Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Psi abilities of children: Does My Child Have Psychic Abilities?

How Do I Know if my Child is Psychic? How can one handle cases of Psychic Children​? A recent essay by IAC addresses these questions. Nanci Trivellato, senior IAC researcher, gave a free course on this subject at IAC Campus in 2003.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Advanced energy training at IAC Campus Europe

In this course, IAC senior instructors Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti share the as much knowledge as possible, which they have accumulated through their research and experiences on subtle energy spanning more than three decades. Learn more.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015

Ask IAC: Are there any dangers related to the Out-of-Body Experience and Sleep Paralysis?

There are many misconceptions about purported dangers of the out-of-body experience. In a recent essay, Obdulia Chico, experiencer and instructor at International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) in Madrid, Spain dispels some of these myths. Nelson Abreu, another experiencer who teaches at IAC in Los Angeles, recently wrote about the nature of sleep paralysis is not really a hallucination and that it cannot really hurt you.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Progress in Venture Science and Paradigm Shift

Last year, we celebrated three manifestos related to science beyond the reductionist paradigm: The Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science published in the journal Explore and discussed in the Huffington Post; a similar statement published by 100 academics published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience; and Set Science Free campaign's petition with a couple of hundred PhD and MD's censorship practices of TED. This year, a conference brought together emerging voices and established names from various fields to promote multidimensional science, in particular, in the field of consciousness studies - the 1st International Congress of Consciousness.

Set Science Free is currently working with any professor or student organization that has an interest in starting a Consciousness research program at their respective university. Their current effort is focused on the Center for Education and Research in Consciousness (CERC) — an exciting initiative at the University of Washington, Bothell (in the State of Washington in the Pacific Northwest of the US) which counts with the active support of the International Academy of Consciousness.

Also noteworthy is the creation of the Institute for Venture Science, curiously, also at University of Washington. Two Nobel laureates, the director of the National Science Board, and several university rectors and presidents serve on its advisory board. Author Charles Eisenstein published a valuable article in The Huffington Post on the subject in August.

The next International Congress of Consciousness will take place May 2017 in Miami. The Society for Scientific Exploration, the International Asssociation for Near Death Studies, the Institute of Noetic Sciences and others also hold annual conferences in the US, bringing together scientists to advance science at the bleeding edge, where true revolutions in human thinking and technology take place.  

Silicon Valley has also caught this positive "bug." Tech enterpreneur Micky Siegel (previously with NASA, MIT, Audi) has led a movement to bring consciousness to technology -- recognized by the likes of Steve Jobs as crucial to innovation -- and technology to the aid of consciousness development, as well. Articles in The HuffPost, The Guardian and The New Yorker have discussed the "consciousnes hacker" movement and its recent conference. 

This month, IAC's Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato recently offered TEDx talks in Brazil where they shared advances in consciousness technology and personal development (which they also presented at the 1st ICC). Also, at the ICC, Mexico's Dr. Carlos Bernal discussed the use of neurofeedback to promote OBEs and Switzerland's Dr. Olaf Blanke discussed virtual reality as an OBE-induction method.  IAC's vibrational state and OBE vibroacoustic bed is also now available for purchase through its partner

Outside of science and technology, there is also growing realization that the economic, social and environmental crises are rooted in a crisis of consciousness and that, hence, a significant change in our values, behaviors and attitudes is in order.  Activists and leaders in spirituality, religion, economics, government, business, entertainment, urban planning, and many other fields are calling for moving from a capital-centric paradigm to a life-centric one (human and ecological development). The message appears to be gaining traction and reaching critical mass. Significant progress has been made through the UN's Sustainable Development Goals or Millennium Goals and new targets are being set for the next 15 years. 

While the world is certainly facing existential crises, they present motivation and opportunity for reform, innovation and personal and social evolution. There are exciting developments ahead, so there are reasons to stay positive and play our role to improve ourselves and the world around us. The IAC will participate in upcoming conferences on paradigm shift in Brazil (Online Congress on Spirituality, Health and Science) and Australia (with the Global Peace Center and Club of Budapest). Stay tuned.

