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OBE Accounts

Some personal accounts of astral projection and related phenomena

Silvana Meira

Kim McCaul

Michael Lydon

Tony Musskopf

Astral Projection Benefits

IAC Campus (Portugal) gives an overview of the benefits of astral projection

IAC UK discusses the life changing impact of the Out-of-Body Experience:

Learn the Differences between Dreaming / Projecting, Provoking the OBE and Tips

Learn the difference between dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences, the importance of relaxation, provoking OBEs at will, how to have lucid projections and identify what prevents your lucidity.

Achieve More Frequent OBE's

Read for information on how to achieve more frequent Out-of-Body Experiences with proven methods including the Punctuated Progressive Procedure.

Manage your Lucidity during Take-off

This article offers three strategies you can implement in order to stay lucid during your projective "take-off."

Remember that single or dispersed OBE attempts rarely will do the trick. It is important to be consistent and to persevere. Most worthwhile objectives require patient effort - but the reward is well worth it!

How to Astral Project for Beginners

This article explores the stages of OBE take off, managing lucidity whilst out of body and recalling the experience when coming back to the body.

It also features 7 great tips that will help any beginner get started.

Luis Minero on Out-of-Body Experience and Spiritual Development

A video series presented by IAC volunteer Luis Minero (author of “Demistifying the Out-of-Body Experience: A Practical Manual for Exploration and Personal Evolution”).

In this series Luis Minero discusses and explores OBE phenomena including the sensations (both for exiting and landing), paralysis, the disconnection or separation, easy techniques to deal with the paralysis, how to develop oneself in order to take full advantage of an OBE, better recall of the experience, our existential programme (our life mission or life task we planned prior to coming into this body), any possible dangers, a list of benefits and much more.

The five videos offer you almost an hour of great content in which you will learn the many aspects regarding consciousness and related phenomena.






Astral Projection Questions and Answers

This entry has been devised to answer people’s most common questions like how long does it take to have an astral projection, controlling the Vibrational State, children and OBEs, techniques that can be easily applied, recalling your OBE, waking up, sleep paralysis, losing the fear and more.

Fragmented or Partial Projection OBE Technique

Definition. Fragmented projection: that projection which is produced through the gradual exteriorization, part by part, of each one of the specific areas of the humanoid form of one's own psychosoma (non-physical body). 

Synonymy: Partial disconnection or discoincidence (non-alignment); parceled unfolding; partial unfolding; semi-unfastening; fractional projection; incipient projection; parceled projection; partial projection; peripheral projection; segmented projection; semi-unfolding; semi-unfastening; semi-projection. 

Types. The semi-projection of a counterpart of one's human body can be of an arm, leg, arms and legs at the same time, trunk and head and, more rarely, the head (para-head) only. Shortly after a complete projection this, as well as other phenomena, can occur, including: extraphysical elongation and sudden interiorization with possible physical repercussion. 

Third. A partial projection can give the intraphysical consciousness (physical person) the sensation of possessing a third hand (para-hand); a third arm (para-arm); a third leg (para-leg); or four arms; etc. 

Lucidity. A semi-projection can be conscious or, rather, provoked through a decided act of will, and unconscious, when occurring spontaneously. The veteran projector can almost always clearly perceive or later identify the spontaneous unconscious projection. 

Mini-cord. The principal driving agent of the semi-projection is the silver cord. This suggests that the departure of this energetic appendage of the human body can also occur for diverse areas or segments, thus providing a mini-silver cord for an arm. leg, etc. 

Technique. After you complete the preliminary pre-projective steps, especially those of physical and mental self-relaxation, close your eyelids and concentrate your attention on a segment or part of your human body: your left leg, for example. When you think of your left leg, wish decisively that the extraphysical left leg quickly leave upwardly from its coincidence with the vehicles of manifestation. 

Right. Concentrate on your left extraphysical leg until you feel that it has dislocated upwards. Next, concentrate on your right extraphysical leg. wishing to move it out of coincidence with the vehicles as well. 

Body. Little by little, go over the whole body in this manner, decisively wishing that the extraphysical segments quickly leave the state of coincidence with their physical counterparts, under your willful command. 

Persistence. Do not try to speed up the process. Use patience and persistence. This can require various attempts before you obtain the disconnection of the first segment. If you are successful with fractionated projection you are ready to project your consciousness utilizing the entire psychosoma in the extraphysical plane. 

