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Ask IAC: What are some personal benefits of the OBE? (Astral Projection, Projection of the Consciousness) - Question from Sydney, Australia

"When you have a lucid OBE you will inevitably notice that you are NOT your physical body. This realisation can break down the illusion of who you think you are - cultural background, profession, gender, and all factors of this life won’t be able to describe your essence. This knowledge also brings about a new school of thought – if we are not our physical bodies then we must be something else, something more. Having an OBE can produce a shift in thinking and a change in your principles and values from a materialistic point of view to a more all-embracing one. Having experienced astral travel first hand we can begin to see that our body is simply a tool we use to define who we are. We can begin to understand that the real essence of a person lies in their consciousness and the physical body is merely something to wrap it up in. With astral travel we can make the leap to understanding that while our physical body will die some day, our consciousness will survive.

Experiencing an OBE naturally leads us to lose our fear of death. During an OBE you may have an encounter with loved ones who have passed away. In your relaxed state this would not scare you or seem odd - everything occurs without drama or suffering, as the experience is permeated by a deeper understanding of our (and their) condition.Once the reality of the non-physical dimension of life is unveiled by personal experience, the person might spontaneously engage in a reprioritisation of life. Through OBE experiences you might have a greater understanding of what is truly relevant and what is nice or desirable but not really important. It’s certainly not uncommon for astral projectors (including those who have had near-death experiences) to become more ethical and start valuing time in a different way. Having a commitment to fulfill certain tasks is an inner feeling that many of us have. It may be translated as a feeling of having ‘something more’ to do in this life or that there is ‘something missing’ in our lives. However you choose to describe it the feeling is the same – the need to do more, be more, experience more.

For this reason the OBE can be a very useful tool for identifying our life purpose, the reason why we are here. The sort of OBE in which we gain information about our life purpose is commonly helped along by non-physical mentors or helpers. This is because they already know our life purpose. In some cases they may have even helped us plan, prior to our birth, a set of tasks that were challenging, but certainly doable. It is interesting to mention that, in the same way we may be assisted by a helper outside the body, we can also provide assistance to other consciousnesses that may be in distress or with lower lucidity than us. The assistance is normally done through our bioenergies which carry information about the consciousness’s ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions. In other words, your bioenergies reflect everything that you intrinsically are."
- Analaura Trivellato, IAC London, UK

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"One of the most profound benefits is the loss of fear of death, common with near death experience. Fear is easy to manipulate and people that are afraid can be targets for malicious manipulation and influenced. Once we overcome that fear, we are able to make better and more rational decisions.
Attempting and having access to out of body experiences can set us on a journey of trying to understand this physical life. Because we have this glimpse into something unusual, a different world that most people are not aware of, we will come back with questions and a new perspective on life. We will be more curious and will want to share these realizations and experiences with others.
In other dimensions, just like in ours, thoughts and intentions have consequence, they attract things and people. This is sometimes called the law of attraction, and in the astral dimensions we are able to see this much easier and in a more immediate fashion. This is why it is so vital to monitor the quality of our thoughts, intentions.
As a result of out of body experiences, we become more perceptive, more psychic, and able to feel or see energy in ourselves and others. Because we realize the benefits of maintaining a healthy energetic pattern we become more aware of our own energetic and mental state.
We can step out of our physical and solid world and look out through another lens. By doing so, we can see ourselves and our lives from a different perspective and when we come back, our worldview is shifted and changed. The ramifications touch and inform all of our problems on earth. Many of the world’s problems come from the human-centered perspective that nature and life are things; they are to be used and then thrown away. When we see ourselves as consciousness that exists outside the physical body, this continuity and connection between ourselves, our bodies, spirits, and all living things becomes apparent. With this knowledge, life, the environment, and most other things in life become more valuable and precious.
Through out of body travels, we can see ourselves as a multi-dimensional consciousness in the process of evolution along with other beings. With this realization, we become more connected in a cosmic way to our fellow human beings."
- Nelson Abreu, IAC California, USA (Meditation Secrets Revealed interview)

"In our courses and conferences, one of the most common questions we get is on the topic of benefits of the out-of-body experiences. This experience, also known as astral projection, is very rich in terms of possibilities and benefits. For example, let us look at the most common cases:
Access to other planes of reality – The out-of-body experience permits one to reach other realities, or dimensions, beyond the physical plane. For example, we can go to the place where we used to live before entering into this present lifetime, and we can also see the place where we will go after the physical death.
Encounters with other persons who have passed away – Obviously, if it possible to visit these places, it is then also possible to meet and speak with persons whom have already passed away, including those who we knew in our life.
Direct interview with the extraphysical guide – These guides, also known as mentors, guardian angels, protectors, or simply helpers, are consciousnesses who live in the astral dimension, but accompany us with the goal of helping us. In general, the great majority of people today are not able to perceive the presence of these beings. If one leaves the body, one can see their helper and hold a discussion with him.
Understanding of and loss of fear of death - When we find ourselves lucid outside the body, we realize by ourselves, without any brain washing or mystic belief that death does not exist. Actually, outside the physical body, we will be exactly the same, with the same evolutionary level, except that we will not have the necessity to breathe, eat, etc. because these are functions exclusive to the physical, animal body. With the verifications made through personal experiences that death does not exist, one will completely lose their fear of death, since it will be proven that no one dies.
Assistance of other consciousnesses – With the knowledge and control acquired through out-of-body experiences (i.e. astral projection, astral travel), we learn to utilize our own energies in favor of other beings. This occurs through lucid and conscious transmission of therapeutic energies. This donation of energies can be made outside the body when one nears another with the intention of helping them.