Nelson Abreu
Los Angeles

Friday, September 25, 2015

IAC TEDxPassoFundo talks on subtle energy, OBE research and practice

IAC scholars Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato offered lectures at a TEDx event in Brazil. Their talks were made available for live streaming in Portuguese and English at:

If a recording of the event is made available, we will be sure to share it with our readers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

IAC scholar Abraham interviewed on IANDS NDE Radio

Consciousness researcher and IAC Colorado volunteer was recently interviewed on IANDS NDE Radio:

Monday, September 7, 2015

Podcast: IAC's Luis Minero on The Other Side

HAVE AN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE: WITH LUIS MINERO - read an article on OBE and listen to the interview on See You On The Otherside podcast:

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Interview: Quantum Physics & Consciousness, Dr. M. S. de Bianchi

A new interview from the Science & Consciousness program:

Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi received his Ph.D. degree in physics from the Federal Institute of Technology, in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1995, with a study on time-observables in quantum scattering theory. His research activities are focused on the foundations of physics, quantum theory, and consciousness. He has written essays, popular science books, children’s stories, and has published numerous research articles in international journals, both in physics and the study of consciousness. He is a life member of the American Physical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers, as well as a full member of the Society for Scientific Exploration and the International Academy of Consciousness. He is currently the director of the LAB – Laboratory of Basic Self-research, and the editor of the journal AutoRicerca (

The interview derives from his presentation at the 1st ICC (International Congress of Conscientiology - Consciousness Science) that took place in May 2015 in Portugal, held by the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) at its research campus, where he presented his paper “Taking Quantum Physics and Consciousness Seriously: What does it mean?”

Sassoli de Bianchi talks about consciousness and science, quantum physics experiments, energy, entropy, multidimensional reality, cosmology, and related topics.

Interviewed by Wagner Alegretti for the program Consciousness & Science.

For more about the ICC, please visit
To know IAC:

To SUBMIT to the 2nd ICC – International Congress on Consciousness, to take place in Miami, FL, USA in 2017, please contact

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Science quotes

The next International Congress of Conscientiology (Consciousness Science) is set for 2017 in Miami. You can view a photo gallery of this year's ICC at:

As you prepare for the next event, we leave you with some quotes on the scientific spirit. 

"Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality." - Carl Sagan 

"A first principle not formally recognized by scientific methodologists: when you run into something interesting, drop everything else and study it." - B.F. Skinner 

"It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover." - H. Poincare 

"Too much openness and you accept every notion, idea, and hypothesis - which is tantamount to knowing nothing. Too much skepticism - especially rejection of new ideas before they are adequately tested - and you're not only unpleasantly grumpy, but also closed to the advance of science. A judicious mix is what we need." - Carl Sagan 

"They are ill discoverers that think there is no land when they see nothing but sea." - Francis Bacon 

"Everyone takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world." - Arthur Schopenhauer 

"Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers." - Bernhard Haisch, astrophysicist

Saturday, August 8, 2015

PEAR/ICRL's Brenda Dunne on consciousness & Anomalous Phenomena

The latest episode of Science & Consciousness, featuring Brenda Dunne in dialogue with IAC's Nanci Trivellato, is now available:

Brenda Dunne, president of International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL), former manager of the historic, but now discontinued, Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory, and former education officer of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), talks about research conducted with fellow scientist Robert Jahn, chairman of the board of ICRL and former vice president of SSE.

The interview derives from her presentation at the 1st ICC (International Congress of Conscientiology / Consciousness Science) that took place in May 2015 in Portugal, held by the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) at its research campus, where she presented a paper, Consciousness and the Nature of Life, co-authored with Dr. Jahn.

Interviewed by Nanci Trivellato for the program Consciousness & Science.

