Thursday, May 30, 2013

VIDEO: Vibrational State & Chi Detection Discoveries - Preliminary Results

Interview with Wagner Alegretti, international expert on vibrational state,
including a discussion of the historic fMRI co-discovery with Nanci Trivellato

What is the Vibrational State?

It is the maximum activation of one’s energetic body and chakras, producing an overall positive and pleasant state. The sensation is commonly described as an intense vibration or resonance throughout the body, a strong and pleasant electric-like sensation through the body. The sensations associated with the vibrational state are very personal and different people typically describe different sensations and can vary from mild and subtle to more intense and "mechanical."

The vibrational state can happen spontaneously when the individual is deeply relaxed or when leaving and/or returning to the physical body. Robert A. Monroe and Waldo Vieira were among several authors to describe the phenomenon in their early publications. These initial observations led to the realization that one can learn to produce the vibrational state at will.  Some of the benefits include: 1) energetic or psychic self-defense, isolation from unbalanced energy or influence of other people or environments 2) energetic, emotional balance, 3) production of conscious out-of-body experiences, 4) development of psychic abilities 5) mitigation of energy blockages.

Energetic Perception

Dr. Twemlow published in the American Journal of Psychiatry a study about out-of-body experiences indicating the commonness of energetic perception – 55 % of 339 participants he investigated reported “a sense of energy” during their out-of-body experience. However, the Vibrational State is a condition that differs from normal perceptions of our subtle energies or perception of the astral body and they should not be confused with the phenomenon of Vibrational State generally perceived as an unambiguously intense bio-energetic condition (also related to these subtle vehicles).

A Common Phenomenon

In any case, the perception of Vibrational State during OBEs is not uncommon either. A survey of more than 3000 individuals led by the IAC indicated that approximately 30  % of individuals (1999 data) sensed such state as one of the typical sensations during OBE. Such individuals generally report strong and intense movements of “pulsating waves“, “sensations of vibrations”, “internal prickling” and “magnetic Current” among other descriptions during the Vibrational State.

Controlled and Induced by Will

While the Vibrational State is often a spontaneous occurrence related to the intensification and release of consciential energies (perceived when the astral body reaches out of the physical body) the Vibrational State can also be controlled and induced by the will of the individual.

The IAC has been developing a methodology for many years (See: Journal of Conscientiology no 42 article by Nanci Trivellato on Measurable Attributes of the Vibrational State Technique) to induce and control such state called the VELO (Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation). This issue is available for consultation and sale at IAC educational centers.

The Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation (VELO) is the lucid and coherent control of the movements of the energy inside of our own energy system from our head to our feet and back to our head achieved by the employing attention, concentration, and the impulsion of will without the use of imagination and other indirect means.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery (fMRI)

IAC researchers and international V.S. experts Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti have published about their ongoing neuroimaging research program on the phenomenon and presented on the subject at venues such as Florida International University and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Though the experience itself is ancient, this is the first time in decades that a distinct altered state of consciousness is scientifically verified. The investigation also revealed unprecedented "artifacts" in the imaging, that upon further investigation, appear to be electromagnetic effects (detection) of bioenergy: another historic first. Wagner Alegretti discusses the study and some of its implications in the video at the top of the post.

Interview with Wagner Alegretti, international expert on vibrational state,
including a discussion of the historic fMRI co-discoveries with Nanci Trivellato

Adapted from an article written by Rodrigo Montenegro (IAC London) by Nelson Abreu (IAC California)


  1. This was an extremely interesting interview with Wagner. Even after having done a few courses I still learned a lot of new things and the results of the tests in the laboratory were SO interesting to hear! It's amazing!

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  3. I think that control of the VS (Vibrational State) and VELO (Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation) are fundamental to our evolution.

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