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Podcast: Out-of-Body Experiences and Multidimensional Filters

IAC instructor Nelson Abreu contributed a chapter relating projectiology to research conducted at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory (PEAR).  ICRL, which carries on the work of PEAR, is now offering its first webinar series, a digital offering of nearly 40 years of multidisciplinary research on different aspects of human consciousness by its scholars. ICRL members include artists, scientists, engineers, and philosophers and the webinars - like the book - cover a broad range of perspectives on how consciousness and perception directly alter the physical world.

Each episode is moderated by one of the authors of the 14 essays that comprise Filters and Reflections: Perspectives on Reality (ICRL Press, 2009), an anthology inspired by the original article, Sensors, Filters, and the Source of Reality.

Episode 4, entitled "Out-of-Body Experiences and Multidimensional Filters" by Nelson Abreu is among those now available for download or streaming:

"The ability of consciousness to acquire information and experience about places and events beyond the usual physical senses has been reported since the beginning of recorded history and described in many cultural traditions. In recent times, these phenomena are referred to as “Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs),” and are closely related to those described as “Near Death Experiences” or “Remote Perception,” among other labels. While still regarded with skepticism by mainstream science, a substantial number of scholarly studies and subjective reports have attested to their reality and raise important questions about the nature of consciousness and its interactions with the physical universe. This evidence suggests that consciousness can not only transcend the physical body, but also reduce or modify the effects of the physiological, cultural, and psychological filters that limit and color this mind-Source communication. The out-of-body experience and allied phenomena also suggest the existence of subtle “bodies” and dimensions that need to be explored and integrated into our current models of consciousness."

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Commentary: Why thoughts of death may be good for you

- by Nelson Abreu

In a study published online April 5, 2012, in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Review, American and Dutch researchers posit that the conscious awareness of death can have positive effects.

This blog has discussed another study related to terror management theory, and how fear of death can lead to vulnerability to spurious influence by political, religious, marketing or other forces.  However, the team led by Kenneth Vail of the University of Missouri, Columbia suggests that there can be positive effects as well.

A more conscious awareness of death may lead to better care of their physical health, prioritization, financial planning – how many people avoid writing a will for fear of confronting the idea of death and leave their survivors in a bind after their death?  Unconscious awareness can, in many cases, lead to better behavior, relationships, community involvement, and richer lives.

Confronting the inevitability of death has motivated humans throughout the ages to seek meaning for life.  They may turn to beliefs or causes that give them a sense of purpose, of significance, and of identity and connection.

IAC is among the world’s foremost experts on the so-called “after life” and the Theta Phenomenon – the survival of consciousness after biological death. IAC scholars posit that experiences like the conscious projection (out-of-body experience) foster a conscious awareness of death while largely overcoming the fear of death – which abounds even among those who believe in an afterlife.  Overcoming this fear, which is the cause of several deleterious effects to one’s life, is not only liberating but also fosters the aforementioned quest for meaning, albeit with a more cosmic perspective.  

Nelson Abreu, B.S. Electrical Engineering, is a volunteer at International Academy of Consciousness - California Educational Center 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Premonition or precognition has been a part of the human experience since ancient times.  It still captures our imagination: accounts of individuals who had presentiments of accidents and disasters, for instance.  You will be hard-pressed to find someone who has never heard of Nostradamus.  It is one of the most widespread and well-known psychic phenomena, since it is common for everyday people to experience a "vision" (but more often a "feeling") of what might take place in the future of his or her personal life or a larger-scale event.  These often take place during an altered state like a dream.  

One of the trends in psi research today is the study of retrocausality as possible mechanism for precognition. Some theorists even suggest that the "mechanics" of all psi phenomena could be explained by precognition.  However, that would not account for the phenomenological richness and diversity of the dozens of psi perceptions one can describe.
The premonition can be explained as a "paranormal" event where the consciousness acquires information related to a potential, future event. Most of the data, accounts and evidence that are found today regarding premonitions are spontaneous cases.  There have been some exceptions such as the Precognitive Remote Perception research at Princeton University's PEAR laboratory and some well-known precognitive dream psi experiment programs.

From a more personal perspective, we have noticed that the more that individuals develop their subtle energy perception and control and their out-of-body experience abilities, the more they seem to experience and understand this phenomenon. 

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Online Course: Maturity of Affection

Special Course: Maturity of Affectivity
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Live online from Los Angeles:
Maturity of Affection
From Self-affection to Maxi-fraternality
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With Eduardo Vicenzi from IAC Germany

   In this course and under the consciential paradigm, affectivity is studied in a deep and broad fashion. Based on our manifestations, we can indentify our own level of maturity of affection. Conditions like the health and equilibrium of the consciousness, the personal values, the quality of the interpersonal relationships and the degree of making good decisions are a reflection of our internal world of affection.

   We'll be able to do the self-diagnosis of our own affection, considering issues such as, what is behind our personal choices, decisions and values? What is the degree of autonomy of our affection? If we know what is correct, why don't we always do it? How free is our free-will? Also, the basis, the influencing factors and the foundations of our affectivity are analyzed; as well as the wrong mechanisms used to increase our self-esteem.