Head. The semi-projection of only the head of the psychosoma presents characteristic signals, especially of a mental nature, which allow one to clearly distinguish the psychosomal projection from a projection utilizing the mentalsoma. For a great number of projectors, the extraphysical head of the psychosoma (para-head) is the ultimate part to leave the coincidence of the vehicles. 

Mediums. Developed mediums present the greatest predisposition toward semiprojections, possibly due to the looseness of the holochakra (energetic body) and the natural predisposition to the percussive signals of projectability including physical torpidity/numbness, alienation, disappearance, ballooning, dizziness, etc. 

Intoxication. Sometimes, semi-dislocation occurs spontaneously due to natural energetic obstruction, or energetic clogging of an organic area, in the abdominal area when, for example, the umbilicochakra and splenochakra become blocked through the intoxicating effects of intestinal constipation. 

Seated. The partial conscious projection, semi-projection, or hemi-projection (half of the physical body) of only the para-arms, trunk from the waist up, and para-head outward from the physical body constitutes a seated consciential projection. Not rarely, this extraphysical position imposes the immediate return of the consciousness to the condition of complete recoincidence (reconnection) with the vehicles of manifestation. 

Psychopathology. Besides the partial projection, which constitutes a normal and frequent paraphysiological phenomenon in the experiences of veteran lucid consciousness projectors, there is also the occurrence of hallucinations, as in the case of phantom arms, extra, or supernumerary (as it is referred to in Psychopathology), occurring more frequently with epileptic or migraine patients. This occurrence is very different than the partial projection. 

Notice. Semi-projection, which represents the partial exteriorization of the psychosoma, should not be confused with semiconscious projection, which is based on the discontinuity in the lucidity of the projected consciousness. Nor should it be confused with the condition of waking discoincidence (non-alignment)


Extraphysical: non-physical. Usually referred to as “astral”.

Psychosoma: non-physical or extraphysical body (aka: astral body)

Mentalsoma: mental body 

Interiorization: return to the physical body

SOURCE: "Projectiology" by Vieira, MD (2002)

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Join us in observing UN World Water Day

Every year on March 22, World Water Day is observed, with the aim of raising public awareness through organizations and people about the opportunities that can be created for the strengthening of the cooperation and the challenges of water management:

A recent UN report warns that the planet may face a 40% shortage of drinking water by 2030. One of the major metropolitan areas in the world, Los Angeles, reportedly has only 1 year's supply of water at the moment. Another, low-lying Miami, faces losing its drinking water, as rising sea level could bring corrosive, salty water into its sweet water system in the near future and over its beach front properties. 

The IAC Campus rainwater harvesting and water saving plan has contributed to a more sustainable management on a long-term basis, preserving water resources in the beautiful but already arid region of Alentejo. Furthermore, IAC promotes a post-materialist paradigm for science and society at large, which includes greater ecological awareness through transformative consciousness experiences and research. 

Visit our Campus page to learn more about IAC sustainability projects, and browse some of our previous, related posts. 

Transpersonal Experience as Catalyst for Post-Materialism: Toward a Consciousness- or Life-Centric Civilization:

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10 things to do in Alentejo, host of the ICC conference in May (SIGN UP BY MARCH 21 and SAVE)

Elvas: a walled town, home to an extraordinary Roman-Arabic castle and the Amoreiras Aqueduct (XV-XVII Century).

Estremoz: town crowned by a castle (which can be seen from the IAC Campus) from the XII Century with a citadel (presently an inn) and Saint Isabel’s Chapel (XVII Century). Town closest to the IAC Campus. Read about the kind Elizabeth of Aragon (Aragonesa) and the purported miracle (or was it a psi phenomenon?) that led to her canonization by the Catholic Church.

Évora: One of the most ancient towns in Europe, it was known as Ebora to the Celts and it was later conquered by the Romans - their Temple of Diana and majestic aqueduct still stands. Its historic downtown, considered as World Heritage by UNESCO, also features a remarkable cathedral and the outstanding Museum of Sacral Art (Gothic-Roman). The University (founded in 1559), the old Jewish quarter and Evora’s Museum are also well known. It has the sad distinction of being the first seat of the Portuguese Inquisition, which caused a massive expulsion of Jews and Muslims and claimed at least 40,000 victims in Portugal and abroad in places like Portuguese India (Goa) and Brazil. Last year, the Portuguese parliament changed nationality law in order to grant it to descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled from Portugal. 

Evoramonte: Stands out because of its castle built at an elevated point of the Ossa mountain range, viewable from the IAC Campus. This is where the peace treaty between the liberals and the 'miguelistas' was signed on May 26, 1834.