For more about the ICC, please visit

To know more about IAC:

To SUBMIT to the 2nd ICC – International Congress on Consciousness, to take place in Miami, FL, USA in 2017, please contact:

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Documentary on evidence of life after biological death

This Life, Next Life is a the title of a documentary by Keith Parsons which offers evidence suggestive of the survival of consciousness after biological death. It covers cross correspondences, The Scole experiment, drop-in communicators, EVP, the mediumship of Mrs. Leonora Piper, and interviews with Prof. David Fontana & Prof. Archie Roy, (both former presidents of the SPR); Victor Zammit - Former Australian attorney, author on evidence of the afterlife; Robin Foy - The Scole Group leader; Dr. Anabela Cardoso - EVP researcher and editor of the ITC Journal; Prof. Bruce Greyson of the University of Virginia; and Dr. Peter Fenwick - consultant neuro-physiologist and NDE researcher. 

Available on YouTube:

Sunday, June 14, 2015

"Vibrational State" by Nanci Trivellato: be one of the first to read by sponsoring its translation to English!

Special Sponsorship Opportunity! 
Help fund the English publication of 
Vibrational State: Research, Techniques and Applications By Nanci Trivellato

IAC is proud to have launched Vibrational State: Research, Techniques and Applications, by former IAC Research and Scientific Communications Director, Nanci Trivellato, MSc. 

The Vibrational State phenomenon—considered essential to achieve bioenergetic balance, self-defense and multidimensional lucidity—is deeply studied in this original work. Trivellato brings surprising revelations and previously unreleased information essential to all those interested in understanding the functioning of the energetic body and to those who seek to empower themselves to the application of energy production. 

Written in her native language of Portuguese, this groundbreaking book offers exclusive new research on energy sensitivity along with practical techniques for the individual to expand their sensitivity and control of energy. 
We would love to share this knowledge with a wider audience by having the text translated into English for publishing. 

Please assist us in our goal by supporting this translation project at the Sponsorship Level of your choice with the associated thank you gifts

Basic Sponsorship Opportunities:
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All benefits of Level 2 Sponsorship, plus...

One 90-minute live personal Energy Assessment Session with the author (may be substituted for one 90-minute live or online Q&A Session or two 45-minute Q&A Sessions)

One IAC Campus Laboratory Session at the lab of your choice
(must be reserved in advance)

Level 5 Sponsor: US $1,000

All benefits of Level 4 Sponsorship, plus…
A one-year Sponsorship Membership to the IAC center of your choice




Saturday, June 13, 2015

200+ participants from 42 nations gathered in Portugal for the ICC - CONSCIOUSNESS SCIENCE conference

A landmark event took place on what is widely considered one of the greatest enigmas of science: CONSCIOUSNESS.
Some of today’s foremost minds from around the world converged on the research campus of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) in Europe, located in the Alentejo region of Portugal, for the 1st INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CONSCIENTIOLOGY / CONSCIOUSNESS SCIENCE (ICC).
AUDIENCE AND SPEAKERS -- Over 200 participants were in attendance from 42 nations, joining 28 thinkers who dared to apply the principles of science to venture where only few have, discussing methodologies and models to study the internal, subjective world of the consciousness.

GOAL -- Through this congress, IAC furthered its mission of fostering a more adequate science for the study of consciousness from a multidisciplinary and multidimensional perspective and of acting as a hub for researchers worldwide.
MEDIA COVERAGE -- The congress called the attention of the international media, with nine avenues including television stations, magazines and newspapers from six countries (USA, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, and France) present to cover the event and produce documentaries.
MULTIDISCIPLINARY DEBATE -- A key moment of the event was the final debate, which included all speakers debating about the future of consciousness science. The proceedings of the ICC are to be published in the JofC ( with all papers, posters, and details of the debate.