   Besides these topics, techniques for the development of our affectivity will be presented, allowing us a sustainable increase of our self-esteem and affective autonomy, the improvement of our interpersonal relationships, the decrease of inner conflicts, and the expansion of the capacity to help others.

   Topics to be covered:
• The bases of affectivity: the logic and nature of the affection of the consciousness, the relation self-affection/hetero-affection (the need for affection), the deficit of affection
• Problem: the effects of the personal well being and its evolutionary consequences in relation to the existential program
• Diagnosis of affectivity: characteristic effects and manifestations
• The Stockholm syndrome in the relationship of two
• Wrong mechanism commonly used for the affective recomposition
• Selective affectivity (immature) and universalistic affectivity (mature)
• Obstacles for the development of affectivity and the intervening factors
• Foundations for the construction of a mature affection
• Techniques for the development of affectivity and the expansion of the capacity of doing assistance towards others
This course has no pre-requisites; thus, everybody is invited. It will be offered in English at the IAC California in Culver City.
Explore your affection...
develop your consciousness!
Eduardo Vicenzi is brasilian, and a researcher and instructor in Concientiology since 1999. He has presented his research at the VI Consciential Health Meeting and IV Symposium on Self-Conscietiotherapy in 2010. He is currently the coordinator of the IAC Germany and speaks English, Spanish, German and Portuguese.
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Sunday, July 29, 11AM to 6PM
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Animal & Plant Consciousness: question from a student

IAC California recently held the Zoo- & Phyto-Consciousness course by instructor Nelson Abreu, about the biological and psychical evolution of pre-humans. 

One of the participants from IAC London who participated online sent in a fascinating comment below. If you missed the courses in Miami or Los Angeles, stay tuned for an opportunity to watch online or attend in Los Angeles, on July 14, 7 PM L.A. time or July 15, 11 AM Sydney time. 

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"I got an email about animal consciousnesses from you guys, which was interesting because i had an experience where an animal spirit came into my flat and i could feel it's fear and it showed me a morpho-thosene of a muddy hill. It felt like a cat. How can it be demonstrated that these experiences are real and not hallucinations? Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawkins are creating a lot of doubt." 

Sensing an extraphysical animal consciousness (animal "spirit" or "ghost" in popular terms) is relatively common. Pets sometimes visit their former human keepers, after they go through physical death, for example. It is also interesting that we can interact with them directly while we are projected (having an "out-of-body experience"). Certainly, while relatively common, these experiences are difficult to replicate using conventional scientific methodology and they are well outside the boundaries of the Cartesian-Newtonian paradigm.

It is normal for scientists and thinkers, however intelligent, to fail to recognize the limitations of their own paradigm, as they often lack significant experiences that could show them how these experiences could be possible. Even some who have had experiences, such as the genius physicist Richard Feymann, have dismissed them as fascinating, vivid hallucinations, since there is "no way" they could be possible. This circular logic is part of the tendency for paradigms to "stick," and for new ones to take time to be accepted. At one point, the theory of plate tectonics was ridiculed; today, those who are questioning this theory are themselves marginalized. 

It is particularly challenging for multidimensional phenomena, since these are phenomena that cannot be posited. As such, most scientists follow a positivist philosophy, whereby anything that cannot be adequately measured or sensed with physical senses or technology is not ammenable to scientific inquiry. It would take a large number of scientists who are trained to have their own multidimensional experiences to accept them as means to study what is beyond the physical. Because they cannot experience it, they have no reason to even consider their existence as this understandably strikes them as a throw-back to religiosity and mysticism. 

How many scientists are truly open-minded and willing to challenge three centuries of materialistic science, face the possibility that they have been wrong about so much and the specter of ridicule of their peers? For those few out there, we are available to train them. In the end, the lythmus test of scientificity versus "scientism," is the ability to say "I don't know" and more so "I was wrong." 

Thanks again for writing to us and keep questioning, keep exploring! 

Nelson Abreu 
IAC California

Nelson Abreu, B.S. Electrical Engineering, is a volunteer at International Academy of Consciousness - California Educational Center and contributing author of Filters & Reflections: Perspectives on Reality (ICRL Press 2009)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Multidimensional Reurbanisation: Global Evolution beyond 2012

- by Kim McCaul, IAC Australia


The blockbuster movie 2012 showed that there is a wide fascination with the idea of a sudden, dramatic change in the world.  Presently, the various interpretations of the Mayan calendar provide a convenient focal point for this fascination (Lachman, 2009).  The Mayan calendar accounts for time in a number of interlinking cycles, a major one of which, the baktun, will come to a close in December 2012.  For some, this gives rise to the expectation that the year 2012 will bring major physical upheavals, natural disasters, possibly disease and large-scale death and destruction.