Recall of past lives – With the accumulation of astral projections, the person begins to have spontaneous, healthy recollections of past lives. This information can help us know ourselves better, overcome certain traumas, self-cure certain illnesses, and expand our sense of fraternity and universalism.

Increase of parapsychic abilities – The control and experience that comes from projections naturally expands the psychic capacities or personal extrasensory perceptions.
Identification of the purpose of one’s personal life – Discovering the main purpose of this life. Through a conscious projection, we can recall or identify our established mission for the current life.
Acceleration of maturity and awakening – With the knowledge of life gained through the study of astral dimensions, we increase our level of consciential maturity, also accelerating our spiritual evolution and avoiding the loss of one third of our life sleeping.
Energetic equilibrium and energetic defenses – The individual’s energy field is at its strongest when it is expanded and at equilibrium. With this, the consciousness is more liberated from intruders, obsessions, or energetic intrusions that are many times suffered due to the energetic invasions of other extraphysical consciousnesses. This state of equilibrium with one’s own energies produces many benefits in the physical and mental disposition and in the psychological equilibrium of persons.
The equilibrium of the energetic field is a characteristic of our overall well-being, control of negative stress, increase in self-confidence and emotional balance, amplification of intellectual capacities, and expansion of self-knowledge. One can learn to manage and control one’s own energies by applying different techniques and experiences."
- Nanci Trivellato (IAC Campus, Portugal)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nanci Trivellato Interview on Ground-Breaking Work on Vibrational State (Portuguese with English Subtitles)

NOW AVAILABLE: the long-awaited English-subtitle version of Nanci Trivellato's March 2011 interview by Tom Martins (Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil) on the Vibrational State and the technique to produce the Vibrational State known as VELO.  Nanci Trivellato, MSc. was awarded first prize in the 2010 “IAC Global Award for Scientific Contribution to Conscientiology” for her article on the theme. In this article, “Measurable Attributes of the Vibrational State Technique”, which was published in 2008 in the Journal of Conscientiology No. 42, she proposed a more precise term and outlined more specific parameters for the application of VS induction: “Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation (VELO),” a key technique to produce the VS at will.

Nanci Trivellato is a researcher with the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) based in the USA. She offers classes worldwide, although most of the time she is at the IAC Research Campus in Portugal. The former IAC scientific director and founding editor of the JofC will be at the 1st International Congress of Conscientiology (Consciousness Science) in Portugal, May 22-24, 2015.

Nanci Trivellato interviewed about her breakthrough
first- and second-person perspective research on the
Vibrational State and the VELO Technique

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hollywood's Actors Entertainment interview with IAC president Luis Minero

Luis Minero, author of Demystifying the OBE and Jaime Kalman chat about out-of-body experiences on Motivational Chat on Hollywood's Actors Entertainment in this podcast.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Tomorrow ONLINE and at IAC Miami: special course on adolescence

This Saturday at 4 to 7:30 PM EST in Miami (and live online), IAC visiting faculty Veronica Serrano (IAC Brazil) will discuss adolescence, as well as tools for both teenagers and their parents to develop greater coherence with their consciential identity and existential program (life mission), thereby increasing their probability of finding greater self-realization.

Click here for more information and online registration.

Veronica Serrano on her upcoming course

Not only are the physical factors that affect this stage of life taken into consideration, but also multiexistential and multidimensional factors.

The course leads to meaningful self-reflection; not only for the adolescent, but also for the adults who live with consciousnesses of this age group, improving their interconsciential relationships.

Adults will also come to better understand their own reality, as they reflect upon the course of their own adolescence, gaining greater confidence as they prepare for the next steps in their lives.

If you consider that the search for eternal youth - also known as adultescence - is often a source of personal frustration, family problems, and loss of evolutionary opportunities, this is a worthwhile course for both adolescents and adults who want to become more efficient in their evolutionary process and reach their existential completism.

Verónica Serrano is working on her doctoral studies in Social Sciences at the University of Salamanca, where she completed her MA in Translation and Intercultural Mediation in 2013. She has also studied Marketing, Business Administration, NGO Management, and Psychology. She has taught at the IAC since 2001, and has given courses in Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Barcelona, Cali and several cities in Brazil, where she now lives. She teaches and lectures in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. She has researched this topic since 2002, when her daughter, now a medical student, was a teenager.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Luis Minero interview on AstralWings Podcast on Out-of-Body Experiences (Part 1)

Part 1 of the AstralWings podcast interview with Luis Minero is now available. In this first segment, Minero answers some common questions about the out-of-body experience or projection of the consciousness.  

Luis Minero is president of the International Academy of Consciousness and author of Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience – A Practical Manual for Exploration and Personal Evolution.