Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ambivalent Phenomena of Projectiology

Nanci Trivellato & Wagner Alegretti

There are many types of phenomena and paranormal activities, but some of them, like regression and clairvoyance, for example, are subjective phenomena. Thus, they cannot be seen and occur inside of the person’s own microuniverse. We have previously analyzed these intimate phenomena of the consciousness, so we will concentrate on the objective, or ambivalent phenomena, which can be seen or proven. We can cite several of them. For example:

Materialization: This is a well known phenomenon in which a paranormal performs the materialization of objects which were before “non-existent,” and turns them totally visible. There are various registered cases studied on the topic of materialization. Some of the names that are better known in this field are: Rudy Schneider and Madam d’Esperance. To realize a phenomenon such as this one, the psychic should have control over a type of bioenergy called ectoplasm.

Telekinesis: Telekinesis is a phenomenon in which the person is able to move objects and transform the structure of physical things without touching them, in other words, using only the strength of its bioenergies. Diverse laboratory experiments, primarily in Russia, have been performed in order to verify this phenomenon which is today accepted. One of the best known psychics in the field of telekinesis is Uri Gueler, seen often on television, bending spoons, moving the hands on a watch, etc. Nevertheless, there have been many others who perform telekinesis which have been studied with results greater than those of Uri Gueler.

Bilocation: This is the phenomenon in which a person can occupy two places at the same time. Some individuals who performed bilocations in ancient times were considered to be saints, as if they had performed a miracle. This phenomenon occurs because the extraphysical body exits the physical body and in a certain place, turns itself dense and materializes, and is able to be seen by others, for example: Padre Pio and the Master of the Krya Yoga Babaji.

Parateleportation: This phenomenon is very curious. It occurs when a person dematerializes in a certain place and materializes in another. A paranormal who was very competent lived in San Pablo, Brazil, called Carmine Mirabelli, performed a teleportation as an investigative experiment. A group of students asked him to sit in an armchair and they tied him to the chair. He was told to transport from one room to the other. After a certain time, they opened the door to the room and Mirabelli had disappeared. All of them started to look all over the house for him. He was found in the basement, tied to the chair in the same way they had left him. So, there was a translocation of the person (and the armchair) from one environment to the other. There have been many cases registered of persons who have ended up in another place in a matter of seconds, with no idea on how they got there. Nevertheless, this is a rare phenomenon.

Poltergeist: A very talked about condition, poltergeist is a phenomenon in which physical events occur in a strange manner, generally related with a person, family, or house. There are poltergeists in which the objects are thrown in the air and fall on the house, in other cases objects spontaneously combust, and there are also situations in which objects fly through the house until they fall into something. This phenomenon is generated by extraphysical consciousnesses, or disencarnated beings, which use ectoplasm from physical consciousnesses to generate the physical effects.

Suspended animation: This phenomenon was very developed in India until the decade of the 1950’s. The individual would enter into a type of trance or hibernation with the purpose of being buried alive. Authorities and reporters came to observe the event. The Hindu was left buried, as if he were a corpse, up to a month, when others would come and take him out of the ground and he would resume normal activities. This phenomenon was prohibited because in various cases persons died during the period in which they were buried. Nevertheless, many succeeded and were registered and studied at length. Some scientists think that it may be possible to apply this method to long space travel in the future.

Psychic surgery: There have been many investigations done on this type of surgery. Have you heard of this? In this phenomenon, a surgery is performed without a scalpel or anesthesia, but it is a real surgery, where the person is opened; the surgeon takes out, with his own hands, the problem the person has, and later the tissue is repaired. This is all done without pain or loss of blood. The best examples are Tony Agpaua, from the Philippines, and Jose Arigó, from Brazil. There are many cases in history of miracle cures, even in the Bible. In truth, these are cases of paranormal cures, well-studied, which can now be understood in a scientific manner, not a mystic one.