A parallel expectation is that 2012 will bring some sort of spiritual transformation, possibly for all of humanity, possibly just for a select few who are ‘ready’ to receive it (e.g. Argüelles, 1987; Stray, 2009).  Depending on the school of thought, this transformation may be brought about by cosmic rays brought into alignment with the earth on that date, or by the arrival of some messianic being who will channel transformative energies into the world.  Finally, some theories combine the two scenarios. In those accounts, some people will fall victim to dramatic catastrophes while others enter an era of enlightenment (see the documentary 2012: Science or Superstition).

This article explains why both the cataclysmic and transformational scenarios do not sit well with a multidimensional understanding of human life and the evolution of consciousness. I use the term multidimensional here to refer to the fact that we are not just physical beings. I start from the premise that we have non-physical bodies, that our life continues after the physical death, and that there are many dimensions in which people live in-between physical lives.  I will expand on all of that below, but it is important to be clear about where I am coming from at the outset. I am not simply dismissing the whole 2012 ideas because of some materialistic prejudice against spiritual ideas. On the contrary, it is multidimensional principles themselves that point against a sudden transformation of this planet. 

Many of the ideas discussed in this article are developed further in the IAC’s Consciousness Development Program. The idea of reurbanization is particularly covered in the non-core 5th module of that program.


One of the key tools underpinning conscientiology is the lucid projection of consciousness (astral travel, out-of-body experience) to explore other dimensions and learn about the place of the human life within the multidimensional universe (see Projections of Consciousness by Waldo Vieira). In this article I want to share some of the insights that we can gain from conscientiology with regard to the multidimensional processes behind the changes occurring on this planet.

Some of the ideas I am about to present may be quite radical or unusual and I would like to urge readers not to believe any of what I say. Consider, reflect and seek to verify or refute by logic and your own experiences.  Transforming our approach to the multidimensional (or spiritual) from one of faith and belief to one of experience and logic is a key step in sifting through and weighing up the information that is thrown at us about 2012 and many other aspects of spiritual life. Often this might mean living with ambiguity as we wait for clearer insights before we accept something as accurate.  So, don’t believe in anything, experiment and have your own experiences!

Fearful and hopeful interpretations of the Mayan calendar

There are two basic points to make about both the fearful and the hopeful interpretations of the Mayan calendar.  They are both essentially materialistic and passive.  They set human beings up as victims of circumstances that will either destroy or save them.  It might seem a bit odd to describe theories around 2012 as materialistic, yet if we look more closely at the two main interpretations of the Mayan calendar, they are severely restricted by materialistic thought.

The idea that 2012 will bring death and destruction is usually presented without any analysis of what death actually means.  I will explore death in more detail shortly, but to put it bluntly: if the earth and all life on it were destroyed, it would be very tragic because this is a beautiful planet, but life and we as individuals would continue, even if temporarily without physical body. 

Similarly, the suggestion that 2012 will bring some sort of evolutionary transformation does not usually come with any analysis of what such evolution actually involves.  Is spiritual evolution really something that can be ‘bestowed upon us’ and happen over night? Or is it something that occurs as the result of individual effort and unfolds over many life-times?

And what about those who are currently not using a human body, will they be included in this transformative experience that the Mayans supposedly predicted? Here I am referring to those who in conscientiology we call extraphysical consciousnesses. We, you and I, are currently intraphysical consciousnesses; we have a human body in this physical dimension. Once we ‘die’ we will again become extraphysical consciousnesses, which is what we were before we were born. 

Usually, when people talk about humanity and its spiritual transformation, they seem to be confining themselves to the intraphysical population.  Actually, the extraphysical, or para-population of this planet far exceeds the intraphysical: in our assessment by a ratio of nine to one. 

In summary, ideas of what is to happen in 2012, both hopeful and fearful, lack proper analysis of how the expected events relate to either the multidimensional nature of life or to the active, free-will and personal-effort based dynamic of evolution.  I will now explore both of those issues in turn.

Multidimensional Life

One of the key research tools we use in conscientiology is the projection of consciousness (also known as astral travel and out-of-body experience).  The projection allows us to temporarily enter extraphysical dimensions and experience ourselves as multidimensional beings.  There are a lot of good books on that experience and it has been reported across history and cultures (e.g. Buhlmann, 1996; Crookall, 1964; Monroe. 1978; Sheils, 1978; Vieira,1997; Vieira,2002), but it remains elusive to many, only experienced consciously by a fraction of the world’s population.  The projection of consciousness is the safe way for us to experience what life after death will be like. 

Death, or more accurately the deactivation of the physical body, will form the entry point to multidimensionality for all of us.  To properly understand this inevitable experience, it is useful to understand the way in which we are constituted, i.e. the relationship between the physical body and our other more subtle bodies. Image 1 depicts the constituent parts of what we call our holosoma.  This term is derived from Greek where holo means ‘whole’ or ‘set of’ and soma means ‘body’.  The holosoma is our whole set of bodies, constituted of:

  1. The soma or physical body;
  2. The energosoma or energetic body;
  3. The psychosoma or emotional body, also known as the astral body;
  4. The mentalsoma or mental body.

Copyright IAC 2012

At our essence, we are consciousness.  These bodies, even the subtlest, are energetic manifestations like all other ‘things’ in the world.  Consciousness is beyond energy and beyond all of its bodies, which it is merely using to manifest itself.  But because of its subtle nature we are not in a position to explore and understand consciousness directly. We can only explore it indirectly, by studying the bodies that it (i.e. we) uses to manifest itself temporarily.

Consciousness manifests in three of these bodies: the soma, the psychosoma and the mentalsoma. The energosoma provides the vital energy that animates the physical body and establishes the subtle link between that and the psychosoma.

The most prominent body for most of us right now is the physical one.  It completely dominates our perceptions and constrains our awareness of our self and the multidimensional world around us.  When we deactivate our physical body, i.e. die, life continues, but we then manifest in the psychosoma. 

If we experience a healthy death, we will also shed the energies of the energetic body as part of the process.  When that happens we have truly let go of the last intraphysical existence and are ready to lucidly return to our extraphysical origin, debrief from our last existence, catch up with our evolutionary friends, and prepare consciously for the next intraphysical existence. 

Tragically, many humans do not release all their energies from the last intraphysical life.  Their psychosoma remains dense with a charge from their most recent energosoma, which carries with it strong mnemonic imprints of the last life.  These extraphysical consciousnesses often remain closely attached to the physical dimension and represent the ghosts or spirits some people perceive. They may also be drawn together into dense extraphysical dimensions of like-minded consciousnesses. 

Such dimensions can take many forms.  There are dimensions where everybody shares the same fundamentalist religious ideas, others where people are caught in dynamics of subjugation and repression or orgies of lust and violence, and mundane places where people are still fully convinced that they are physical beings who need to go to work, eat, drink, have sex and sleep even though these are all attributes we should leave behind at the same time as the physical body.

There are billions of extraphysical consciousnesses (Recall the 9:1 ratio. We estimate a para-population of 54 billion) who are conscious of their situation and actively engaged in their personal evolution and that of those around them.  But the vast majority is stuck in hostile, noxious, pathological and restrictive patterns of thought and emotion.  Such consciousnesses are caught in group-karmic inter-prisons with those with whom they share a history (across life-times) of perpetrator-victim dynamics: be it on the large scale of inter-racial genocide, the smaller scale of organized crime, or the domestic scale of repressive and violent family dynamics.  We see it in intraphysical life, but it continues on a much larger scale in the extraphysical dimensions.

A dimension is more accurately described as a state of mind than a place.  States of mind, however, do have an energetic reality.  You may be aware of the experience of meeting people who ‘didn’t feel quite right’, or ‘had a great vibe’.  People who are more sensitive can really struggle with being in busy places, because they are influenced by everybody’s energy.  Such energetic interactions also occur across dimensions.

The extraphysical dimensions around Earth could be imagined as energetic pockets that float around the planet.  Like radio waves, they do not occupy the same frequency and may be in the same ‘space’, but on different bandwidths.  The notion of physical space is only of limited value when seeking to understand extraphysical dimensions; from one perspective all dimensions are present right here and now in the space around you.  But from another perspective, the denser extraphysical dimensions are closer to the Earth’s crust, while the more subtle dimensions are located higher up, more detached from the density of physical life.

While we may not be able to consciously perceive the extraphysical dimensions, they nonetheless have a very real impact on physical life.  Today, many people are worried about the effect of mobile phone related microwaves on their physical organism – and it may be wise to be cautious about exposure to such influences. But by far the biggest toxic influence on intraphysical society is the toxic energy emanating from the pathological dimensions that surround us.  Many mental and physical illnesses, the restrictive mind-sets of fundamentalists and fanatics of any persuasion, and the inter-personal conflicts and abuses in this world are directly and indirectly influenced by intrusions from pathological extraphysical consciousnesses.

To cause transformation in the world then, inevitably means transforming its extraphysical environment.  The assessment of conscientiology, based on extraphysical observations and an interpretation of the demographic shifts since the 1950s, is that such transformation is currently occurring on planet Earth. Vieira has coined the expression extraphysical reurbanization to describe it (Vieira, 2003).

Extraphysical Reurbanization

In its conventional usage, reurbanization refers to the rehabilitation or reintegration of an area of land that leads to its increased social or cultural usage. For example, it could describe the transformation of a former industrial estate into habitation and recreation spaces.  The docklands in London and Melbourne are two very similar cases from opposite ends of the world.

Extraphysical reurbanization refers to the process of rehabilitating an extraphysical ‘space’ or dimension. As explained above, an extraphysical dimension really is an aggregation of like minds. In fact, the intraphysical dimension is quite unique, as it is the only dimension that consciousnesses of significantly different evolutionary levels can occupy together: an Adolf Hitler and a Mahatma Gandhi.  This is why this dimension provides such a great learning opportunity. It allows us to experience contrast among consciousnesses in ways not possible extraphysically.