Mérida: Capital of the “Lusitania” in the Roman era, founded in 25 BC. Many of the Roman ruins are in good condition, including a theatre, one of the largest Roman circuses (“coliseum”) outside of Rome, and Roman temples. A museum crowns the experience, preserving many large and small pieces from the Roman period.

Monsaraz: is a beautiful medieval villa, with a castle, and fort like walls. In the nearby town of Reguengos you can find megalithic remains with close to one hundred dolmens and cromlechs.

Vila Viçosa: its Ducal Palace, which belonged to the House of Braganza, the last Portuguese dynasty, is an impressive building with a renaissance façade and a library-museum.

Sines: This Medieval town thought to be founded by Visigoths was later occupied by the Moors and eventually became the birthplace of Vasco da Gama, who discovered the sea route to India, completing the journey in 1498. The journey inspired Luis de Camões to write Os Lusiadas, Portugal’s most famous epic poem, considered one of the greatest works of the last millenium.  You can visit his birthplace in the otherwise missable industrial town, home of Portugal's largest artificial port, where the Casa de Vasco da Gama in Sines’ castle records the life of the courageous but also, sadly, ruthless pioneer.

Alqueva: this region is the first site in the world to receive the “Starlight Tourism Destination” certification. This certification, awarded by the Starlight Foundation is supported by UNESCO and UNWTO. Starlight destinations are visitable places characterized by excellent quality for the contemplation of starry skies, and the practice of tourist activities based on this resource. The region features a beautiful lake region and a large dam.

You may have heard that the ICC will feature not only one of the fathers of the Information Age, microprocessor pioneer Dr. Federico Faggin, but also a NASA consultant, physicist and "My Big T.o.E." author Thomas Campbell.  However, NASA is already in Alentejo, because it has reason to believe life on Earth could have first landed from outer space in this area.  


While at the Campus, you can also contemplate the Cosmos through the IAC Campus laboratories like the cosmoconscientiarium or the projectarium - reserve your sessions today and sign up for the ICC by March 21 to save 30 euros.

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Has Physics Killed Philosophy? (Part II)

If you enjoyed our previous post where we invited you to think about the relationship between science and philosophy, you will certainly enjoy reading Brain Picking's overview of Dorion Sagan's "Cosmic Apprentice: Dispatches from the Edges of Science," which illustrates how science and philosophy support and challenge each other. "Science’s eye for detail, buttressed by philosophy’s broad view, makes for a kind of alembic, an antidote to both." 
The president of IAC will be making his way to Brazil to lecture on the subject of Intuition.  This article reviews "Answers for Aristotle" (by Massimo Pigliucci) reminds us that intuition plays a key role in science and many other fields and defends that science and philosophy can lead us to a more meaningful life.
Philosophy is, indeed, very much alive. It is one of the fastest-growing university disciplines with more undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees being pursued in the U.S. and around the world.  It has been making quite the impact in a business world that is trying to re-shape, interpret, and anticipate the fast-changing world, including customers' ethical considerations.  Altered states of consciousness and alternative paradigms and their creative potential are seen as priceless well for new business and social enterpreneurship. Philosophy of Consciousness will also open the 1st International Congress of Conscientiology (Consciousness Science) in May in Portugal with Dr. Mendo Henriques and Nazare Barros, co-authors of "Ola, Consciencia!" (Hello, Consciousness!).  

Dr. Richard Feynman on "Knowing versus Understanding"

Dr. Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi, quantum physicist and consciousness scholar on the complementarity of Ockham's Razor and Chatton's Anti-Razor


Thursday, March 12, 2015

ICC: 26 presenters inc. Father of the Information Age, Princeton PEAR Lab's Dunne, My Big T.o.E.'s Campbell

1st International 

Congress of Conscientiology

Promoting a multidimensional paradigm
for the study of the consciousness.

May 22nd to 24th, 2015 • ICC 2015
The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) is pleased to invite you to the first International Congress of Conscientiology (ICC), to be held at the IAC Research Campus, in the beautiful Alentejo region of Portugal, from the 22nd to 24th of May, 2015.

The congress will be a global forum for open exchange and debate on the study and research centered upon the consciousness.

It will bring together both scholars and lay people with a shared interest in the continuous refining of a more advanced scientific approach which acknowledges the existence of non- physical realities.

Speakers are representing 12 countries and 4 continents and numerous academic backgrounds. 