Ectoplasm: It is the dense energy almost material, utilized to realize the great majority of phenomena with physical effects, in other words, phenomena which generate reactions in the physical matter. Persons with a great deal of ectoplasm and with control to generate at will these effects are very rare. In general, persons which have a great deal of ectoplasm have no knowledge of this, and many times suffer small happenings which are unexplainable in their lives, such as random noises, things that break without reason, objects which fall without anyone touching them, and others.

These are some of the better known objective phenomena. It is wise to know the manifestations of the consciousness, since this is part of our evolution.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Benefits of the conscious projection (astral projection)

Nanci Trivellato

In our courses and conferences, one of the most common questions we get is on the topic of benefits of the out-of-body experiences. This experience, also known as astral projection, is very rich in terms of possibilities and benefits. For example, let us look at the most common cases:

Access to other planes of reality – The out-of-body experience permits one to reach other realities, or dimensions, beyond the physical plane. For example, we can go to the place where we used to live before entering into this present lifetime, and we can also see the place where we will go after the physical death.

Encounters with other persons who have passed away – Obviously, if it possible to visit these places, it is then also possible to meet and speak with persons whom have already passed away, including those who we knew in our life.

Direct interview with the extraphysical guide – These guides, also known as mentors, guardian angels, protectors, or simply helpers, are consciousnesses who live in the astral dimension, but accompany us with the goal of helping us. In general, the great majority of people today are not able to perceive the presence of these beings. If one leaves the body, one can see their helper and hold a discussion with him.

Understanding of and loss of fear of death - When we find ourselves lucid outside the body, we realize by ourselves, without any brain washing or mystic belief that death does not exist. Actually, outside the physical body, we will be exactly the same, with the same evolutionary level, except that we will not have the necessity to breathe, eat, etc. because these are functions exclusive to the physical, animal body. With the verifications made through personal experiences that death does not exist, one will completely lose their fear of death, since it will be proven that no one dies.

Assistance of other consciousnesses – With the knowledge and control acquired through out-of-body experiences (i.e. astral projection, astral travel), we learn to utilize our own energies in favor of other beings. This occurs through lucid and conscious transmission of therapeutic energies. This donation of energies can be made outside the body when one nears another with the intention of helping them.

Recall of past lives – With the accumulation of astral projections, the person begins to have spontaneous, healthy recollections of past lives. This information can help us know ourselves better, overcome certain traumas, self-cure certain illnesses, and expand our sense of fraternity and universalism.

Increase of parapsychic abilities – The control and experience that comes from projections naturally expands the psychic capacities or personal extrasensory perceptions.

Identification of the purpose of one’s personal life – Discovering the main purpose of this life. Through a conscious projection, we can recall or identify our established mission for the current life.

Acceleration of maturity and awakening – With the knowledge of life gained through the study of astral dimensions, we increase our level of consciential maturity, also accelerating our spiritual evolution and avoiding the loss of one third of our life sleeping.

Energetic equilibrium and energetic defenses – The individual’s energy field is at its strongest when it is expanded and at equilibrium. With this, the consciousness is more liberated from intruders, obsessions, or energetic intrusions that are many times suffered due to the energetic invasions of other extraphysical consciousnesses. This state of equilibrium with one’s own energies produces many benefits in the physical and mental disposition and in the psychological equilibrium of persons.

The equilibrium of the energetic field is a characteristic of our overall well-being, control of negative stress, increase in self-confidence and emotional balance, amplification of intellectual capacities, and expansion of self-knowledge. One can learn to manage and control one’s own energies by applying different techniques and experiences.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bioenergies: A Vital Component of Human Existence

by Sandie Gustus & Nanci Trivellato

What is bioenergy?

Bioenergy is one of many known terms used to describe the energy field that envelops every living being. A non-physical energy, it has nevertheless been identified and acknowledged throughout the ages by different cultures in different parts of the world. The yogis in India call it prana , Chinese acupuncturists know it as chi and modern day psychics refer to it as aura. Other expressions commonly used to describe this type of energy include immanent energy, subtle energy, vital energy, magnetic energy and universal energy.

