Saturday, June 20, 2015

Documentary on evidence of life after biological death

This Life, Next Life is a the title of a documentary by Keith Parsons which offers evidence suggestive of the survival of consciousness after biological death. It covers cross correspondences, The Scole experiment, drop-in communicators, EVP, the mediumship of Mrs. Leonora Piper, and interviews with Prof. David Fontana & Prof. Archie Roy, (both former presidents of the SPR); Victor Zammit - Former Australian attorney, author on evidence of the afterlife; Robin Foy - The Scole Group leader; Dr. Anabela Cardoso - EVP researcher and editor of the ITC Journal; Prof. Bruce Greyson of the University of Virginia; and Dr. Peter Fenwick - consultant neuro-physiologist and NDE researcher. 

Available on YouTube:

Sunday, June 14, 2015

"Vibrational State" by Nanci Trivellato: be one of the first to read by sponsoring its translation to English!

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Help fund the English publication of 
Vibrational State: Research, Techniques and Applications By Nanci Trivellato

IAC is proud to have launched Vibrational State: Research, Techniques and Applications, by former IAC Research and Scientific Communications Director, Nanci Trivellato, MSc. 

The Vibrational State phenomenon—considered essential to achieve bioenergetic balance, self-defense and multidimensional lucidity—is deeply studied in this original work. Trivellato brings surprising revelations and previously unreleased information essential to all those interested in understanding the functioning of the energetic body and to those who seek to empower themselves to the application of energy production. 

Written in her native language of Portuguese, this groundbreaking book offers exclusive new research on energy sensitivity along with practical techniques for the individual to expand their sensitivity and control of energy. 
We would love to share this knowledge with a wider audience by having the text translated into English for publishing. 

Please assist us in our goal by supporting this translation project at the Sponsorship Level of your choice with the associated thank you gifts

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

200+ participants from 42 nations gathered in Portugal for the ICC - CONSCIOUSNESS SCIENCE conference

A landmark event took place on what is widely considered one of the greatest enigmas of science: CONSCIOUSNESS.
Some of today’s foremost minds from around the world converged on the research campus of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) in Europe, located in the Alentejo region of Portugal, for the 1st INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CONSCIENTIOLOGY / CONSCIOUSNESS SCIENCE (ICC).
AUDIENCE AND SPEAKERS -- Over 200 participants were in attendance from 42 nations, joining 28 thinkers who dared to apply the principles of science to venture where only few have, discussing methodologies and models to study the internal, subjective world of the consciousness.

GOAL -- Through this congress, IAC furthered its mission of fostering a more adequate science for the study of consciousness from a multidisciplinary and multidimensional perspective and of acting as a hub for researchers worldwide.
MEDIA COVERAGE -- The congress called the attention of the international media, with nine avenues including television stations, magazines and newspapers from six countries (USA, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, and France) present to cover the event and produce documentaries.
MULTIDISCIPLINARY DEBATE -- A key moment of the event was the final debate, which included all speakers debating about the future of consciousness science. The proceedings of the ICC are to be published in the JofC ( with all papers, posters, and details of the debate.

CELEBRATIONS -- Also taking place during the ICC event was IAC’s 15th Anniversary celebration, as well as the presentation of the 3rd IAC Scientific Award for Contribution to Consciousness Science.
ENVIRONMENT -- The serene rural setting, together with the professional and cordial IAC staff, contributed to making the event an overall pleasant and productive experience. The congress was a platform for open and amicable exchange and debate, with different viewpoints and disciplines coming together in what was recognized by speakers and participants alike as a memorable reference point in the field.
2ND ICC – IAC’s 2nd International Congress of Consciousness Science is planned for May, 2017 in the USA. The Call for Paper will be released soon.
More information visit:
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‘Out-of-body experience’: Immersive art installations in Spokane, Washington, USA

"The Introspection Game,” a new immersive art experience designed by New York-based artists Yang Wang and Zhenzhen Qi that premieres tonight at Laboratory Art Space at 301 W. Main St. It’s a 3-D virtual reality experience that lasts about 10 minutes and adapts to an individual’s physical and emotional responses. “We’ve created this world that represents your body, and we’re encouraging people to think more about the relationship between the mind and the body,” Wang said.

Wang and Qi are both from China, and they married in 2013. This is the third of such installments they have collaborated on, and they’re both concerned with how thoughts and feelings can affect an environment. Qi’s approach to the piece is mostly psychological – she was inspired by studying her own mother’s mental state as she struggled with depression – while Wang’s is more philosophical, which he attributes to the Buddhism and meditation he’s been exposed to since he was a child.

Brazilian artist Sabrina Barrios has set up an exhibition she calls “Zero,” which is so titled because navigating it takes you in a complete circle. Barrios calls [...] part of the installation “the afterlife,” describing it as an “out-of-body experience.” Like Qi and Wang’s piece, “Zero” is all about visualizing our thoughts and feelings and showing us how they can change in real time.
Read complete article at the source: The Spokesman Review

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

JofC 30: OBE's and Hospices

Have you ever had an OBE related to the death process? A letter to the editor in the JofC #30 suggests an approach for performing works of individual assistance and for collecting research data: 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Observing International Children's Day

Sometimes it seems that the human race has trouble finding common ground, often gravitating toward the differences and overlooking the vast similarities. In previous posts, we discussed the more cosmic perspectives of Oneness that can emerge from transformative experiences like near-death experiences and space travel. However, there is one thing that, at least in principle, humans agree on: a child's well-being is his or her human right and depriving a child of basic rights is plainly wrong. 

On International Children's Day, we invite our readers to consider what they can do - individually and collectively - to promote children's health, safety and education. The more we realize our connection to the rest of our global human family, the more commited we become to defending human dignity and promoting human potential and wellness everywhere. 

The most recent UNICEF estimate of poverty-related deaths among children is 6.3 million each year. On the other hand, worldwide poverty has been drastically reduced in the developing world. In wealthy nations, however, since the recession, millions of children have sunk below the poverty level, putting their lives and future in serious jeopardy. 

Addressing this issue is not only an ethical imperative, if we are to stay true to the values of the International Declaration on Human Rights (no need to mention cosmoethics), it is also economically and socially intelligent. It is estimated that each dollar invested in education can yield a 15-fold return. 

IAC will continue its research and educational activities on consciousness, promoting a non-reductionist paradigm that is centered on continual discovery and realization of the potential of the consciousness, which is found where "me" meets "other."