychophony and psychography, transfiguration of the psychosoma.

Formal investigation as well as self-experimentation of the out-of-body experience and correlated phenomena allow for a better understanding about our nature as consciousnesses. By being able to lucidly leave the body, we are capable to answer for ourselves fundamental questions about life, such as: “Who am I?”, “What am I doing here?”, “Is there something else besides physical life?”, Does biological death mean the end of existence?”, ...

This article was originally published in IACelera tu evolucion. Copyrights IAC Madrid office 2005.

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What is Conscientiology & Projectiology?

Conscientiology and Projectiology

Conscientiology is the science that studies the consciousness, commonly known as ego, soul, essence, etc. Conscientiology is more comprehensive than traditional psychology because its scope of investigation extends beyond the boundaries of physical reality, encompassing issues such as multidimensional manifestation, holosoma (non-physical bodies), and serial existences (the continual process of individual death and subsequent rebirth).

Conscientiological studies are based on scientific principles, consensus, bibliographical research, and self-experimentation.

The word Conscientiology originates from the word ‘consciousness’, hence conscientiology is the scientific study of the consciousness. The term ‘consciousness’ here is used as a synonym for intelligent principle (popularly referred to as self, soul, spirit). Therefore, in conscientiological writings, the article “the” is intentionally used before “consciousness” in order to convey the meaning of individual essence per se and not the state of consciousness as in being lucid or aware.

Projectiology is the science that studies the manifestations of the consciousness in three distinctive states: the physical, the non-physical and the projected states. The main focus of projectiology is researching the phenomenon of the out-of-body experience (OBE) also known as astral projection, astral travel, and projection of the consciousness.

Projectiology theoretically and practically analyzes all of the aspects and consequences of the out-of body experience and other paranormal phenomena. These phenomena are primarily studied as sources of self-knowledge.

Projectiology emphasizes the cosmoethical use of any paranormal phenomena, including the out-of-body experience, all of which should be developed according to a persons most ethical internal principles.

The word Projectiology originates from the root word ‘projection’, as in ‘astral projection’ or ‘projection of the consciousness’, in this sense used to convey the fact of the consciousness projecting itself or its energies outside of the physical body. Hence projectiology is the scientific study of projections of the consciousness.

Like any other science, Conscientiology and Projectiology have a philosophical foundation or paradigm: Consciential Paradigm.

New scientific methodologies and techniques are required to enable the study of the consciousness. It is not possible to study the consciousness through the use of classic methodologies or devices. This is because no matter how sophisticated they may be, physical instruments can, at best, measure physiological alterations, which are merely indirect consequences of the actions of the consciousness being observed.

The basis of the consciential paradigm is that the consciousness itself is the most effective tool to study the consciousness. This inevitably leads to participative research, where the researcher serves as his or her own research subject, while the daily circumstances, both inside and outside the body, serve as his or her laboratory.

It is evident to those who experience lucid out-of-body experiences that the consciousness transcends the physical brain, as the OBEer (or conscious projector) is aware and active while outside the temporarily dormant physical body. According to the consciential paradigm, the consciousness is recognized as being the center or source of intelligence and individuality, something far beyond physical energy and matter. We consider the consciousness, then, to be something much more transcendental than physical awareness.

To read more about our approach click here. To read more about our research paradigm click here

This article was originally published in IACelera tu evolucion. Copyrights IAC Madrid office 2005.