Many studies have already been undertaken and others are currently in progress to better understand bioenergy (prana, chi, subtle energy). Attempts have also been made to develop instruments and other means of registering it. Kirlian photography for example, a technique that was discovered by accident in 1939, shows that when a high-voltage electric field is applied to an object placed on a photographic plate, an image of the signals emitted by the object is generated. This image is said to be a physical representation of the object's aura.

Among other experiments performed in this field, many noteworthy investigations into bioenergies have been led by the Russians. Results of their research showed that individuals can utilize their own bioenergies for self-healing or to heal another person, to move an object without touching it, or to engage in a telepathic or mental transmission of information.

Other researchers into parapsychic phenomena have concluded that this type of energy is an essential component of a whole range of occurrences such as acupressure, acupuncture, the bending of metal at will, dematerializations and rematerializations, ectoplasmy, homeopathy, poltergeist activities, teleportation and psychic surgery.

Despite some modest success in creating instruments capable of recording bioenergy (prana, chi), it remains largely too subtle to be measured with any precision by scientific equipment. The most efficient tool for this purpose is the sensitivity of the human being. Given that humans have the inherent capacity to detect and analyze the bioenergy fields (aura, energetic body, etheric double) generated by others, they are invaluable research tools in experiments of this nature.

Bioenergy is responsible for the sustenance of human life. Our bioenergetic body connects us to our astral body and replenishes us with the energies necessary for our overall vitality and health.

Interacting with the bioenergies of other people and of the environments around us

Our energy field (aura) is not static. It constantly absorbs and externalizes (or exteriorizes) energies in a process of exchange with other living beings and with the environment. An example of this with which we are all familiar is when our physical, psychological or mental disposition shifts as a result of coming into contact with another person.

Another simple example that illustrates the fluid disposition of our energy field (aura) is when we exchange energies with nature. Have you noticed that sometimes when a person looks at or touches a plant in a certain way, it wilts? This is because some people's bioenergies are intrinsically negative so when they touch a plant they drain it of its energies and it becomes ill. At the other end of the scale are those people who have a ‘green thumb' when it comes to plants. The ‘green thumb' is a substantiated phenomenon that relates directly to a type of personal bioenergy (or aura / charka's energy) that is agreeable to and compatible with plants.

The energy field that we create around us is also changeable in terms of variables such as the level of equilibrium and the intensity and flexibility of the energies which may be active and loose, or inert and blocked, for example. When our outlook is even and we feel strong and confident, our energies are generally more expanded and stable. When our temperament is erratic, it affects our energetic pattern which becomes similarly entropic and perhaps weaker.

As our energetic field is open, flexible and ‘porous' then unless we have good awareness and control of our energies, we are subject to the influence of the energies of the people and environments around us. Conversely, regardless of our level of awareness, we also affect, to varying degrees, the energetic fields of the people and places we encounter in our everyday lives.

As bioenergy is a neutral force in and of itself, it is the thoughts and sentiments driven by such factors as intentions and ethics that, applied to the bioenergy by each individual, determine whether their energetic influence over others is positive or negative.

Certainly, it is within the capacity of all of us to learn to become aware of and to assess the quality of our energies, to control them, and to perform self-diagnosis and therapy when necessary. With practice, it is also within our reach to attain a level of mastery of our bioenergies that will enable us to increase our extrasensory perceptions and to create a kind of high frequency vibration in our chakras that works as an energetic defence.

Encounters with bioenergies that are not compatible with ours

When we share affinities with others, in terms of our thoughts, sentiments, interests and intentions we have an affinity of energies. Therefore we feel well in their company even if our shared affinities are less than positive. When there is no common denominator however, we may feel tired, irritable or even sick around certain people.

