Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CALL FOR PAPERS: 1st Int'l Congress of Conscientiology - the global conference for non-reductionist consciousness science

The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) is pleased to announce the first International Congress of Conscientiology - Consciousness Science (ICC), to be held at the IAC Research Campus in the beautiful country area of Alentejo, Portugal, from 22nd to 24th of May 2015. This congress shall serve as a global forum for an open exchange and debate academic and research work centered on consciousness. 

Deadline to submit a paper is August 30, 2014

Among other features, participants will benefit from:
  • IAC’s long-term experience in organizing international academic and training events
  • A multifaceted view on paranormal phenomena and consciousness studies
  • Experience the remarkably calm and revitalizing atmosphere of the IAC Campus, built in the middle of an ecological protected area, in a touristic and historical region
  • The opportunity to visit IAC’s specialty laboratories for self-experimentation, like the Projectarium: the world’s first structure optimized for induction of out-of-body experiences
  • Participation in the ceremony of the 3rd IAC Scientific Award 
  • A brand-new, purpose-built conference center with professional features for events, including simultaneous translation facilities
  • Visit world-class regional gastronomical, ecological, and historical tourist attractions
For those wishing to stay longer, pre-Congress and post-Congress workshops and educational activities will also take place as part of IAC’s annual Convergence on Consciousness event.

We thank you in advance for contributing to the development of consciousness science through your participation in the ICC and we look forward to welcoming you. 



Saturday, February 22, 2014

TV discussion on OBE feat. Wm. Bulhman, IAC's Analaura Trivellato, UFOlogist Joanne Somerville

Windows On The World, a program from the UK's public-interest TV station The People's Voice aired a feature on Out of Body Experiences. IAC instructor-experiencer Analaura Trivellato discussed the subject together with author-experiencer William Buhlman and UFOlogy researcher Joanne Somerville.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Aboriginal healers' out-of-body experiences and other psi abilities featured in The Australian newspaper, new book

Anthropologist and consciousness researcher, author Kim McCaul shared with our blog a fascinating article ("Super powers of central Australia's traditional healers") published in the newspaper The Australian. The article includes excerpts from Traditional Healers of Central Australia: Ngangkari (NPY Women's Council) - personal accounts that describe the therapeutic use of the projection of consciousness and other psychic phenomena among the shamans of Central Australia. 

"The texts below are direct translations of accounts provided in their own language by three Central Australian shamans, referred to commonly as “traditional healers” or “clever people” in Aboriginal English and as ngangkari in the native Pitjantjatjara of the authors. In these accounts the three healers explain their conscious use of the projection of consciousness and clairvoyance in their healing work. They explain the multidimensional aspects of their healing work; how they fly around at night (OBEs) helping their community, and how much of their work focuses on the spirit (psychosoma) of their patient.

Australian Aboriginal culture is often described as the oldest living culture on Earth. Before European colonization 200 years ago, the people on the continent had been largely isolated from other cultures for thousands of years. The archaeological record agrees conservatively that Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for at least 50,000 years, seemingly with little cultural change. In most parts, the last 200 years of colonization have caused substantial cultural loss. But in some of the more remote areas, English is still a second (or third of fourth) language and people still live in accordance with their own cultural priorities.

The Pitjantjatjara people of the central deserts of Australia are one such remote group. The texts give us a glimpse into a multidimensional understanding that has existed for thousands of years, long before the canonical texts of the Judeo-Christian religions, the European esoteric traditions, the “New Age” movement, or the technical explorations of OBEs that started last century. As such they are a powerful piece of evidence for the universal nature of the projection of consciousness."

 Aboriginal shamans Naomi Kantjuriny, Maringka Burton, Andy Tjilari featured in the articlePictures by Rhett Hammerton

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bioenergetic Decathelon: New continual training course for CDP graduates!

IAC members and students who have completed the award-winning Consciousness Development Program had been requesting for more weekly activities that would bring together instructors, volunteers, members for continued practice and improvement: a sort of continuing education course to stimulate more regular practice and deepen the practical qualifications of CDP graduates due to the group atmosphere and more regular follow up.  In response to these requests, the IAC is launching its first "Bioenergetic Decathelon"  in Los Angeles. IAC educational centers around the world will begin hosting their own 10-week multidimensional awareness practice sessions in the second half of the year.