Analaura Trivellato
Causality or Acausality? A Multidimensional Analysis of Synchronicities and allegedly Karmic Occurrences
Brenda J. Dunne & Robert G. Jahn
Consciousness and the Nature of life

Carlos Bernal
Induction of Out-of-body Experiences with Neurofeedback

Federico Faggin
Requirements for a Mathematical Theory of Consciousnes
Hugo González
Designing Psi Experiments with the aid of Technology

Flavio Amaral
Preliminary study of evidences of pseudoscience in Conscientiology

James E. Beichler
The Evolutionary Imperative of Consciousness
Luis Minero
Neutrals: A Category of Extraphysical Consciousness

Massimiliano Sassoli di Bianchi
Taking Quantum Physics and Consciousness Seriously: What does it mean?

Maria Ana Leboeuf
Avoidable Desomas: a Conscientiological view of Premature Death
Mendo Henriques & Nazaré Barros
Philosophy of Consciousness: Pedagogical strategy and relevance to the current crisis

Nanci Trivellato
Vibrational State: a Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Experimenter’s Effect

Nassim Haramein, William Brown & Amira Val Baker
The Unified Spacememory Network: From Cosmogenesis To Consciousness
Olaf Blanke
Bodily self consciousness and the Brain

Thomas Anderson and Nelson Abreu
Acoustic Vibrostasiogenic Systems: VELO Training and Vibrational State Induction Technology

Olav Drageset
Consciousness and Cosmos: Proposal for a New Paradigm based on Physics and Introspection
Thomas Campbell
A New perspective – A theory of Consciousness in which the “hard problems” of both Consciousness and Modern Physics disappear as the informational nature of reality gains support within the physics community

Ulisse di Corpo & Antonella Vannini
Syntropy, Consciousness and the Invisible

Verónica Serrano
Social Sciences and Conscientiology: Parallels between their Objects, Methods, Paths and Difficulties for Scientific Consolidation

Wagner Alegretti
Preliminary results of Bioenergy and Vibrational State Detection via fMRI

Poster Presenters

The Multidimensional Personal Experience and Scientific Education
Ashley Melidosian

An Investigation into the Concrete Mechanisms of the Life Task
David Collura

Consciousness-Centric Urbanism: a Modality for Applied Consciousness Science
Manori Sumanasinghe

Nonsymbolic Experience and Multidimensional Evolution
Michael Lydon

The Age of Useful Longevity: Evidence of a New Consciential Time
Sónia Ferreira

Strategies for a Lucid Desoma: The Role of Renovation
Trisha J. Hargaden

Live translation into English, Spanish, and Portuguese via individual headsets will be available.
The working language will be English, Portuguese, or Spanish, depending on the lecturer’s language or the language of the majority of the audience (in the case of bilingual speakers).


To register, please fill out the registration form and send it to You can also request a copy from your nearest IAC office. Payment instructions can be found on the registration form.

March 21, 2015
March 21, 2015
IAC long-term Members*200 €230 €
IAC new Members230 €260 €
Non-IAC Members250 €280 €
*Long-term members are current members who have been members uninterruptedly for at least the last 13 months.

Additional information is available online via, or phone +351 268 959 148.


MIAMI & ONLINE: Life Mission & "Soul Mates" with IAC's Alegretti & Trivellato

Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato are internationally-renown spiritual development teachers and OBE, chi, and psi practitioners based in Europe who are visiting Miami and Los Angeles in April!

Special course live and online Saturday, March 28 @ 12:00pm! 
Take this course from the IAC classroom or from your home.

Identifying your 

Have you thought about your purpose in life? Have you felt like there is more to this human experience than just the process of being born, living, then dying? Do you feel a sense of responsibility that compels you to be better? 

Take advantage of this 1-day workshop designed to help you ask the right questions to put you on the path of completing your existential program (life purpose or life mission). Several techniques will be applied in class so that you are able to arrive at conclusions that help you to understand more deeply what was, before being born, your initial intention or objective for deciding to come to this physical life. 

• Learn to identify your personal talents and put them to work, bringing balance and accomplishment to your daily life. 
• Learn how your priorities affect your life, so that you can take care of your basic needs and still be able to dedicate time towards your evolutionary goals. 
• Identify the best reasoning and criteria to use when making big life decisions, so as to choose what is best for you. 
• Learn to recognize the multidimensional nature of your existence and use every tool available to evolve, assist others, and complete your individual mission in life. 

This lifetime can count as a significant evolutionary step for you as a consciousness. 

 Dynamics of the 
Evolutionary Duo
This course is designed for anyone who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the complexities of multidimensional and multiexistential relationships. It is relevant for those who wish to improve their current relationship, as well as those who are not with a partner at present, but would like to learn more about the technique and how to apply it. 

An evolutionary duo is a romantic partnership between two individuals with strong energetic affinity who meet in this life and choose to work together in accomplishment of their life task or existential program. In so doing, they both accelerate their own evolution and provide greater multidimensional assistance to humanity at large. 

This course is an excellent opportunity to consider some of the more subtle and prevalent aspects of the behavior of men and women, and common habits, tendencies and reactions observed in relationships from an evolutionary standpoint.
Some of the topics that will be covered are:
  • The relationship in the extraphysical period, before rebirth
  • The duo as a reflection of your multiexistential (many lives) history
  • The concept of a "soulmate" and its implications

Cosmoethics + From Helpee to Helper: IAC's leading researchers in L.A. and ONLINE (April 4 & 5)

Wagner Alegretti & Nanci Trivellato in the USA in April!

Get closer to "Non-Physical Guides" (Helpers).
A workshop to cultivate evolutionary intelligence,
on route to becoming a Helper.

SUNDAY, APRIL 5: From Helpee to Helper

Nanci Trivellato, M.Sc.
graduated in Literature in Brazil and completed a Master's in Scientific Methods in Psychology in England (2004). In 1991, she became a projectiology (out-of-body experience, chi, and psi ability) researcher and has been teaching conscientiology (consciousness science and spiritual development) since then. Nanci has lectured in over 14 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In 2010, she was the recipient of the 2nd IAC's Global Award for Scientific Contribution to Conscientiology for her internationally-recognized, scientific article entitled "Measurable Attributes of the Vibrational State Technique." She has been interviewed and has had her articles published in media of over 30 countries worldwide.

The concepts of angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, beings of light, avatars have captured the human imagination from time immemorial. The OBE allows for direct contact and observation of more evolved beings, while realizing they are consciousness just like we are, devoid of mystical or divine properties, but having reached exceeding levels of fraternity, intelligence, maturity, lucidity, awareness and ethics. Belief in them and adoration are discouraged, but they do serve as wonderful role models for human evolution and as an opportunity to collaborate for the common good through works of assistance from day-to-day actions in our "physical life" to the energy and astral level to the intellectual contribution. 

The objective of this workshop is to assist participants to develop a practical understanding of the Helpers' viewpoint including their prioritizations and decision-making criteria. This insight allows us to modify our attitudes and behaviors to facilitate greater frequency and quality of contact with the Helpers. The course includes analyses of case studies illustrating individual and planetary immaturities and debate on the issues surrounding these with the aim of deepening participants' understanding of the assistential process. 

It culminates in activities that allow participants evaluate which characteristics from the Helpers are already manifested by themselves, through the use of specially designed tests where they can grade themselves. It also provides direct experiential insight into the process of cosmoethic assistentiality and relationship with the Helpers.


Become a more proactive, incorruptible agent of evolution,
manifesting in tune with the cosmic laws of consciousness
SATURDAY, APRIL 4: Cosmoethics

Wagner Alegretti, BSEE
is an electrical engineer, having worked in power generation, medical equipment and software development. Motivated by his own out-of-body experiences, he began to dedicate himself to consciousness research and education in 1980, specializing in subtle energy and psi phenomena. In the area of philosophy, Alegretti has become a reference in cosmoethics and its implications. He has established the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) and its research campus. He served as president of IAC from 2001 to 2014 and is currently one of its most senior researchers and faculty. In 1984, Alegretti started working on the development of bioenergy (chi, subtle or vital energy) transducers. His pursuit for a reliable means of biofield detection led to his ongoing research program employing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Alegretti authored the book "Retrocognitions".
Cosmoethics, or ethics of the cosmos which go beyond the physical world, define one's evolutionary level, and are the cornerstone of consciential (spiritual) growth. They consist of principles that reflect an elevated intentionality and multidimensional wisdom, being the "moral code" followed by our helpers (spirit guides)and other highly evolved consciousnesses (i.e., those who are on their final series of physical lives).

Many students of conscious evolution seek out methods or practices that will bring about peace, inner harmony, well-being and a better life. Beyond any technique or practice, cosmoethics - living out of one's deepest sense of integrity and self-knowledge - is truly the key to a more harmonious existence. When we improve our cosmoethics we improve all of our relationships, with others, with our reality, and ultimately ourselves.
Examples and case studies will be presented to help the study and understanding of cosmoethics. As a natural consequence, the course also examines individual and collective moral corruption. Students will have the opportunity to explore life's ambiguities (not everything is black and white) and be guided to come into terms with their way of seeing and interpreting reality and with their way of manifesting.