Extraphysical dimensions are characterized by the fact that all the occupants are vibrating at more or less the same frequency.  This frequency is determined by an individual’s thosene.  A thosene is a unit of thought-sentiment-energy emitted by a person.  It is a technical term constructed of the following elements: tho – thought; sen – sentiment; e – energy. The term was created to reflect the fact that we actually never think without some emotion, never experience an emotion without some thought and never do either of those without producing energy.  Of course everybody has a multitude of thosenes every day. Some might relate to intellectual ideas and have greater emphasis in the tho aspect, others relate to our fears or concerns and have a greater sen aspect.  Everybody’s thosening is coloured by their individual conditioning, values and judgments.  For example, everybody will think about sex from time to time, but for some this is enjoyable and for others guilt laden.  The accumulation of our habitual thosenes, over-time, defines our holothosene (holo – whole, set of + thosene)

Every person has their very own holothosene; the energetic result of their characteristic pattern of thought and feeling.  If you have had the experience of finding the mere presence of another person, either unpleasant or uplifting, what you are reacting to is not some vague vibe, but their holothosene: an energetic reality of their own creation. An extraphysical dimension is occupied by consciousnesses who all share compatible and mutually attracting holothosenes.  One observation made by conscious projectors, is that many of the denser extraphysical dimensions are very old.  In other words, they are occupied by consciousnesses who have not had an intraphysical life for a very long time.  Following their most recent death hundreds, or even thousands, of years ago, these people did not continue on their evolutionary journey.  They simply continued ‘life’ as they knew it, extraphysically, stagnating in repetitive patterns of thought, emotion and action.

While intraphysical reurbanization involves the demolishing and construction of physical structures, the structures ‘demolished’ in extraphysical reurbanization are the holothosenes created by extraphysical consciousnesses.  The first step to break up these thosenic structures, created over centuries, is to remove the consciousnesses. That way they can no longer maintain the pathological dimension through their thosenes.  Subsequently, the ‘area’ can be cleansed energetically. 

The results of this process are two-fold.  First, the energetic influence of the extraphysical dimension over the intraphysical is removed.  This, sooner or later, will be reflected in the intraphysical dimension by way of positive, humanistic and universalistic initiatives and actions – the reduction of crime, improved social cohesion, the healing of deep scars between different racial groups or nations and so on.

On the flip side, the ill extraphysical consciousnesses need to go somewhere once they are removed from their long-term extraphysical home.  The most immediate place for them to go is the intraphysical dimension, by way of an enforced re-birth. The consequence of this is the arrival of large numbers of reurbanized consciousnesses among us, with all their fanaticism, insanity, self-centeredness and mental restrictions.

Consciousnesses who are parts of movements such as the Taliban, the Lord’s Resistance Army, neo-Nazis and fundamentalists of all persuasions, and individuals manifesting highly aberrant, destructive and hurtful behaviors are often new arrivals to this dimension, forcibly relocated from their extraphysical ‘homes’.  

At first sight it might seem odd to try and improve Earth’s energetic atmosphere by introducing a host of people who carry major pathologies.  But the extraphysical precedes the intraphysical, i.e. for change to happen here it must happen ‘on the other side’ first.  Only once the extraphysical dimensions around Earth are cleared can a new population of more evolved consciousnesses start to settle around us: a process that will fundamentally alter the energetic environment of this planet and allow a new era of self-awareness. 

Some people refer to physical life and this planet as a school, but at present it is more like a hospital than a school.  The process of reurbanization will alter the ratio of sick-to-well people and transfer those with major pathologies to other planets so they can continue their journey there, while those of us who are somewhat less sick can take greater advantage of the learning environment on Earth.

As should be apparent, the process as we understand it through conscientiology will not conclude by 2012.  In fact, by our estimate the intensity of sick consciousnesses arriving in the intraphysical dimension due to reurbanization will increase continuously throughout much of this century.  The two-fold impact – increased pathologies with associated aberrant behaviour on the one side, and increased innovation in humanistic and universalistic thought on the other – will also increase.

But this is not a passive process that will simply happen around us while we watch.  We all have a potential role to play in it.      

Dynamic Evolution

For people with no background of psychic experiences, what I have just outlined may not make a lot of sense. I do not want you to believe in what I am saying, but I do encourage you to maintain an open and discerning mind.  Look at what is happening in the world and consider whether what I have described here might provide an explanation.

People who have experienced the presence of extraphysical consciousnesses will know that many of them are not very positive.  They may also know that the dynamic between intra- and extraphysical consciousness is energetic.  Much of our focus needs to be on protecting ourselves from energetic ‘vampirism’ or ‘attack’, but it is also through energies that we can assist sick extraphysical consciousnesses. Consciential energy is the currency of the multidimensional universe. 

Our personal holothosene, is like our evolutionary calling card.  It evidences, for those who can discern it, our evolutionary stage and our current level of maturity from a multidimensional perspective.  When I speak about evolutionary level here, I am not referring to something vague such as ‘enlightenment’ or ‘ascended masters’. 

We are all on a journey of evolution that is taking us from being self-centered, navel gazing individuals stuck in ego-karma; through ever increasing awareness of those around us and growing leadership in assistance among our group-karma; to a life that is ultimately dedicated to the evolutionary assistance to all beings, in all dimensions, or poly-karma.  At every moment of our life, our thosenes will be centered on ego-karma, group-karma, or poly-karma.  It is our personal responsibility to develop an evolutionary momentum that shifts our thosenic focus (thoughts, emotions, energies) from ego-karma to poly-karma. The key tool at our disposal to induce such shift is to offer assistance to other consciousnesses.  If we accept that almost everybody on this planet has ‘issues’ (i.e. some form of pathology), the evolutionary dynamic is that those who are less ill assist those who are more so.

There are of course many ways in which we can be of assistance to one another: assistance can be material, such as providing the essentials of life to those who do not have them; it can consist of emotional support and comfort; or it can be centered on ideas and altering patterns of thought.  The focus here is on multidimensional energetic assistance. 

In the process of reurbanization, human beings play a pivotal role.  There are significant vibrational differences between the refined dimensions, from which the extraphysical helpers come who assist in the evolution on this planet, and the dense dimensions that are being reurbanised.  These differences mean that it is very difficult for the helpers to provide direct assistance to dense extraphysical consciousnesses.  As described above, healthy consciousnesses no longer carry dense energies of the energetic body, while the pathological ones do. 

Human beings, with their dense energetic body, provide an essential energetic bridge through which energetic assistance can be brought into the pathological dimensions.  We can, if we so chose, turn ourselves into energetic epicenters of inter-dimensional assistance.  Such assistance can literally occur at any time (i.e. while we are seemingly going about our daily business), but here I want to focus on two deliberate acts of assistance: assistential projections and ‘the personal energetic task’ (PENTA).

Each of those could warrant an article, or even a book in their own right so my discussion is necessarily going to be superficial.  If you want to go further I suggest you consult Projections of Consciousness and PENTA Manual, both by Waldo Vieira.

Conscientiology asserts that everybody leaves their human body in their psychosoma every night while sleeping. This occurs as a natural result of our physiology, or better our para-physiology.  In most cases we leave the physical body in our psychosoma quite unconsciously.  We sleep or engage in automatic behavior, acting out the thoughts that have preoccupied us during our waking state: people ‘go to work’, ‘clean the house’, or pursue sexual encounters.  And whatever memories we might have of those actions are generally interpreted as dreams. 

The most tangible experiences are often those that occur just as we are falling asleep: tingling sensations, vibrations or pulsations, curious sounds in our head, losing the sense of bodily boundaries and feeling expanded.  All these sensations result from the fact that, as we fall asleep, our psychosoma starts moving out of the physical body. Once we bring awareness and intention to this process we can start taking conscious control of our nocturnal life.  This can include volunteering ourselves for projections that provide assistance to others.

There are many different types of assistential projection, but in the context of reurbanization the focus is on using the dense energies of the energetic body.  Consequently, when leaving the body under the guidance of the extraphysical helpers, the intraphysical consciousness will carry a large charge of dense energy from his or her energetic body with the psychosoma.  

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The intraphysical consciousness may only have limited awareness of what is occurring and be under the guidance, or voluntary remote control, of extraphysical helpers who steer the projector to the target dimension. There, the projector functions as a conduit for subtle extraphysical energies that increase in density by being channeled through him.  He may also function as ‘assistential bait’, where one or more disturbed extraphysical consciousnesses are attached to his energetic field and removed, or extracted for treatment and possibly rebirth, from the pathological dimension in which they had been trapped.

While we may occasionally experience certain energetic repercussions from this activity, providing assistance of this type ensures that we will receive special attention and support from the helpers.  Assistential projections allow us to turn sleep into highly productive time and provide one way in which we can assume our place as mini-pieces in the large mechanism of assistance that maintains the balance in the world.

The personal energetic task (PENTA) offers another avenue.  PENTA is a personal commitment we make to spend roughly one hour a day donating our consciential energies to consciousnesses, both intra- and extraphysical, in need (Vieira,1996). Like meditation, PENTA involves isolating oneself in a darkened room. But while in most meditation practices the focus is on ones own mind, in PENTA the focus is on exteriorizing therapeutic energy.  This energy is exteriorized seemingly into an empty room, but there is a lot of multidimensional action during PENTA, a sense of which is conveyed in this image. 

Copyright IAC 2012

One or more extraphysical helpers attach themselves to the practitioner and channel energy through him as extraphysical patients are brought into the space for various forms of energetic assistance.  PENTA practitioners can also assist intraphysical consciousnesses, who can be ‘put into the PENTA’ no matter where in the world they are.  It is a practice that will confront practitioners with their own ‘issues’ and expose them to increased energetic attacks. But it also leads to establish a profound link with the helpers and allows us to grow healthily into multidimensional self-awareness.

Like the assistential projection, the practice of PENTA can lead to deep contentment and satisfaction as a result of the time spent in favor of others.  By assuming our role in the multidimensional mechanism of assistance, we are not only making a contribution to the reurbanization of the planet, but also ensuring we complete our existential program or life plan before we return to the extraphysical dimension.


The point of this article was to question the logic of ideas about the ‘end of the world’ or sudden ‘spiritual change’. Both concepts are deeply flawed due their materialistic limitations and the latter is usually extremely vague. I have sought to provide a context through which we can understand what spiritual change on the planetary level actually entails.  It is an active process, large and complex, but one in which we can all play a part.  We are, or at least can be, in control of our own multidimensional actions. Every day we make choices that determine whether our focus is on multidimensional assistance and awareness or on the desires of our physical body and current personality.  Life is very idiosyncratic; nobody can tell us how to live. We need to discern for ourselves how best to advance our evolution and meet our objective in this current intraphysical life, way beyond 2012.  


energosoma. – The energetic parabody of the human consciousness. The energosoma forms a junction between the soma and the psychosoma, acting as a point of connection through which consciential energy flows from one to the other.

existential program – The plan of action for the current intraphysical life that an individual devises, prior to birth, supported by his/her evolutiologist, to achieve the greatest evolutionay outcome possible within the lifetime.

extraphysical consciousness – Paracitizen of an extraphysical society; a consciousness which no longer has a soma. 

extraphysical reurbanisation – The improvement of sick and degraded extraphysical environments and communities with the aim to heal the holothosene of the intraphysical areas negatively influenced by them.

helper – Extraphysical consciousness who aids one or more intraphysical consciousness; extraphysical benefactor; consciousness who lucidly exercise advanced multidimensional assistance. Archaic equivalent expressions: guardian angel; angel of light; guide; mentor; spirit guide.

holothosene (holo + tho + sen + e) – Aggregated or consolidated thosenes.

intraphysical consciousness – Human personality; citizen of intraphysical society; a consciousness with a soma.

mentalsoma (mental + soma) – Mental body; parabody of discernment of the consciousness.

psychsoma (Greek: psyche, soul; soma, body) – Vehicle of manifestation of the consciousness in the extraphysical dimensions. The emotional parabody of the consciousness; the extraphysical body of the intraphysical  consciousness. Outworn expression: astral body.

reurbanised consciousness – An extraphysical consciousness forcedly relocated from the pathological extraphysical dimensions where it had lived for centuries, to a transitory dimension where it will either prepare for resoma on Earth or migration to another planet.

thosene – (tho + sen + e) – The practical unit of manifestation of the consciousness. According to conscientiology thought or idea (tho), sentiment or emotion (sen), and consciential energy (e), are three inseparable elements.


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Kim McCaul is a volunteer instructor with the IAC based in Adelaide, Australia. He has been studying conscientiology since 1997.  Kim is an anthropologist who works in the applied area of Australian Aboriginal affairs.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Personal Account: Out-of-Body Experience exercise

- by Michael Lydon, IAC New York

Night of Saturday, Jan 21 / Morning of Sunday, Jan 22, 2012

I had been doing energy work all day, especially exercises to relax my breath and any physical tension. I entered at least one healing trance where I could feel deeper level energy shift where a profound unblocking occurred. At night, I used a modified technique from Zen meditation to slow down all my thoughts and focus on a projective target.

The original technique entails counting to 10 without having thoughts other that the numbers themselves. Each number corresponds to one inhale/exhale. So, for instance,
  • Breathe in, breathe out – “one”
  • Breathe in, breathe out – “two”
  • Etc.
However, even if you have the thought “this is great, I got to 3” for instance, you still have to start over. If you do get to 10, just start over again. The exercise is just to help still the mind.

Anyway, I modified this exercise to thinking about projecting to the mentalsomatic dimension, and repeated the phrase “I project to the mentalsomatic dimension.” And every time I said this while keeping the same in/out breath pattern while maintaining my focus, I would count up to 10. If I became distracted by a second thought, I would start over. Even in evoking the idea, I began to feel a disconnection from the habitual stream of thoughts and concerns, and a subtle upward current of energy began to occur, with my center of awareness moving towards the chakras in the head. Unfortunately, I became distracted by having to go to the bathroom, and also by a thought of needing to lock the dead bolt in the door outside.

When I returned, the same technique did not seem to work. Even the small amount of walking around seemed to stir up a bunch of thoughts, or perhaps I was just not in the same “mental space” anymore. So, I tried a different technique – another verbal repetition or mantra technique with a similar pattern.

My idea was to calm my mind and simultaneously use a projection technique. To do this I used the following:
  1. Focus on the breath, and remove any conscious or unconscious intentionality from trying to control the breath (by way of unconscious mental tensions). So, let the breath relax and happen naturally. (I noticed that my breathing became shallow, rhythmic, and continuous, as if the in and out motion were part of one continuous flow or stream).
  2. Use the following mantra: “may this body, this energosoma, this psychosoma, and this mentalsoma, be used only for assistance.”
  3. A the following intervals:                                                                   a.  In breath: May this
    b.  Out breath: body
    c.  In breath: this
    d.  Out breath: energosoma
    e.  In breath: this
    f.   Out breath: psychosoma
    g.  In breath: and this
    h.  Out breath: mentalsoma
    i.   In breath: be used only
    j.   Out breath: for assistance
    k.  (Repeat)
  4. With each use of the word “body,” “energosoma,” “psychosoma,” “mentalsoma,” and “assistance,” I tried to feel the qualities of that word, or simply, what the word evoked for me in terms of sensations, feelings, and energetic repercussions.

Whenever my breathing became tense (as if I was trying to control it), I relaxed again until it became natural, and then began the mantra again. I could feel a decent amount of energy moving internally before I fell asleep.


After going through a few dreams, I become more lucid and am all of a sudden in some “center” (an education center perhaps) that seems several stories off the ground. It feels very old (like it has been established for a long time). It is constructed of what seems to be smooth plaster (although seemingly more robust than plaster – perhaps like a smooth stucco) that was painted with warm orange and red colors. All around the area I notice that there are orchids growing. The area is decorated with stone statues that have pools of water in front of them framed with stone, and vines are growing around various parts of the complex. Orchids are placed in a decorative fashion in potholders on the floor near the walls, and also attached to the walls in some areas. I notice that I am being led around by a woman throughout the facility, and that we are preparing for some meeting. I do not say anything to her, nor does she to me. All communication is somehow just “understood.”

I wonder if this is a dream or a projection, I think to myself that if it is a dream, the environment (i.e. the layout of the background) will likely change. I walk through an open area, around a corner, and into an alcove with stone walls. My guide (a female) wants to show me something. She kneels down, focusing on an orchid on the floor in front of her for a few moments, and the orchid flower spontaneously transforms into a butterfly, which flaps its wings and flutters away. I marveled at the fact that she was able to somehow turn one form of life into another, or at least create a morphothosene (thought form) as complex as a butterfly from something as (comparatively more simple) as an orchid.

I walk back around to the main area, still following my “tour guide,” and notice that this experience has been going on now for some time. I focus on maintaining the frequency so as to keep lucid and learn whatever it is I am meant to learn there. I notice that the layout of the building seems to be intact, which tells me that the experience is probably a projection.

I decide to test how thought-responsive the environment is, and so I turn towards one of the statues with the pool of water beneath it. I extend my left hand and begin exteriorizing energy towards the water, and the water begins to churn and rise upward – it does not flow over, but rather comes up out of the pool as if being pulled by a magnetic force. Before I could do anything of substance with it, I feel a woman’s hand firmly grasp my wrist, and she emitted a nonverbal thosene which was clearly along the lines of “don’t do that.” It was not my tour guide, but another keeper of the facility. I complied, understanding that what I was doing was somehow disruptive to the environment.

I continued to wait there for the meeting that we were meant to have, and vaguely recall some people there coming together, and then (regrettably) lost lucidity and do not recall what happened after that.

I woke up and thought, if that was a dream, it would probably not produce a vibrational state. I noticed that the inner core of my body was vibrating with electricity that was running upwards within the middle channel (near the spine) towards the brain. It was indeed a subtle vibrational state, and the more I focused on it the stronger it became as I fell back to sleep. This is a likely confirmation that this was a projection. I do not recall any dreams or projections after this.


After reading Robert Bruce’s experience with projections vs. lucid dreams, I am always more questioning now as to whether my experience is a dream or a projection. In Bruce’s experience (in his book Astral Dynamics), he goes to a shopping mall, is highly disruptive to the environment, and the people are like automatons who do not respond to what he is doing. His hypothesis is that they are projections of his unconscious mind.

I do not think this environment was a projection of my unconscious mind, as it is uncharacteristic of me or my imagination to “make up” such a place.

The fact that there were:
  • Lucid tour guides
  • The demonstration of complex morphothosenic creations
  • Nonverbal communication
  • The anticipation of a meeting
  • A decent (at least 60%) lucidity with rational thought, with 80% being the level of the normal waking state
  • “Rules” of the environment
  • A subsequent vibrational state after the experience
  • All lead me to believe that this was indeed a projection.

I don’t know what happened during that meeting, or if there was any assistance performed (per my mental target), but I am still very grateful for this experience and would like to visit this environment again if possible.

With my lucidity level clearly at a lower level than that of the beings that maintained the place, I probably seemed like a drunk person, or someone who was mentally intoxicated with the energies of physical life. I imagine that this is what a lot of semilucid or unlucid projectors seem like to more aware nonphysical beings. There seems to be a direct correlation with one’s level of energetic unblocking and the experience of prolonged projections with more subtle and rarified awareness. When our energetic pattern becomes less terrestrial and more nonphysical, we’re mentally “cleaner” when we arrive in a nonphysical dimension.

This is not the first time that I have tried to alter an environment with energy and have attracted the attention of the “authorities.” In fact, this happened in one of my more recent projections as well where two females asked me to come with them after I had made a potted plant disappear. Sometimes the authorities are not so nice. In this projection a woman gently but firmly grabbed my wrist, but in another projection recall where I made a table disappear, some official of the environment stabbed me with a fork, knowing that it would make me return to the body. I can’t blame him for doing that; I was the one disrupting everyone’s paradigm.

After this projection, I resolved to stop testing environments energetically as a way to see if they are “real,” as it often seems to have a disruptive effect. My feeling is that in the future I should just focus on what I am meant to do or learn while am there, and see what comes of it.

Michael Lydon is a volunteer and a researcher at IAC New York since 2002.