CELEBRATIONS -- Also taking place during the ICC event was IAC’s 15th Anniversary celebration, as well as the presentation of the 3rd IAC Scientific Award for Contribution to Consciousness Science.
ENVIRONMENT -- The serene rural setting, together with the professional and cordial IAC staff, contributed to making the event an overall pleasant and productive experience. The congress was a platform for open and amicable exchange and debate, with different viewpoints and disciplines coming together in what was recognized by speakers and participants alike as a memorable reference point in the field.
2ND ICC – IAC’s 2nd International Congress of Consciousness Science is planned for May, 2017 in the USA. The Call for Paper will be released soon.
More information visit:
Facebook photo album

‘Out-of-body experience’: Immersive art installations in Spokane, Washington, USA

"The Introspection Game,” a new immersive art experience designed by New York-based artists Yang Wang and Zhenzhen Qi that premieres tonight at Laboratory Art Space at 301 W. Main St. It’s a 3-D virtual reality experience that lasts about 10 minutes and adapts to an individual’s physical and emotional responses. “We’ve created this world that represents your body, and we’re encouraging people to think more about the relationship between the mind and the body,” Wang said.

Wang and Qi are both from China, and they married in 2013. This is the third of such installments they have collaborated on, and they’re both concerned with how thoughts and feelings can affect an environment. Qi’s approach to the piece is mostly psychological – she was inspired by studying her own mother’s mental state as she struggled with depression – while Wang’s is more philosophical, which he attributes to the Buddhism and meditation he’s been exposed to since he was a child.

Brazilian artist Sabrina Barrios has set up an exhibition she calls “Zero,” which is so titled because navigating it takes you in a complete circle. Barrios calls [...] part of the installation “the afterlife,” describing it as an “out-of-body experience.” Like Qi and Wang’s piece, “Zero” is all about visualizing our thoughts and feelings and showing us how they can change in real time.
Read complete article at the source: The Spokesman Review

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

JofC 30: OBE's and Hospices

Have you ever had an OBE related to the death process? A letter to the editor in the JofC #30 suggests an approach for performing works of individual assistance and for collecting research data: 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Observing International Children's Day

Sometimes it seems that the human race has trouble finding common ground, often gravitating toward the differences and overlooking the vast similarities. In previous posts, we discussed the more cosmic perspectives of Oneness that can emerge from transformative experiences like near-death experiences and space travel. However, there is one thing that, at least in principle, humans agree on: a child's well-being is his or her human right and depriving a child of basic rights is plainly wrong. 

On International Children's Day, we invite our readers to consider what they can do - individually and collectively - to promote children's health, safety and education. The more we realize our connection to the rest of our global human family, the more commited we become to defending human dignity and promoting human potential and wellness everywhere. 

The most recent UNICEF estimate of poverty-related deaths among children is 6.3 million each year. On the other hand, worldwide poverty has been drastically reduced in the developing world. In wealthy nations, however, since the recession, millions of children have sunk below the poverty level, putting their lives and future in serious jeopardy. 

Addressing this issue is not only an ethical imperative, if we are to stay true to the values of the International Declaration on Human Rights (no need to mention cosmoethics), it is also economically and socially intelligent. It is estimated that each dollar invested in education can yield a 15-fold return. 

IAC will continue its research and educational activities on consciousness, promoting a non-reductionist paradigm that is centered on continual discovery and realization of the potential of the consciousness, which is found where "me" meets "other."


Sunday, May 31, 2015

IAC scholar awarded SSE Young Investigator Hon. Award

Congratulations to IAC scholar Thomas D. Abraham (Colorado, USA) for being an 2015 SSE Young Investigator Honorary Award recipient and for his presentation at this weekend's SSE annual conference in Washington, DC. IAC was also pleased to receive several SSE members as attendees and speakers at the International Congress of Conscientiology  / Consciousness Science last weekend -- including SSE's former Education Officer, Brenda Dunne and IAC's Nelson Abreu, former Student Members' Representative. Best wishes to the incoming Education Officer, Dr. Chantal Toporow. 


The Young Investigators Program is an outreach initiative to help interested high school and university students pursue academic careers in SSE-related subjects.

Chantal Toporow, Ph.D

Education Officer, SSE
Chantal Toporow, Ph.D
Redondo Beach, California


Monday, May 18, 2015

The Tao of the Dow: Consciousness & Economics Beyond Materialist Reductionism

For convenience of access, we have posted all the Consciousness & Economics essays below.