The course consists of 10 bioenergetic training sessions - a real bioenergetic decathlon! In this fashion, participants will receive a more constant and consistent follow-up and follow-through, support and feedback, over a longer period, helping to better instill healthier and more developed bioenergetic habits; as well as helping participants evolve their own abilities for producing bioenergetic phenomena and psychic experiences.
Join us for a 10-week mega-program (March 4 to May 6) to help develop your energosoma and your bioenergetic control. This brand-new program is 90% hands-on, practical, and exercise-oriented. Meeting once a week, participants will do every time several new drills in each weekly session, which will help develop different aspects of their energy body, like sensitivity, accuracy, control, strength, endurance, perception, acuteness and many others - a type of energosomatic body-building experience!

Aiming to work on the particular details of the participants bioenergetic condition, some main aspects covered will be:
- Bioenergetic Self-defense techniques
- Fluidity, quantity, speed, sweep and rectilinearity during VELO
- Clairvoyance and remote viewing exercises
- Learning to read the content (holothosene) in bioenergy
- Working with and perceiving bioenergies while walking
- Development of intuition
- Understanding our own energy body better and more in depth
- Becoming better aware of bioenergetic influences in our life
- Working on discovering and putting processes in place for decoding your personal psychic signage, and much more

Schedule of this first set of sessions (classes):
1. March 4: Enhanced Bioenergy Workout "A" (7:30PM-10PM)
2. March 11: VELO Dynamics "A" (7:30PM-9:30PM)
3. March 18: Enhanced Psychometry (7:30-9:30PM)
4. March 23: Enhanced Bioenergies in Motion (10AM-1PM)
5. April 1: Auric Coupling Dynamics "A" (7:30PM-9:30PM)
6. April 8: Enhanced Bioenergy Workout "B" (7:30PM-9:30PM)
7. April 15: VELO Dynamics "B" (7:30PM-9:30PM)
8. April 22: Auric Coupling Dynamics "B" (7:30PM-9:30PM)
9. April 29: Remote Viewing (7:30PM-9:30PM)
10. May 4: Enhanced Bioenergies in Nature (10AM-1PM)


Participants need to have completed CDP4 (Module 4 of the CDP) to participate. During each module, you'll receive the guideance, follow-up and instructions of experienced IAC instructors. The benefits of such sustained work with energies range from greater overall health, improved emotional balance, enhanced psychic development, greater production of paranormal phenomena, better extraphysical control during OBEs, to greater contact with advanced guides (helpers) and many others.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Rainwater Recovery at IAC Campus and 2015 scientific congress

Under the new Auditorium of the IAC Campus, which will host the 1st International Congress of Conscientiology, there is a rainwater harvesting tank with a capacity of 534000 liters (143445.5 US gal). With rain from October to today, the tank accumulated 300000 liters (79251.6 US gal) of water or 55% of total capacity!

To get the latest on the ICC, taking place in May 2015, including the forthcoming Call for Papers (deadline July 31, 2014), you may join its official Facebook page!

Learn more about IAC Research Campus

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review of Scientific Evidence of Veridical Out Of Body Experiences in Blindfold blog

IAC Brazil's Veronica Serrano suggested a post by the interesting blog Blindfold mentions some classic scientific studies into the out-of-body experience that indicate that these projections of the consciousness are more common than many people think. Some of the evidence is indicative of a veridical experience, beyond the imaginary or oneiric realms of dreams, optical illusions and hallucinations. The post also features a video of a Science and Non-Duality conference talk by OBE/NDE researcher and physician Pim van Lommel.

In previous IAC Blog posts, we have addressed the subject of evidence suggestive of a more objective nature of projections of the consciousness ("astral travel," as it was once called). We have also discussed studies that claim to study the OBE, but, in fact, are not ("faux-B.E." studies).  Some have gone as far as saying that science has proven that the OBE is an illusory experience, but there are several problems with such a statement: both factual and philosophical.

Fellow OBE researcher and experiencer Graham Nicholls wrote a piece on the subject of pseudo-OBE research and veridical OBE evidence for Noetic Now Journal that should be of interest to our readers, as well.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ask IAC: How can I block out negative energy?

We have received several questions regarding handling negative energy from people and environments we deal with in every day life.  In a blog post, IAC London discusses the application of an effective, time-tested subtle energy technique known as VELO to mitigate the effects as well as the long-term increase in self-knowledge and improvement in our internal posture that will eventually make us completely immune to such energy: totally, permanently intrusionless - this is one of the long-term goals of IAC's bioenergy, OBE, and self-research training programs.

Luis Minero, author of Demystifying the OBE, discussed the use of bioenergies and
OBE's in IAC training for isolation from unbalanced energy

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ask IAC: How can I learn telepathy?

We have had several requests for information on developing telepathy, the latest from R.R. from Australia.  IAC London has prepared a great introductory article that will get you started!