Thursday, November 10, 2011

Consciential Evolution: Personal Effort and Prioritization

Nanci Trivellato

The evolutionary (growth) process of the consciousness is a complex theme. Measures of the consciousness’ level have been, up to now, mostly restricted to the IQ and EQ tests.
Proposed by Conscientiology, the conscientiogram is a diagnostic exam designed to help evaluate the level of evolution of a consciousness - abilities and limitations, or personal strong and weak traits. The conscientiogram takes into account consciential energies (bioenergies), levels of cosmoethics, attributes of the vehicles of manifestation (bodies), intelligences, past lives, and multi-dimensional lucidity. It constitutes, then, a much broader evaluation. Through this test, we can propose the theory of the main evolutionary levels.

The underlying principle is that the consciousness evolves in an ample and integral sense, and not simply in the genetic and physical sense as some conventional researchers defend. We evolve internally as well: we mature, remain more lucid and with a wider vision, we expand our ethics, and increase our self-cognition and self-control.

Evolution requires change. Nothing evolves without change. In the case of human beings, the majority of changes depend on their will. It is important that one remains motivated to confront the intimate truth of his personal processes, which should be improved throughout the physical existences. It is possible to modify virtually everything in life. Desire, a positive attitude, and disposition are necessary in order to overcome obstacles. Our "struggles" are in reality barriers resulting from sick patterns that we have inside ourselves, in our intra-consciential reality. As a consequence, these internal changes require personal efforts. The strength of the personality (ego?) comes about through centuries, in acts of determination and ethics which polish off the character.

We are constructing our future with each second. What we are living through now is a result of our patterns of thought, sentiments, and attitudes of our past — our thosenes. This obviously includes the past of this life and of our previous lives. Life is the way we make it – a product of what we ourselves generate and create. An indisputable reality: it does not matter where we go, we are always with ourselves. We can never succeed in running from ourselves. As a result of this, our lives are made in accordance with our intimate state. We can be in a beautiful and pleasant place, but if we are not internally satisfied, no external comfort can compensate. Living a happy life with nothing but wisdom and fraternity is a sign of higher evolution. Evolution is very democratic. The same rules apply to everybody.

In general, people become overly involved in life, they start living like robots, without taking charge of the direction which their existence is going. The great majority of the population is guided solely by life’s intra-physical necessities, appointments and frivolous social engagements.

The act of lucid prioritization is one of the most difficult things in evolution, since it requires a high level of lucidity and discernment. For instance, how will you, dear reader, use your time next weekend? Do you merely kill time, or do you decide to utilize time productively in your favor and in favor of other consciousnesses? Evolution is the prioritization of time. The more personal organization the individual has, the more chance there is of accomplishing what is important to the person. Unfortunately, there are many people who live their whole life without the realization that time passes – their most noble and lucid prospects and objectives are cast aside to make room for the trivial superficialities of everyday life. Evidently, the logical conclusion is: stronger and more determined consciousnesses, who make the most lucid use of time, evolve faster.

With the expansion of lucidity and maturity, our capacity for consciential analysis also becomes amplified. Through mutual and self-examination, as well as through lucid, controlled out-of-body experiences (astral projection or astral travel), we will perceive that there are different levels of evolution of the consciousness. Many studies and different lines of thought have proposed that more evolved consciousness exist, like the idea of "masters" or "angels", proposed by some schools of thought. This intends to tentatively discover an evolutionary model for humanity. Unfortunately, however, in making these tentative discoveries, those schools use models based on old superstitious, mystic or religious concepts or ideas, since there is no experimentation or refutation. It is amazing to notice how badly society and the media represent evolved consciousnesses. We have, for instance, many movies that we could analyze and through which it can be verified very easily that the “evolutionary-comatose-humankind level” understands and personify much better non-lucid, pathological consciousnesses than evolved, lucid consciousness. Even applying the mitigating factors that Hollywood deserves, we could mention, for instance, "Powder" vs. "Spawn."