People who are not accustomed to working consciously with their bioenergies perceive their level of compatibility with another's energies through simple reactions such as instant distrust or the feeling of recognizing someone they have just met. Another example of an unconscious reaction to the bioenergies of others is when we assimilate the emotions or physical ailments of someone we are spending time with and quite literally take on board whatever they are feeling, be it euphoria, depression, grief, agitation or physical pain.

With regards to locations, they carry the energies associated with and/or generated by the activities taking place there today, in addition to those that have taken place there throughout the course of history. For example, people sometimes feel unwell visiting various tourist locations, unaware that these are the former sites of human sacrifices, war, carnage or public executions, or meeting places where rituals and curses were performed. The energy of these environments and of the objects that have remained there throughout time usually carries ‘energetic remnants' of the fear and suffering experienced there. This can affect more energetically sensitive individuals.

You can similarly imagine then, how the energies of an abattoir, a prison or a torture chamber might be. On the other hand, an untouched wilderness area would be an ideal place to absorb energies.

Often times, subtle maladies that have no apparent cause are the result of exactly these types of intrusions of energies that are not compatible with ours, into our own energy field via one of our chakras. Physical ailments caused by bioenergies destabilized in such a way are termed ‘psychosomatic illnesses' by the medical field.

Factors that may enhance our energetic performance

Fortunately, a lack of awareness of our bioenergies (how they affect and are affected by those of others) is a condition that can be reversed. There are measures we can take to improve the level of control we have over our energies.

Energetic control can be greatly improved with regular training. There are useful exercises we can do to develop our control of and sensitivity to bioenergies. These include:

  • Absorption of energies: the act of interiorizing energies in order to replenish ourselves.
  • Exteriorization of energies: the conscious donation of our energy to improve the energetic quality of the environment around us and to assist individuals in need.
  • Vibrational state : the installation of a peak frequency vibration of our bioenergy that expands our psychic awareness and promotes energetic cleansing and protection. The vibrational state is the condition of maximal and simultaneous dynamisation of the chakras, promoted by the conscious mobilization of one's energies up and down the body. The controlled use of the vibrational state has significant consequences. It enables us to neutralize unwanted influences and intrusions (that we have either knowingly or unknowingly come into contact with) , and to play therefore a more active, decisive role in our lives. This in turn stimulates personal maturation and evolutionary growth.

The vibrational state is a technique from which thousands of people are currently reaping benefits. The best way to verify this information is to install the vibrational state when you find yourself in a challenging situation, for example, when dealing with an aggressive customer, defending yourself in an argument, making your point in a hostile meeting, or experiencing any other situation in which you are being imposed upon energetically.

It is worth noting here that everyone has the capacity to work consciously with bioenergies in these ways. It is not necessary to have a particular aptitude or to be especially sensitive.

Another measure that promotes the development of energetic control is to cultivate consistency in our thoughts and sentiments. Although this is not a simple task, the regular practice of direct bioenergy techniques greatly assists in establishing a level of equilibrium of our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

The quality of our thoughts and intentions also plays a crucial role in determining the quality of our energies. When our thoughts and intentions are negative for example, the flow of energies from certain chakras may be blocked.

The most important factor of all, however, is willpower. It would be very difficult to improve our energetic performance via any of the above techniques without a degree of personal discipline and effort. It must be emphasized that moving energies is very real, not imagined. No amount of visualisation will ever be sufficient to install a vibrational state, for example. The key to success in this type of endeavour is to remain physically relaxed, to block any interference from the external environment and to actively focus on moving bioenergy through the application of will.

The benefits of controlling bioenergies are numerous. People experience general equilibrium and wellbeing, lower levels of stress, heightened awareness of what is happening around them on a moment to moment basis and expanded self-confidence. Control of bioenergies is also a key factor in producing lucid out-of-body experiences (or OBEs / astral travels / astral projections).


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Bioenergy: chi, qi, prana, vital energy, chakra's energy, subtle energy, personal energy

Bioenergetic field: aura, energetic body, etheric double