The Tao of the Dow: Consciousness & Economics
To some, consciousness may seem like an abstract subject of study, devoid of practical consequence for what most people value in their day-to-day lives.  For instance, what does the possibility suggested by near-death experiences that reality could extend beyond the material realm have to do with the Gross Domestic Product?

To Steiner, interdependence is at the root of most spiritual traditions, and increasingly serves as the foundation of scientific inquiry, including systems theory and quantum mechanics. In the sphere of economics, Rudolf Steiner described it as “associative.” He understood money to be a bridge – a circulatory system – invented to connect human beings in relationships of service. 

The Tao of the Dow: Consciousness & Economics III"We need a powerful new story" -

The paradigm shift afforded by lucid projections of the consciousness or out-of-body experiences is just as impactful.  It is similar in the way that we see our "home" from the outside and have the chance to reconsider it.  It also broadens our sense of universalism and triggers serious questioning of reality and our place in it. Both experiences bridge theory and visceral experience, as beautifully described in the film The Overview Effect.  In other words, unlike the outdated view of the OBE as a dissociative experience, it is quite the opposite. Both the "out of body" and "out of planet" experiences are profoundly integrative, expanding our sense of oneness with fellow beings, with the very fabric of multidimensional Reality.

We see signs that people are starting to realize the potential of conscious economic collaboration with the sharing economy, democratic or cooperative companies, and the world of collaborative social apps.

Consciousness & Economics IV: Ethical Consumers

Transpersonal Experience as Catalyst for Post-Materialism: Toward a Consciousness- or Life-Centric Civilization

For the majority of human history, we have considered the human spirit, soul, self, or mind a self-evident and fundamental part of Reality. The material realm was often regarded as less of a reality than consciousness, or at best an extension or reflection of it.  With the progress of empirical science, however, a conflict developed between those those who dared question orthodox doctrines and the religious power that defended such dogma. A relative truce was achieved by establishing mutually-exclusive magisteria: the material realm could be investigated by the scientific spirit and matters of the spirit were to be left to the clergy.


A Post-GDP World:

Alan Watts on "What's wrong with our culture"

ICC speaker Hugo González (Spain) on psi research tech

Watch a brief interview on YouTube:

Hugo González


Hugo González is a Mathematician with specialization in Computer Science. Since 2002, he works as C++ analyst-programmer in software architecture design, automation and quality control. Mr. González is an IAC volunteer since 2003.

Designing Psi Experiments with the aid of Technology


Based on his personal experiences, obtained during Projectiology practices, he establishes simple hypotheses that can be experimentally confirmed or refuted in an objective manner. In order to test these hypotheses, specific bioenergetic and clairvoyance experiments were designed and small auxiliary devices were invented and manufactured. The small devices were able to adjust the emission of ultrasonic waves, infrared light and small magnetic fields and, together with some controls, were used to provide objectivity to subjective perceptions from individuals during the experiment. The set of apparatus for objective consciential experiment, the so called OCE-Kit, is presented. Made with 3D printing technologies and Arduino electronics’, this first prototype will be donated to the IAC’s Research Campus.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Researchers of Post-Materialistic Consciousness Science Converge May 22-24, 2015


International Academy of Consciousness invites the public to a conference to meet and discuss a suitable post-materialistic science of consciousness in Portugal. Researchers worldwide will represent a number of institutions and numerous areas of study will be represented such as consciousness studies, quantum physics, subtle energy research, death studies, spiritual experience, transpersonal psychology, neuroscience and more.

PORTUGAL (PRWEB) April 25, 2015

On May 22-24, 2015, today's foremost researchers of post-materialistic consciousness science will converge at the Research Campus of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), located in the Alentejo region in Portugal, for the 1st International Congress of Conscientiology (Consciousness Science).