A pertinent question, then, is it possible to discuss and study evolutionary levels of the consciousness without a mystical focus? For us, researchers at IAC, this possibility is a reality. The lucid out-of-body experiences (astral projection) and the conscientiogram are a fundamental tool in these investigations.

We verify that some points are key in evolution, such as mastery of bioenergies, extraphysical lucidity, and the understanding and use of cosmoethics. Those consciousnesses who understand these themes, demonstrate that they have had some type of previous knowledge about this field.
Based on the conscientiogram, developed by Waldo Vieira, we can divide, in a didactic and systematic manner, the types of personalities which represent each evolutionary group. According to Conscientiology, the main levels of evolution, in an increasing order, are: evolutionary para-comatose, pre-intrusion-free, existential recycler, existential inverter, veteran projector, lucid energizer, permanent-total intrusion-free, veteran helper, evolutionary orienter, and serenissimus. Following the serenissimus we have the free consciousness, which exists in a different cycle of evolution than ours.

Unfortunately, the great majority of the population on this planet does not have enough comprehension on multidimensional life, evolution and the order of the universe. This lack of comprehension hinders them with living with wisdom and intelligently utilizing the positive opportunities that life offers. On this level, which is the most basic in human evolution, the individual lives in a more instinctive manner, guided by emotions. It is the condition we refer to as existential robotization. His life has become like a zombie’s, without the performance of conscious projections. This personality is called the evolutionary para-comatose.

The term evolutionary para-comatose signifies a person who is in a comatose state regarding its (potential for) evolution. In other words, this person has no lucidity about its series of existences, nor the autonomy of its extra-physical life. They have no conscious projections at all. They have exclusively unconscious projections. This category is where possibly 90% of the population lies. These consciousnesses work in order to survive, procreate, and seek pleasures; but beyond this, there is no self-evolutionary awareness. In general, this group does not have experiences with relation to their past lives, or they do not admit they do. Others, even though believing in reincarnation, do not live in a manner which takes advantage of life to develop themselves, their surroundings and relationships, in order to make a better future for everybody.

In this case, the objectives of the person revolve around egotistical and instinctive interests. What happens with others is not as important. In other words, the individual has a preoccupation with his comfort, his money, his belongings, his family, his well-being, his beliefs, his power, etc. And these are the reasons that have motivated the wars in this planet. Fundamentally, prioritizations of this person are immediate, based on conquests which will only be useful in this life. They subconsciously do not believe that physical life will end, that everyone dies, and that it would be wiser to take advantage of life to better oneself from the inside. Thus, wherever we go, we take our development with us. It is possible for us to rid ourselves of many things, but not of our knowledge or who we are.

The second type of evolutionary personality, called pre-intrusion-free consciousness, is characterized by their interests in matters related to more "subtle" realities or psychic perceptions of the consciousness. They begin by searching for the truth and knowledge in life, yet they do not have their own personal experiences in order to promote their search with criteria. They are thus like butterflies. They go from place to place in their studies, accepting everything they hear, without judging whether the information is valid or is simply not logical, superficial or ridiculous. Their projections, when they happen, are mostly semi-conscious or are very related to their lives and limited by their intra-physical beliefs. Anyone who begins a personal search to understand non-physical reality and to answer the most intimate questions regarding evolution should have criteria in order to analyze everything that is found, but this is not the case of the pre-intrusion free.

Although there is a lot of brain-washing and fraud in the populist para-normal claims, there are also several fields of study that are serious and appropriate. Nevertheless, the pre-intrusion-free consciousness does not yet have the discernment in order to judge the difference. He has more curiosity than he has personal experience and knowledge.

The next personality which we come across in the study of evolutionary levels is called existential recyclers. These are persons that effectively apply their spiritual knowledge in their lives. They no longer feel the necessity to visit several places of mystic study because they rely on their knowledge and personal experience, and use critical analysis of information which is presented to them. They do not need rituals and are not dependent on a person or institution in order to remain positive. Existential recyclers place more value on logic and real development rather than on the sideshow and dramatic exterior of the psychic that is superficial or deceptive. They try to act a bit more positively and productively each time in life. So, they try to do their best in order to develop themselves and help others develop as well.

Conscious projections are more common for these persons who base their values on experiences and personal principles, instead of having only blind beliefs, without personal verification. Personal experience and self-control is an important stage in the development of the individual because it brings deeper knowledge to the consciousness.

On this level, the person tries to recycle, or fix, his life in order to take the most advantage of and gain the most development out of the opportunities. This is why this personality is called existential recycler. He does not only prioritize physical development, but also invests his time and energy into spiritual, extraphysical, and consciential evolution. They try to be more positive, live on better terms with themselves, and overcome their limitations.

These existential recyclers, on the other hand, often become aware or discover, in their adult years, that they had an existential program or plan of tasks, for this life. In other words, the individual already has his career, job, spouse, or kids, and thus, when he discovers the importance of multi-dimensional awareness, he tries to do the best in order to apply his energies in his personal development in this direction, while trying to take care of all the other responsibilities which he is already committed to in life.

Other than merely having an inspiration about his existential program, the existential recycler recycles his whole life, or partially changes it in order to execute his original life program (a plan that was plotted before birth into present life, while still in a condition of a broader awareness). Meanwhile, however, he still has to maintain a balance between the house, family, work, etc. As a consequence of this, many times the changes are complex to make, though always possible. This situation occurs because the individual has "awoken" late in realizing he had had an existential program.

Just as we knew our existential program before birth, we also know it here in the physical life, although most of the times on an unconscious level. Let us ponder, how would a life be conducted if an individual, from a very young age, chose to invest his energies and time in order to accomplish his existential program? The capacity to make prioritizations will be high for this individual. He or she will utilize his or her time, opportunities, and potentials in order to develop in favor of the completion of their program. We give the name existential inverter to the personality who is in this condition.

Existential inverters choose their professions and activities according to the necessity of their life plan. They do not get involved in situations that are unnecessary. They select their mate with discernment, based on affection, profound affinity, and mainly in the help that one can give each other in order to evolve and mutually comply with their existential programs.

Likewise, the existential inverter follows the plan for his program without straying from his purpose, and does not become involved with tasks based solely on impulse or emotion. What he elects for this life is the direction of his existential program. This is an irrefutable signal of his effort and will-power to remain loyal to his original program, even if he is not lucid of the overall panoramic view.
The feeling of doing what is planned for one’s own life is a very pleasant sensation. The person feels the motivation for living, that existence has a purpose. There is a sensation of intimate peace and tranquility in knowing that one is doing his part for his evolution and the evolution of other consciousnesses.

The more advanced existential programs have the goal of helping humanity on a larger scale. In this case, there is a high level of fraternity. Altruism is an important characteristic one should have in order to complete its existential program. The existential inverter personality, although not a large percentage of society, exists in considerable numbers. There are existential inverters known throughout history. In the IAC we have more than 100 investigators around 25 years of age, who are existential inverters, planning their lives with rationality in order to accelerate their own evolution and that of others.

The next personality in the evolutionary scale is the veteran lucid projector, or the individual who has vast control of his out-of-body experiences (astral projection). This individual uses conscious projections as a continuation (or addition, extension) of his life, taking advantage of this moment to have experiences, acquire knowledge, and assist other persons, whether they be extra-physical or projected intra-physical consciousnesses. With the experience and development acquired through these practices, this consciousness progresses to the next personality on this scale of evolutionary levels, which is called lucid energizer. The individual in this level has such a high stage of ethics, energetic control, and fraternity that he/she continually acts as an energizer in order to help other persons. He practices advanced manipulations of energies for the purpose of assistance.

As a consequence of the accumulation of experiences, in and out of the body, and the increase in acquired energy potentials by way of the realized assistances, the lucid energizer reaches a point of quality and mastery of energies in which he no longer suffers from energetic intrusion nor any loss of balance. The personality in this level, who always maintains a clean psychosphere, or personal energetic field, is called a total-intrusion-free consciousness.

The total-intrusion-frees are capable of performing assistance, i.e., helping persons and places on a deep level, without suffering any negative repercussions from having "entered" into the unbalanced energies of other consciousnesses, whether they are intra-physical or extra-physical.

After this level, through the experiences and cosmoethics manifested until this point, we find the consciousnesses who have developed their fraternity to a very high degree, which they actualize 100% of the time, in and out of the body, with the goal of assisting other people. This personality is known as veteran helper. These consciousnesses assist and support, from the extra-physical dimension, those who are in need and have productive plans for their lives. The veteran helpers are consciousnesses who, beyond good intentions, have an advanced level of discernment to know what is best in each situation. The helpers aid, but do not interfere with the free will of the individuals. 

There are several names used for referring to consciousnesses who help extraphysically, but none of them express the correct concept or description of the extraphysical helpers. We can mention, for example, the expressions: guardian angel, protector, mentor, guide, etc. One should never confuse a blind guide (good intention without discernment nor awareness) for a helper. Blind guides are limited non-physical people, far from having the evolutionary level of a veteran helper, who has already acquired experience and sufficient development in order to have a more cosmoethical performance.

These veteran helpers are, of course, evolving as everything else is. They will expand their level even more. With the greatest development of their mental body and an even more advanced discernment, the consciousness evolves into a level called evolutiologist or evolutionary orientor. The evolutiologists are consciousnesses who have a much broader view of reality and know us profoundly and participate in the decisions regarding the life programs of others in the previous levels. They have a task to supervise a group of intra-physical and extra-physical consciousnesses, who have energetic bonds (known as karma) with each other. These consciousnesses that are related among each other form a large group called groupkarma. 

The consciousnesses who we meet throughout this life and that we have met in past lives are (often) members of our groupkarma. The evolutiologists profoundly know the relationships of all the persons of this group, and also have knowledge of the existential program of every single one of them. We could say, in a simplified manner, that an evolutiologist is the helper of the whole groupkarma, composed of thousands of people. The evolutionary orienters are hierarchically like the helpers of helpers. One step beyond the evolutionary orienters we have the level which represents the most evolved consciousnesses among human consciousnesses, called Homo sapiens serenissimus. They are named this because although they are humans, they are at a level of evolution, bio-energetics, cosmoethics, and self-control which distinguishes them from other consciousnesses. Their strongest and most noticeable characteristic is their serenity.

The consciousnesses known as serenissimus can be recognized through conscious projections. Here in the physical life, they disguise themselves so they will not be identified. This occurs because of the immaturity of humanity, which demonstrates itself to be incapable of finding and recognizing superior evolutionary consciousnesses without creating a myth. The immaturity of human beings made - and still makes - gurus (leaders of followers) out of several consciousnesses who stand out in history, and made saints many for not scientifically understanding their "paranormal" abilities. As a result of this, the serenissimus maintains his anonymity in the physical life, since they are not interested in being idolized. They are against the idea of gurus and in favor of peace, liberty of expression, and evolution; all of us, one day, whether it be in 2,000 or 20,000 years, will be a serenissimus. Until then, it is not necessary, nor mature, to create an idol of the more evolved consciousnesses.

The serenissimus assists a large group, sustaining the energies of the population, like helpers of entire continents. Extraphysically, there is a hierarchical evolutionary chain, where the Homo sapiens serenissimus are at the highest level. After this level, another stage, or evolutionary cycle, begins. The consciousnesses here are called free consciousnesses, and they do not reborn physically any more. Through conscious extra-physical projections of psychosoma and mentalsoma, we are able to verify many studies and theories. Beyond merely sightseeing we can acquire information, contributing to rationally, objectively and scientifically understanding human nature.