Consciousness is widely considered one of the greatest and most persistent mysteries of science. Why are we aware? Where does this awareness come from? Is consciousness a creation of the brain and can it survive biological death? Over a century of scientific advances in parapsychology and quantum physics, coupled with public interest in near-death experience research (popularized in the 70's by Raymond Moody, MD, author of Life after Life and recently rekindled by Eben Alexander, MD, author of Proof of Heaven), have demonstrated the inadequacies of a purely reductionist paradigm.             

Confirmed keynote speakers include Federico Faggin, PhD, the Italian physicist and father of the microchip, a cornerstone of the Information Age (USA, Federico and Elvia Faggin Foundation); NASA consultant and early Robert Monroe collaborator Tom Campbell, MS (USA, author of My Big TOE); Olaf Blanke, PhD who made headlines with his neuroscience studies related to the OBE or out-of-body experience (Switzerland, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne); Brenda Dunne, MS former manager of the historic Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory (USA, co-author of Margins of Reality); Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi, PhD (Switzerland, author of The Observer Effect: The Quantum Mystery Demystified); Ulisse di Corpo, PhD and Antonella Vannini, PhD (Italy, co-authors of Syntropy: The Energy of Life); Wagner Alegretti, BSEE and Nanci Trivellato (Portugal, International Academy of Consciousness). Researchers worldwide will represent a number of institutions and numerous areas of study will be represented such as consciousness studies, quantum physics, subtle energy research, death studies, spiritual experience, transpersonal psychology, neuroscience and more.

The event is open to the public and will have participants from around the world. Simultaneous translation at IAC's Event Hall will further facilitate communication in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Registration is now open and additional information is available online at, e-mail (IAC.conferences(at)iacworld(dot)org) or phone +351 268 959 148. For information about the conference also see For more information about about IAC and its research and educational activities, visit To interview researchers or find out more about the congress, please contact IAC Media or email newyork(at)iacworld(dot)org.

For the original version on PRWeb visit:

Read more:

NDE researcher Dr Sam Parnia proposes 7 classifications of NDE

"Publishing in the journal ResuscitationParnia has grouped those memories into seven broad categories, proving that dying is a far more diverse experience than we've previously imagined. These categories are:

  • Fear
  • Seeing animals or plants
  • Bright light
  • Violence and persecution
  • Deja-vu
  • Seeing family
  • Recalling events post-cardiac arrest

That last one is pretty fascinating, with two of the patients interviewed able to recall the events that happened after they had technically died and, according to our understanding of the human brain, should have ceased to be aware."

Science Alert article:

Preview of ICC talk on Synchronicity by Analaura Trivellato (MSc Psychology)

Analaura Trivellato is IAC's scientific director, editor of the JofC, and the director of IAC London office. The ICC program chair will be speaker at upcoming ICC conference in Portugal (also viewable live, online). For a preview of her talk:

More info:

IONS invitation to collaborate on precognition research

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is conducting a replication of an experiment, originally conducted by Daryl Bem, which tests for a potential precognition effect (does a future event influence the experience of a prior stimulus) and the role of experimenter expectation on study outcome. Dr. Marilyn Schlitz is the principal investigator and will be working in collaboration with Dr. Daryl Bem and Dr. Arnaud Delorme to complete the project. The experiment is very simple to complete. The experimenter tests 20 participants on a computer-based task that lasts about 20 minutes.

In order to complete the study the team is collaborating with dozens of colleagues across the United States and abroad. 

Ways to participate:

a) If you are a scientist and/or university professor you can run the experiment yourself.

b) If you are a university professor you can recruit students to run the experiment.

c) If you know a scientist and/or university professor who may be interested, you can forward this information to them.

d) If you have your own outreach lists, you can publish/share this information with your audience.

Any one of these options represents valuable support to the field of consciousness science and our colleagues at IONS.

Next Steps:

For more details and if you are interested in participating in this global collaboration, please send an email to their Research Assistant, Alan Pierce,

- See more at:

Distance Energy Healing: How Does it Work, How Long Does it Take & More

A new post from IAC UK: